Friday, May 8, 2009


Three things that I love;
-my life
-my family and cousins
-my friends

Three things I hate;
1. frogs
2. pretenders
3. maksiat lah weh

Three things I don't understand;
1. the irony of life

Three things I'm doing right now;
1. typing
2.listening tu surah that tim played

Three things I want to do before I die;
1. i want to be a good muslimah:D i dont want to go to hell i want to be in heaven:(
2. i want to get marry and have children same cm tina:D
3. i want to make people happy:D

Three things I can do;

Three things I can't do;
1.waste my time on useless stuff
2. ponteng
3. online a lot

Three ways to describe my personality;
1. LAMPI aka lambat pickup . haha
2. friendly ONCE people get to know me
3. ntah:D

Three people to tag; one

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