Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ouh raya?

Hari raya.yeah a day that we all waited.gahh,me too.uhm,i celebrated my first day of raya in kl.after smayang raya,we went to abachik's house.hee there,i meet kak syaznie,kak izzati and zhafri,my cousins yang kachak.haha,we talked about lots.because we seldom meet kan,contact through ym and myspace je.then others,kakyang,abg wan,cho,wanteh,pah,wancik etc arrived then we took pictures together.hee best best!after that,we went to rumah pahchu and met azzahra.we played mercun mcm orang gila.hell yeah,we love playing mercun!weehee.the stupid thing is,si zhaf pegang that thunderclap then tak lepaskan.the thunderclap tu meletup bawah kitorang.and my ears jadi pekak for 2 days.haha.okay that was the great part.the worst thing is,the next day,my uncle,ayahlang died,we were so sad,of course,because we were planning to visit him that day for raya,but it turned out we went there because of that.hum,i still cannot believe it.i last met him on may.hum,lets just pray for him.okay,the next day we went to my cousin's house at taiping.all my cousins were there and the babies too!my cousins' cute child.zafran,khusnul,and kilfi.haha they are so cute ok!missing them already.ouh last year i wanted to eat yong tau fu there so much but tak dapat!then i decided no matter how,no matter what,i have to eat it!ashi baik he brought us there,hafiz,hariz and i.hee,then the next day we played bowling.wee.that's raya for us.enjoy!yay!then we shopped a shopping complex baru bukak.actually i couldn't enjoy my raya too much la because i was in the middle of exam.adoi,pls lah teacher.i think they want us to be crazy by the end of the month!it's raya,ok!i didn't want to burden myself and study those subjects that i will never understand.hee.on saturday we sent my brother to utp,his university,and went back to ipoh.yeah meet my cousins again.and sleep there.but i didn't sleep.we stayed up,4 of us.and we studied.we were so busy reading books+chatting+taking pictures+myspacing+friendstering and etc.and my family and i went back to kl the next day.that's it.that's my raya for this year because exam is bothering me right now.i have to study.can't enjoy my raya too much!.again,teacher please!it's raya okay!once in a year!do understand us,okay?get it?thanks and sekian.