Saturday, May 30, 2009


helloooo Malaysia!
haha yes finally am in Malaysia.
well too lazy to update blog but since i got nothing to do here in kuantan, waiting patiently for Monday to arrive.

Well my last days in Egypt were great.
I hung out with my friends and we had a great time
haha i went to hussin to shop shop shop with other 6 mates and 2 mushrifs/:D
Oh the only thing i bought for me there was a keychain. everything else was not for me. hehe

the last day was busy! I woke up early in the morning and met ustaz mumtaz to take my LE1200// yay shopping!
then i met prof then went to 7 days pizza where omar and afif were already waiting. At first we planned on hanging out in Cairo, but some people were busy. plus, there were a few important things i had to take care of. So I went there to 7 days with Fatimah . We didnt know that restaurant ever existed. sedih gile. if i knew, id go there many many times because the pizzas were okayyy. So we waited for Shifa bob and Anati. Then tetibe Haziq and Teng and Hasif pun ada.hehe sadly, anati left before the pizza even arrived. waaa anati tamau kwn!!:( haha my fault i paid early that guys over there already halau halau us when we actually wanted to stay there for quite a long time.
then i met mama by night i arrived home and yes, i had to pack everythingg! and there was so many things to do and i had no time. at the very last minute, there were so many things missing and i couldnt find them
I was so tension with things and everything
I wanted to leave happily then i got news that some of my friends couldnt follow us to the airport. I was so damn frustrated. there were 3 vans going and only 5 of my friends going!
that was so unfair:(
kak mira haizum and biha couldnt follow us:( only tim shifa aineen anati and kak erah. thanks guys. haha
i thought i was already late my friends all brought my bags downstairs and we waited for the van and other mates to arrive for like an hour ++
hampeh, baik tido dulu
and plus, omar forgot to bring his hard disc,
i wanted one tree hill and prison break season finale so damn much-.-'
seems like i have to download them all
but well i cant really blame him because he was so busy and he did help me A LOT!
thanks eh pakcik!

well i received a lot of presents. going to upload the pictures soon. bears from shifa and kak mira, a clock from biha and haizum, a cute blouse from aineen, scarf from timah, key chain from dila, chocolates from hasif omar afif anati and 25 cent from bob with his sign on it.haha
well i'm bringing them all to shahputra haha and the chocolates i haven't eaten them.sayanggg:D

um i reached Malaysia 2 days ago . As soon as i reached here, i went to ampang to meet my grandmother. So there was um, rendang, masak lemak cili api, big apple, bawal masak merah, sambal minyak! hahaa the next day i ate nasi lemak, nasi beriyani, padprik, tomyam, KERABU MANGGA etc etc. and now i am already in Kuantan going to Shahputra on Monday. I wonder what's going to happen. hehe. the thing is, i don't feel all jakun seeing things here, its like im used to everything. its like i never ever left malaysia.haha it's good, perhaps.:DD

So i was so busy for the past two days. Went to clinic, made a new bank card, went for medical check up, packing , borang borang etc etc.
But it was all worth it:D
so just going to relax today and tomorrow here, going to the beach, swimming pool sleep sleep, online online eat eat here with family and grandmother and an aunt:D

yayyy wish me luck okay:D

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's final
I'm going home next week.
Seems like I have to leave all my friends for the second time
You know i hate this part.
You know i'm not going to be able to get over this for at least 3 months, a little only not completely!
Why do i have to leave when i've finally fallen in love with ZAGAZIG?!
well 5 months here sure seems like a very long time for me
I learnt a lot of things.
And i am never ever going to forget things and people here.
I remember how i used to hate them sooooo much, now there are just like my best friends.
I remember how i was dying to go back home, now i just am dying to stay.

So this is it,
goodbye everyone,
goodbye zagazig,
I'm coming back after 3 months,
maybe not to the same state, maybe not to the same university, maybe not to the same house
But sure i will never ever forget nothing about things here
I dont know whether you guys will remember me or not
but i surely will never ever forget all of you

lots of love to;( name yang ikut balik tak disebut.hehe)
fatimah, aineen, shifa, anati, haizum, kak mira, biha, kak izzati, melly, bella, dila, wey, kak fifi, kak maj, kak aishah, kak jiji, kak dzarifah, bob, omar, atris, zul, afif, hasif and everyone.

Friday, May 22, 2009

misteri kehilangan baju

Misteri kehilangan baju.

Ooh peristiwa yang amat menyakitkan hati.

Bulan lalu : aku baru tersedar yang baju aku jemur di luar hilang. Aku ingatkan ia satu kemalangan

Minggu lalu : telekung yang aku jemur di ampaian hilang. Aku amat terkejut dan sakit hati. Perlu meminjam telekung fatimah atau aineen sementara menanti telekung Arab yang aku tempah. Telekung tersebut sebenarnya amatlah kelakar bagiku. Namun aku tiada pilihan lain. Perlu menerima dengan hati terbuka.

