Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bila budak kecil berbicara

sekarang ini musim hujan
hampir masuk musim winter.

Saya suka hujan.
Hujan jarang sekali di sini
tiga empat kali sahaja setahun.

Sangat sejuk
Saya suka.
Tapi saya mengantuk selalu
Lapar selalu

Esok boleh la semua mula menayangkan sweater lawa masing masing ya.

Selamat musim sejuk :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

can you feel the music?

I didnt know that laptops can actually do this, until, YESTERDAY?



it is kind of awesome really

Now im all excited. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The worst way to miss someone, is to have them sitting right next to you and you know you can never have them

true story.

story one.

Our journey to class is a race.
more like the amazing race
minus the 1 million dollar and the publicity.

We leave house an hour early, just to get the best place in the lecture hall, in front of the lecturer and the slide.
We dont want to be late. Oh I dont want to be late. Because being late is just like letting yourself suffocate to death. Im going to sit at the back row. not gonna understand anything and feel sleeeeeeepy all the time. true story

Keep walking, knowing that the the gate is still closed,
and the lecture room too
come to think about it, it is such a stupid thing to do -.-"

So our practical class has started.
And my feelings towards new sectionmates,
i thought i could change, you know just say hello and greet anyone in the class,
people i do not know, strangers, to be exact.

Instead, i just sat at my place, went nowhere and cursed a lot because those who sat in front are way too tall and i couldnt see the slide clearly.
Not a good start, heh?

It's been 2 years. I live here for almost 3 years including the time i was in Zagazig, yet, i still dont have the guts to cross the road alone.
I need to have a friend beside who holds my hand and help me cross the road.
2 years/ How long is it going to take to put some confidence in myself and just CROSS THE BLOODY ROAD?

And clearly its not my fault because the drivers here are just INSANE.
They just know how to speed and HONK.
come on dude, youre destroying my bloody cilia hair whatever in my ears.
and i can sue you for that.
hah, the worst place to cross is in front of st stefano.
Its suicidal to just cross the road.
with 10 lanes, with crazy drivers. Oh they can name it the highway of death.

And im going to sham el sheikh this holiday
say what?
you know i chose not to go anywhere last year during winter break and raya holiday
It sucked and im not going to sit at home during holiday anymore,
especially when everyone has plans, and youre going to sit at home alone,
with nothing to do. no food. no friends nothing.

And i kind of asked, oh, begged my friends to join the trip but they refused to join it
and i gave up already.
its not like im not gonna enjoy my time there without them T.T
My ex roommates are going so i have friends there.
university is covering half of the expenses
So why miss this once in a lifetime chance?

im not trying to be cute by putting a cute picture here. I put it because it is , cute?= ="

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

haram jadah,

Tahun ini makin banyak aku bersabar.
Entah, selalu nak sedapkan hati,
Nasib baik kesensitive-an melampau aku tu dah hilang.

Macam hampir semua benda tak kena.
Tapi selalu kena fikir positif.

Relaks weh relaks.
Benda bodoh je ni
semua benda yang jadi, bodoh bodoh je ni
Lepas ni okay lah.

Okay aku tipu


Saturday, October 23, 2010


our next module is Central Nervous System & Special Senses Professional Development
Combination of module 9 and 10 at the same time.

CNS is like one of the heaviest module. And i have to work double hard, as the professor said.
And you know, the introduction is enough to make me feel excited.

:D wah wah semangat nina!
periksa lagi 9 minggu
pergh paling lama gap exam :D
selalu 3, 4 minggu je

Friday, October 22, 2010

bila hati gembira

Bila time exam bukan main, pukul 10 dah tak boleh nak bukak mata
Bila dapat can meronggeng dah pukul 2 pagi pun fresh lagi,

Memang dasar manusia tak boleh bagi peluang.

Walaupun periksa banyak yang aku tak dapat nak jawab
aku tak faham kenapa aku masih boleh gelak sorang sorang dalam dewan periksa
hyper tak semena-mena?
Apa pun lepas habis periksa memang gembira habis padahal final module je pun?
Ada lah dalam, 8 kali setahun?
campur final sem, boleh la kira 10 kali final setahun?

Selamat bergembira semua
sebelum kembali ke mode exam semula 3 minggu lagi

Bila si buntal tanya pada si kurus.
" woi kenapa engkau kurus?"
"sebab kau gemuk lah, bodoh!"

