Thursday, November 26, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha
tsk tskk..
first time raye bukan kat malaysia T_T
Kawan pulak ramai pergi Cairo.
Pergi lahh korang pergi
Luckily still have lots of friends raya-ing here
Have a nice day everyone

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

one bad day

Well today I was having such a bad day
You know, when you thought everything is going wrong-__-

when suddenly just in a blink of eye,
you felt not needed,
youre in the wrong place
with no one to hold on to

so after class, i rushed back home,
because even if i waited
i didnt know with whom im going back with,
as i said, i dont really have a 'geng' here,
just go with different people everyday

on the way, i thought about all the things thats happening
how im feeling so alone,
as if nobody cares,
and worse, i started to compare life now with old one,
so not good, not cool. i know. -_-
friends around, never felt alone,
sure thing is
the problem is my own self, i dont know how to mix around.
you know, im cool. with everyone, its me, im wrong for not knowing how to fit in
i just don't and im sorry

and i reached home finally, watched a movie to clear my messy mind,
then stopped for maghrib prayer,
i heard my phone vibrated.
but i was praying so i ignored it,
i checked and my buddy called.
then i heard someone screamed
"oi sape punye kek ni?"

i was like, er is that mine?
well usually if theres something outside, its either for me or dib/ LOL
put stuff in front of the lift. the fastest and easiest way to deliver stuff

and i called him back, and he said

"ada kek tu. amik la. ktrg tengok kau moody tadi, aku. bla bla, bla bla ngn bla bla belikanla kek utk kau."

"ooh susah susah je"

"takpe lah. amik tau. jgn moody moody dah"


i felt touched, seriously
but i just dint know how to show it.

They are like my best buddies,
but other friends, who're supposed to know better, care better,
dont even care
dont even notice.
except for one or two yeah
when i was damn moody she came to my room and brought me a cake.
others, who used to be so close just ignored.
Im not sad or angry or anything,
i dont expect anything, seriously.
but its weird because when someone close to you but not as close as you WERE with other friends,
care more,
concern more,
i dont know whether they dont care, or they dont know, or they dont want to know, or they dont even bother.

Thanks for your concern, buddies.
for all the gifts,

even my roommates went
"kau ni ramai gile orang blanje oh tuka ah nk jadi kau. LOL rezeki namenye tu". hee

Monday, November 16, 2009

ketensionan yang melanda


stomachache, and headache -___-

and i have TONS and TONS of things to read

ada ke die ckp esok ada tbl. oke fine ada tbl pastu suruh bace lipoprotein sbb esok ada test.

N.B. : lipoprotein tak pena belajar die suruh belajar sendiri dulu pstu buat test pstu baru bincang.
the whole concept of tbl

oke fine jugak
bila aku balik dan bukak link, wtfishhhhhhhh/?!

bapak banyak

bapak susah

how am i supposed to answer and understand the whole 8 pages = 2 hours lecture normally, without explanation from no one = =

+ nota biochemistry dan physiologyy yang blaja tadi belum buat lagi. ergh ergh tension tension

dahlaa balik lambat, 530 pm bersamaan lepas maghrib jalan gelap gelita jalan sorang sorang dikelilingi orang arab ergh.

dengan sakit perut yang melampau sejak beberapa jam laluuu smbil membuat nota = =

kelaparan tahap maksima. oke fine aku dah makan carbohydrate= yang paling awal utilized sepatutnye aku energetic kan but NOT. tak pun. sakit perut lagi ada. think i need to eat fat yang akan produced kan energy lagi 7-8 jam bersamaan pukul * tengah tgk jam * 6 am?

erk, dah pukul 11??!


dan juga berhadapan dengan kemungkinan blackout lagi malam ni, setelah 3 hari berturut turut blackout. terima kasih kalian atas khidmat kooperasi yangg sangat mengharukan -_________-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ONE, gone. ONE, vanished

salam...adq abg yg sombong...
bz ke????
bru abg jmpe page adq...adq cmner skg????
hopefully u r always in happy in ur life, sis....
anyway gud luck 4 ur future and have a nice day, adq...
abg da keje tau, deq...
bler adq nk jmpe abg???
heheheehehe....papepun abg t'lbh dulu nk minx maap ats sgale slp abg yg abg penah bt kat adq abg ni...
kemaafan 2 abg jus dpt dr adq je..abg hrp adq dpt maafkn abg...
mne tau adq may b xkn jmpe abg bt slamenye...abg minx maap sgt2...
gud luck, dear...askm

5 months ago.
came across this comment.
i hate that we became so close that you became my bestfriend.
well kind of a brother to me.
i hate that i started to get rid of you
i hate that i hurt you a lot
i hate how you tortured me back
i hate that you were so nice, so caring,
i hate that you were so skema
your words were like so baik and everything
you dont know about styles
but you were there for me.