Semalam : Ketika aku mahu bersiap ke kelas aku mencari baju kebaya biru kesayanganku. Yang aku temui hanya kain, di mana bajunya? HILANG LAGI.

Apakah yang telah terjadi kepada mereka? Aku bingung. Aku musykil

Mungkin ada orang yang menceroboh masuk ke balcony kami dan mengambil baju tersebut?
Mustahil kerana jika benar mereka ingin mengambil baju tersebut mengapa ambil setengah pasang? Mengapa tidak ambil terus sepasang?

Mungkin juga baju tersebut terbang ditiup angin? Ke mana sangatlah dia boleh terbang? Aku sudah mencari di keliling rumah masih tidak ditemui. Tambahan aku sudah menyepit baju baju tersebut.

Mungkin baju baju tersebut telah diangkat oleh sesiapa dan berada di dalam rumah aku sahaja yang tidak tahu? Pelik kerana penghuni tumah ini hanya ada 3 orang. Mereka pastinya tidak berminat untuk mengangkat baju aku dan aku telah mencari di seluruh rumah masih aku tak temui baju baju tersebut

BENGANG! aku mahu baju-baju aku semula!

Monday, May 18, 2009


It's been so hot since the last couple of days and i mean it

Damn hot

uhm well summer baru je start tapi panas nye, alah mcm bangangg gila kut.bahang dia sangatlah menyeksakan panas Malaysia lagi bes kut panas sini DRY gila
and the 'good' thing is, there's no fan in my room,
okay there's one bloody fan belongs to AQ and we havent return it back
salah siapa? sapa suruh tak mintakk balik aku hentamm lah sementara masih ada:D
but that bloody fan is so small and slow, tak rase sangat pun.
well, better then nothing kan luckily baba has been very nice blanja kami satu kipas di ruang tamu ahaa but since my ex-housemates moved downstairs, we seldom hang out in living room nomore. so there's no point putting a fan there, kan? haish not that i sleep there or study there or what.

well i forgot to tell you,
now i have my very ownnn room!
yay yay haha kami main undi undi siapa duduk bilik share and siapa duduk bilik sorang
baling kertas ambil sorang satu siapa dapat / duduk bilik sorang and siapa dapat o kene share bilik and i got /
very cool right?
i can do anything i want without any distraction and i can dance dance and sing sing without worrying about terkantoi or anything and i can study peacefully. hidup ini sungguh indah, bukan?

ignore the books. i was studying:)

meja belajarku:D

and yes about the mara interview, saya berjaya!
:D it's great and i feel happy all my friends here who went to the interview berjaya. Alhamdulillah:)
But the only thing is, uhm we have to like actually do persediaan or whatsoever dekat kolej shahputra then barulah pergi egypt
tapi aku dah kat egypt? macam manaa?
haha so baba siraj will deal with pegawai mara mintak kami stay sini and get the scholarship anyway but well itu tak sure
kalau tak berjaya, we have to go back to malaysia and do the persediaan thingy for 3 months and start first year all over again here in egypt also but different university in september kut-.-'
haha menarik bukan? because if we stay here, we're going to second year in september also
going to waste one year there kan?
so im just going to wait patiently for the result and um, so ikut jelah:D
but i want to stay because i am starting to love love love my friends.

hee terharu tak? ;D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


well guess what?
we spent our whole night reading phsyiologyy
thinking we're going to face a test the next day
i've been holding the book all day long,
and suddenlyyy
"klas tade tade pun"

let me describe this situation as a 'hampeh situation' -.-'

haha its a good thing we did revision
its just that,
if i knew the test's going to be cancelled
i should have read anatomy instead of physio
we're going to have our next anatomy test; shoulder on tuesday

and then musles of the back on tues
and axilla the next sat and so on.
and histo test end of this month

test test test test im going crazy lah if this continues
good thing; test makes us study even more
yayy go go test!:D

Friday, May 8, 2009


Three things that I love;
-my life
-my family and cousins
-my friends

Three things I hate;
1. frogs
2. pretenders
3. maksiat lah weh

Three things I don't understand;
1. the irony of life

Three things I'm doing right now;
1. typing
2.listening tu surah that tim played

Three things I want to do before I die;
1. i want to be a good muslimah:D i dont want to go to hell i want to be in heaven:(
2. i want to get marry and have children same cm tina:D
3. i want to make people happy:D

Three things I can do;

Three things I can't do;
1.waste my time on useless stuff
2. ponteng
3. online a lot

Three ways to describe my personality;
1. LAMPI aka lambat pickup . haha
2. friendly ONCE people get to know me
3. ntah:D

Three people to tag; one

Thursday, May 7, 2009


di suatu malam yang hening,

dengar bunyi ting

heh aku pun g ar kt laptop

"weh bagitau aineen umi nak btolak dah"

so dengan malas nak bergeraknye aku pun amik la tudungg pakai bising bising depan cermin tolak tolak orang pastu gerak lah turun bawahh

so tengah tengah turun tu tetibe aku tersedar yang aku turun smbil berlari and shifa plk tgh lari gak kat blakang

so aku pun cam

"hah aku lagi laju! jum lawan sape lagi laju!"