*sumpah takde motif

Thursday, October 21, 2010


we were in the library when ise got the list of our new section

i searched for my name and

"there it is"

i couldnt help but to cry. T.T
its nothing personal
its just that its going to be hard to mix around when i actually have problem letting go
and i dont talk to nobody before except to hani and haleeda/?

hyperbole? im being emotional?
but i'll be okay :(

I need light
I need freedom
I dont want tears
I think it would be better to shut my two eyes
and never open them back
Everything that ive been holding on to,
i let go
and im not picking them back
This is the end
the next thing you know
I'm already gone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

motif tersirat;

"Korang rapat macam mana pun, baik macam mana pun, panggil macam mana pun, aku memang tahu yang korang ni kawan baik je and tak lebih dari tu"

Kau tahu tak asilah, kau lah satu satunya manusia yang cakap macam tu
tak sangka kau memahami
tanpa perlu aku explain banyak banyak
Aku rasa, kau orang pertama dan terakhir.
Sumpah sayang kau doh.

Monday, October 18, 2010

cerita di kala hati sedang gusar. wtf?

Ok hari ini exam.
Sejauh mana kebenaran aku ni stress?

sebenarnya. tak adalah sangat pun.
Jangan lah sampai keluar statement nak merempat rumah orang lain sebab ada orang tension sgt T.T
Touching pulak dengar.
Lembut betul hati aku ni, kan?gaga

Cuma, aku baru balik library itu petang, dan perlu segera memasak dan sambung belajar practical banyak lagi yang tersadai tak habis baca/?
Balik dah penat, masak pula, bila peti ais rosak, mood terus hilang, bersepah dapur.
Masak pula, tak berapa nak jadi semalam,
Dahla main dish semacam tak kena,
Papadom juga hangit. sesenang goreng papadom pun boleh hangit?
Sebelum sebelum ni time aku suka nak masak tak pulak nak hangit, time aku takde mood sangat lah nak tak jadi semua benda
Mana tak stress.

Setelah selesai, cek beg untuk mengambil nota, baru menyedari yang nota practical hilang
Mestilah aku tak dapat mengelak daripada mengeluarkan ayat ayat yang kurang manis didengari (?)
Tapi time tu jelah, I mean, I need time to cool down

COOL DOWN, BABES! not that im gonna be stress the whole night.
Tambah pula , dalam keadaan tension tu, aku cuba nak call aina? tak angkat. Syafik, tak angkat. Ban, tak angkat
I NEEDED YOU GUYS! =_____________="

So bila jetlag masih menguasai diri, mata mula mengada nak tutup
Tidur bangun tidur bangun.
Jadi mereng sebentar
Dan untuk mengelakkan mengantuk
aku ambil keputusan untuk mandi
di tengah pagi buta, di musim sejuk(dah winter ke?) tanpa sakhonah aka water heater
dan akibatnya, mengantuk hilang ditambah dengan major chest pain sepanjang malam.
Usaha yang bagus. boleh mantapkan lagi

p/s: aku macam nak pasrah sikit exam kali ni, boleh?

Friday, October 15, 2010

so this is it

semua orang cakap.
so, nak cakap jugak

haha yesterday.
haha okay maybe im a little bit late
yesterday was our last practical session together
yesterday was my last day as a section 2-ian.
yesterday was my last day with all of them

As much as i hate this to happen
As much as i dont want to accept.
I have to admit that you know, i have finally open up my mind, and my heart and just accept whats gonna happen
As i always say, everything happens for a reason
and i am quite confident there;s a reason behind this change, too.

So, who's gonna bully me anymore?
complaining about my shining clothes.(?)
with whom am i going to laugh along?
so who can i slap in the face or hit at the back?
can we go holiday together again?

its a mystery,
whats going to happen tomorrow.
Maybe its going to be better than now.
Maybe its going to be worse.
I dont know,

and yes
i dont really know how to make new friends.
i dont know how to talk to strangers
*of course they are going to be strangers at first?

and you know, im afraid im gonna lose them.
Them, who have been together with me for 2 years.
with no one, no one, but them.
its like i dont know anyone else except for them. and some very few people.

and, am i still going to be loud after this?

