Friday, October 15, 2010

so this is it

semua orang cakap.
so, nak cakap jugak

haha yesterday.
haha okay maybe im a little bit late
yesterday was our last practical session together
yesterday was my last day as a section 2-ian.
yesterday was my last day with all of them

As much as i hate this to happen
As much as i dont want to accept.
I have to admit that you know, i have finally open up my mind, and my heart and just accept whats gonna happen
As i always say, everything happens for a reason
and i am quite confident there;s a reason behind this change, too.

So, who's gonna bully me anymore?
complaining about my shining clothes.(?)
with whom am i going to laugh along?
so who can i slap in the face or hit at the back?
can we go holiday together again?

its a mystery,
whats going to happen tomorrow.
Maybe its going to be better than now.
Maybe its going to be worse.
I dont know,

and yes
i dont really know how to make new friends.
i dont know how to talk to strangers
*of course they are going to be strangers at first?

and you know, im afraid im gonna lose them.
Them, who have been together with me for 2 years.
with no one, no one, but them.
its like i dont know anyone else except for them. and some very few people.

and, am i still going to be loud after this?

Dont you ever dare forget.

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Tintaroo said...

Change: There is nothing permanent except change