It has been almost 4 years since our story ends.
since our good sister-brother relationship ends.
and you are nice to me, even until now
but then i hate you for saying that i will always become your friend, whatever happens
i hate you saying that you still care
i hate to know the fact that i dont know you anymore
i hate receiving a raya card with your sign on it.
i hate everything about you
i deleted your number, didnt put your num in my new phone,
because i dont want to hear from you nomore
i dont want to feel alone and night and text you
i want to stop hearing anything from you
know anything about you

somehow at times i remember us being close
you care, i care.
and those memories.
all vanished.
I dont know what to say
maybe we'll walk into each other some times,
and we will ignore each other.

we are strangers now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


biochemistry, especially lipids is becoming harder and harder
lol i learnt them already back in zagazig
but i didnt understand nothing at that time,
now i have some ideas about some things i learnt before, but didnt understand. lol
haha and my mind is getting mereng-er from day to day
but lets pray i can do well in the exam :) and every exam .LOL o_O

learnt about healthy lifestyle
realized that my lifestyle isnt healthy at all -__-
lol at least im tring to eat something better.
hahaa but just now after class i went to pizza hut for lunch
with my bestfriends, syafik ezy and nasuha :)
so i consider today as a cheat day
LOL wrong!

fyi for those who do not know what is cheat day, it is supposed to be that one day in a week when you can grab unhealthy things to eat such as pizza, kfc, burger etc.

but erk, i already have 3 days of cheat days this week?
how can i consider today a cheat day -_-
lol whatever as long as i am not hungry, i'll be happy :))

and yeah,



and HAPPY BIRTHDAY EX HOUSEMATE; amirah muhyidin :))

have a blast birthday yaw ^__________^

Love you guys ((:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

semua tak sabar kan?

adik adik rakan rakan kanak kanak sahabat andai cucu cucu adik saudara sepupu sepapat yang berada di tingkatan 5 sekolah menengah kebangsaan seri keramat, sekolah sekolah bersekutu, bersepadu sbp, mrsm argh semua jenis sekolah lah lah

tak sabar sabar nak habis spm kan dan BERAMBUS KELUAR dari hell, ops sekolah itu.


aku, dan rakan rakan aku NAK SANGAT patah balik dan masuk ke hell, ops sekolah itu semula
beribu berjuta, kenangan hitam putih sepanjang 5 tahun berada di sekolah yang sadis, kecik dan tidak lawa itu *maafkan aku sekolah. seburuk buruk mana pun engkau, aku tetap sayangkan engkau okey. pfffttt -_____________- *

rinduuu rinduu serindu rindunya *masuk lagu old school kejap*

weh tolonglah
sehari je
sehari je.
kalau boleh hari yang kita lepak gelak sakan makan ramai ramai pegi mekdi, makan mac besar, dabelcisbeger.

tak pun masa aku engkau dia dan semua menyamar jadi hantu ?

ataupun zaman sepak terajang antara kau dan aku
lepak after kelas. belajar . belajar lah konon

argh aku rindu. aku nak balik
aku jealous dengan korang, korang pulak jeles dengan aku sebab dah abis sekolah kan -___-

semua dah ada kawan baru, tinggallah aku terkapai kapai keseorangan di sini
oke fine, aku pun banyak kawan baru jugak *taknak kalah*
sayang kawan baru jugak.
haha tapi aku sayang korang semua ketat ketat

okay dah tengah malam otakku mereng salahkan biochemistry. aku sayang engkau encik profesor karbohaidrattttt.

Monday, November 2, 2009

biochemistry / winter

yeah yeah the real class has started o________O
went from biostatistic --------> biochemistry,
which are different in manyy many many many ways -______________-

haha first class already made me feel like falling.
Oh no!
need to study harder
revision every night
revision?? pfffttt!

and winter also has started
its f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g

egypt is supposed to be hot, eh? NOT
seriously, it's freakin cold!
just wait for december
i bet it will be colder and colder -___-"

everyone is also starting to buy that long coat, mafla and gloves kind of thingy
but i dont have the mood to buy em' just, not yet
haha i dont want to waste my money, ops 'duit rakyat' on something i already have
i already have a few sweaters but i want that long coat. i want it i want it~
wearing those stuff make me feel cool, just like in that korean movie, and some western. LOL

-the end-