Dont you ever dare forget.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

grrr = ="

just hear me out,

aku tak mahu section tukar
aku tak mahu group tuka
aku tak mahu lecture tuka

don't you just get us?
don't you?
Please for heaven's sakes just CANCEL the plan

sumpah aku tak setuju langsung
sumpah aku panas.
grrrrr! = ="

Sunday, October 10, 2010

post di tengah malam

well living in egypt taught us to be, um creative?
jeng jeng jeng!

as you can see, we made our own so called takal?
haha yelah dalam ayat ayat cinta tu tak pun yang orang arab selalu buat tu mcm takal atas bawah kan.
So disebabkan rumah aku dan housemates lama aku depan belakang je
and there's no other way to go to their house unless by pusing jalan jauh since jalan yang separate rumah kitorang tu macam tak boleh jalan
Even nak pass satu barang pun kena jauh jauh
and it just seems stupid to do so,
especially for lazy brats, like us. gaha.

okay so the idea just came dannn cheh terciptalah invention ini.
dengan menggunakan tali berapa genih sahaja dan bakul ex-taruk sabun sabun :P

Penat doh nak baling tali tu bagi kena rumah diorang. banyak kali cuba baru dapat.
di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan,
finally proven:P

*sila abaikan baju baju yang tersidai. as it is not mineee! ^ ^"

oh yeah module 7, infection and immunity
memetik kata abang senior yang aku curi dengar tatkala dia berbicara bersama temannya di library,
"ooh infection immunity ni senang je oh.
tak susah pun nak score!"
*something like this. heck, i dont remember the real one as im not that good in memorizing. tett

abang abang, apesal saya rasa susah jugak, ek? = ="

as much as i hate admitting, echeh.
i am now much better.
dah settle down,
dah cool
dah tenang
dah gembira
dah bahagia.
dah dah segalanya dah.

except about a part of two which drive me insane, but still, i like it. yeah yeah.*both big grin and evil laugh. gahaha

p/s: Happppppppppppppppppy birthday my dear bff yang sangat bajet + gedik + mengada + malas + annoying + immature yet baik + rajin jugak + bengong + mereng. :D

Have a blast!

p/s/s: first time berjaya tidur dengan kuantiti yang berpatutan. lol

Friday, October 8, 2010

sometimes life is about believing
sometimes life is about working hard,

and be thankful for everything that happens
good or bad
Because we know that every bad thing that happens has its own reason.

Enough crap,
stop complaining
accept it with a smile :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


"nina, aku faham perasaan kau"

"nina, asal tension je blog kau?"

"kitee tahuu ninaa rasaa, kita baca blog nina"

ok blog aku penuh ketensionan ek?
dah insaf la nanti aku cerita benda bahagia pulak :P

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

nak lepas boleh?

aku rasa pening.
aku rasa penat
aku rasa benci

pening bila masuk lecture yang aku tingal satu minggu,
rasa macam aku tak boleh nak faham?
bile lecturer mula main soal soal, soalan yang aku tak pergi kelas diaa,
tak study lagi? lepas tu point dekat aku tanya soalan
bila ada yang dapat jawab dengan yakin? tapi aku masih terpinga pinga
Bila kami tak dapat jawab
"you didn't do revision/? study the lecture day by day!"

macam mana nak study lecture by lecture kalau lecture pun aku terlepas?
sedang fikir macam mana aku nak cover lecture dan practical yang haram jadah, banyak nak mampos?

dan ya, periksa semester akhir dalam masa 2 minggu lagi.
terima kasih semua

Penat bila kena kemas rumah
Jejak sahaja kaki di rumah dari lapangan terbang kami terus mengemas.
Mengangkut washing machine, meja meja, kerusi, almari ke tingkat 4 bukan mudah
mengganti mentol sendiri, urusan internet dan segala macam
lagi lagi ada sahaja anjing yang hidup di atas rumah kami, seakan menunggu untuk mengejar?

Benci bila semua bergelak ketawa, tapi aku masih lagi tidak dapat menerima hakikat yang aku dah sampai,
tapi hati aku tak ada di sini.
terbang melayang layang entah ke mana
mood untuk gelak tidak wujud sama sekali
biarlah kau semua bergelak ketawa
biar aku dengan dunia aku sendiri