and then die pun cam

"asal plak?aku lagi laju"

and kitorang pun yang desperate gile nak mati nak menang tu turun tangge smbil blari and kalau da tinggal lagi 2, 3 steps ktrg lompat sambil jerit jerit cakappp

"kau main tipu!"
"ah kau yg kalahh ckp banyak!"

and mcm mcm lagi smbil membebel non-stop sepanjang ktrg lari tu

and then bile nak smpai bawah je aku pun disebabkan terlalu excited nak dekat menang,

terus lah lari lari turun tangge and lompat and smbung lari and then.....


tengah aku lari mcm org gile tu aku terus terstop sebab dekat bawah rupe rupenye ada 3 orang budak laki tgh pandang je kitorangg perhaps wondering anak sapela yang lari lari and lompat loompat and jerit jerit mcm budak kecik kuat gile smpai kat bawah dengar

aku pun terus cam "erk"

then lari patah balik tolak shifa suro die stop and lepas mengcoverkan diri for a while,

aku pn turun lahh dengan muke bajet dann slambenye

padahal i was shaking like hell kot because i was so damn tired + embarrased+ shocked

ah go die lah diorang classmates aku jugak.haha cume malu je sbb cm ishh dioang tak kenal lagi kami ni sape terbongkar rahsie:D gahahaaa

lepas hantar umi balik tuu ktrg pun naik la atas smbil salah menyalahkan each other about the incident that just happened and then shifa said;

" aku dulu slalu main kejar kejar time kecik"

and aku pun mcm...

"haah aku pun"

so tgh aku recall balik memories aku main kejar kejar,

tibe tibe satu memory yang aku sumpah dah lame gile tak ingat and almost lupe datang balik dlm kepale otak aku yang tengah sangap ni,

about a guy whom i call 'budak baju merah' yg smpai sekarang aku tak penah tau name die

when i was a little kid, aha not so little, when i was like 8 years old, makcik aku slalu jugak bawak aku jalan jalan. and there was one time when she took me to our relatives' house yang aku mmg tak kenal sgt.jumpe kalau die bawak jela

aku ingat aku ikut die 2 kali dah

first time tu, bbm tu je yang jadi kawan aku memandangkann kt situ tade lagi budak budak kecik mcm kami. even kalau ada pun aku tak kenal and tamau kenal-.-'

whatever it is, the whole 2 or 3 days we played together laughing screaming etc etc

pasal tu aku tak ingat sgt

aku ingat second time aku pergi sane

first day tu aku nampak die tapi ktrg mcm 2-2 segan nak tego.

die main lego aku pun wondering "should i or should i not greet him?"

haha i dont really remember how we started to greet each other because it has been about 8 - 9 years.

tapi second day tu ktrg da jd cm dulu

aku ingat lagi, die je kawan aku kat sane.

kitorang spent the whole 3 days together main main,

main kejar kejar ayam

sorrok sorok,

haha selalu main kejar kejar lah

lepas tuu kacau orang siap utk kenduri tapi kejap je tgk tgk pstu main kejar kejar balik

aku ingat time tu ktrg main sorok sork

tapi aku cm takut die jumpe so aku sorok ar kat toilet ingat ke spot best die takkan brani masuk

skali die rupenye pegi siap baldi isi air and simbah dari lubang kat atas tu abis baju aku

pstu die gelak gelak pstu aku bengang aku kejar lah die keliling kampung.haha

and aku pun balik rumah

setaun lepas tu kut,

aku jumpe die lagi kt kenduri tapi aku tak brani lah nak tego as usual

tetibe cousin aku cm ejek ejek

"eh budak kat depan tu gtau die ske nina"

and yes, it was him, the 'budak baju merah'

well time tu aku kecik lagi tak biase aku pun jadi cuak semacam

i tried to get rid of him

ada skali tu aku naik buaian, pstu cane ntah ada orang sepak bola terkene muke aku kut

pstu die gelak gelak

pstu aku cm buat muke bengang aku bla terus

that was the very last time i met him

i almost forget everything about him,

about this story

about this memory

tapi shifa ingatkan

well to budak baju merah,

i know heck you will NEVER read this thing,

but if, only IF you read this,

please do contact me.

i just dont want to lose a really really good friend who shared a part of my memories :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

hidupkah aku?

aku rase mcm dah jauh
jauh dan jauh pergi meninggalkan dekat
hilang dalam kabus yang tebal.
yang aku tak nampak pun penghujung die.

jauh dari kenyataan
jauh dari mimpi
jauh dari fantasi
jauh dari realiti.

aku rasa macam segala benda yang aku genggam erat
terlepas sikit demi sikit
dan lama lama semua hilang.
and satu cebis pun tak tinggal.
dan yang baru aku dapat genggam pun
aku tak dapat pegang lame lame
sebab die terlepas macam tu je.

aku tak tau korang paham tak aku merepek.
tapi tu lah ape aku rase skarng