Thursday, July 30, 2009

kolej shahputra

Well first i dont care whether or not anyone reads my post
I've been so busy lately.
and i've been feeling so lazyy to update my blog
not that my life story is interesting, unlike others'

haa so what am i going to do ah this week
so busy kut

tonight; played futsal
friday : forum at audi then a nasyid group's going to perform. Nasyid?
sat: bowling and the proposal yeah aktiviti ahlil bait one more time
sunday: going for a talk about alternative medicine and stuff

oh teringat scene semalam

nina: hah? ada konsert? jangan nasyid sudah
jue: hum kalau nasyid tape yang lain aku tanak pegi lah

* bang * kejam kau jue

and i gave tazkirah yesterday and they were all so excited; over excited
limited and special edition version katenye
cheh orang lain tade plak
taw lah aku ni jahat sket tapi aku baik sbenarnye ouh-.-

hee just now played futsal so fun
you know when bunch of girls who had no experience on playing futsal played,
stupid stuff happened, such as :

seluar terkoyak, kpale terhantuk, cramp, tersepak mate,
we spent most of our time taking offside ball instead of kicking the ball! haha
and as for afiqah, bola outside dah masukkan die sepak outside balik
alasan die
"alah biar lah! aku taknak bagi diorang dapat bola tu!"

main 5 minit stop minum pstu main pstu stop
pstu bile sume sepak cm bangang sume telentang gelak atas court
haha surely, if this was a competition, miah miah, we're going to lose!

oh yeah ustaz asked us to do a hiwar
we were so lazy to think of a scene so we translated upin ipin made it an arabic version
haha bes bes bes
aiwah aiwah aiwah:D

Friday, July 17, 2009

btn oh btn

ouh rindu online laju laju
kat kuantan online tension nak mati
nak bukak google pun seksa
tak suke tak sukeeee-.-'

well you know what happened last week?
um my lecturer gave our class an assignment
"give 20 reasons why you don't finish your homework.imaginative and creative ideas" whatsoever
so since we were going to btn the next week, we had only a day to do the presentation
so the thing is, my group and I, including boys had a meeting in front of my friend's house.
which is a girl. but you know, our house is not a hostel or anything. it's a semi-d house, like any other houses so we don't expect that we couldn't meet there
well it was raining and we didn't have any other choices-.-
but then the guard came marah marah and everything
ckp ada orang snap picture kitorang lah smpai dato' dato' tau lah jiran jiran semua complain lah
smpai anta msg msg msg
come on lah it's not a big fuss
the point kitorang buat depan rumah tanak bagi ada fitnah nk bagi orang nampak exactly yang kitorang tak wat ape ape yg salah tapi lagi teruk kene ada

oke fine that's a thing
well last monday i went to btn
and i thought it was going to be boooooooooooooorring
haha well the first 2 days were boring
everytime they gave talk or whatever i slept.
tak pernah miss
then bile bangun i'll be the most active person in the hall

and ldk was great
my group was okay
except sometimes the boys became so lazy
damn lazy i mean
and by the time i completely gave up on them diorang plak smangat
but unfortunately my mood was already gone gone gone
Tokji was fun he gave dozens of teka teki and he told us stories
gave us some interesting questions
it was fun
not like some other group
asyik kene psycho je, hampehh
sakit hati je

the game i like most was the bingo game
we had to beat the guys and first game they won second game they won
the third game tokji kate we could do whatever we wanted to do
no rules or anything
belum sempat die kluar ktrg da berebut nak cancel kotak bagi dapat point banyak smbil tolak tolak tanak bagi laki menang pstu gado gado
15 saat dah siap so bile ktrg duduk an, tetibe je kitorang teringat
"weh bende ni mesti ada muslihat weh."
diorang pun mcm "haah bukan ke die kate org melayu bdendam. die nk test ni"
"aah aah kan die kate sume task ada kaitan ngn kenegaraan"
"eh weh korang korang kite seri jelah"
haha pstu ktrg sembang sembang lah
bile tokji datang die tanye sape menang
and we went "oh kitorang da insaf tanak gado gado.seri je lah"
then die explen explen turned out we were right
die kate kalaulah ktrg gado berebut nak menang ktrg patutnye kene berarak smbil pegang buku perlembagaan malaysia smbil nyanyi lagu patriotik
die tak expect pun ktrg bleh berdamai since belum smpat diorang kluar ktrang da gado gado da
haha nasib baik insaf:DD
hebat tak kami?

Saturday, July 4, 2009


today was
how do we spell it?
really ah?i dont really know how to describe it
have been playing futsal for a couple of days
yeah first time playing it with a real-timing whatsoever
after a few minutes i already felt like falling
ahaha have a match tomorrow morning
but i enjoy it
haha except when some of my classmates already making noise saying go nina go nina
and something like 'nina main kasar' lah ' go zagzig lah',
i felt like kicking them and that's when i screamed "diorang ni tak boleh senyap ke?"
and they went 'rilex la nina"
banyak la korang rilex dah la tengah pening.seriously my body felt effin hot and i really felt dizzy
just now got sukan but my friends and i ponteng already slept at home
then came back got sukaneka
but kalah ony menang a few games ony.
haha pity us right but nobody cares/
so wish me luck!