Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OMG what the hell is happening to me,
i have 2 papers waiting to be filled tomorrow;Biology
and yes, here i am, writing this stuff.

I woke up at 10. earlier than usual
and i watched grey's anatomy and ugly betty.
then i had a conversation with syiqa till 1.
and then i read biology for about half and hour and then i opened the tv again,
desperate housewives
damn i love the show but i couldn't really watch every single episode on tv because i'm too busy.
yes, busy

so the thing is, i already asked my brother to bring back manyy and manyy shows;
such as, desperate housewives of course, prison break season 3 and 4, ugly betty, private practice japanese dramas etc.
I bet i can finish them all in less than 3 months!
but dah, after spm oke.

oh i'm worry.
everytime i tried to read or study i went 'aah, ape nk bace?'
then i gave up and closed the book and here i am.
i texted almose everyone and asked whether or not they study and this is what one of my friend replied
"dah! dari pagi!"

now i feel like a lazy monkey spending half of her time a day in front of her bloody computer. haish -.-"
what's wrong with me?

i really hope and hope i wont go "oh i should have read this yesterday!'
when i get the bloody paper tomorrow or else i'll stab myself to death.
try me.

big apple.

a few weeks ago i went to lcct to take my brother yg baru smpai,
and then we went to low yat.
my father helped his friend to buy a new laptop;

so we waited at starbucks which is beside big apple and waited there for quite a long time
5 hours, uh not quite a long time but a really long time

so we ordered some doughnuts and ate them all
makan je tauu.

well to be honest the doughnuts were kind of delicious.
i only bought 2 boxes, each box containing 6 doughnuts.
but a big no no to the green one,
haha as you can see in the second picture,
maybe because i hate green tea. yeucks. i wonder how some people can even drink the tea. adoy
and people keep comparing big apple with j co. some say j co is better some say big apple is better but i think both are the same.
hahaa. not good in comparing . i eat everything tak kire sedap ke tak.haha

i was so boring that day, you know, low yat.
everything is about electrical stuff really not something i'm interested in
so after waited for some time and had a conversation with my cousins i went inside and i saw a famous amos shop . kebetulan that time i was messaging one of my friend he asked me to buy famous amos for him.
luckily i have extra money kalau tak jgn harap nk beli -.-"
then i walked inside to find something interesting to do but there was nothing.
i went home at 6 tak sempat pulak pegi tusyen.

eat and eat and eat

the first thing i do when i know my parents won't be home for a couple of days;

invite some of my friends to come over my house and cook!
yea, for me, cooking is fun,
if and only if the food i'm going to cook is something that i love to eat

so there was a day my parents were out somewhere so i invited hannah, nisa and raudhah to come over.
our menu for that day;

1) fried macaroni
2) mashed potato
3) float and jelly

i cooked penuh a periuk kut and we were all 5 including my little brother so imagine, us eating all the food!
uh that's one of the reason , me, become too chubby -.-"
don't blame me, blame the food;DDD

fried macaroni was okay, mashed potato, er hannah liked it but we didn't. haha it was okay but not extremely delicious .

hee first try not bad right.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sweet and low

well this is a song by augustana and this song is awesomely awesome!

this song was introduced by Amir a couple of months ago and i fell in love with it;DD
btw, this song is the song you're listening to because i put the vid in this blog.;D
enjoy the song!


anywhere you go, anyone you meet
remember that your eyes, can be your enemies

I said, hell is so Close, and heaven's out of reach

but i ain't givin' up quite yet
i've got too much to lose

hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down, sweet and low, and i'll carry you home
hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down and i'll carry you home

the rain is gonna fall
the sun is gonna shine
the wind is gonna blow
the water's gonna rise
she said, when that day comes,
looK into my eyes, no one's givin' up quite yet, we've go too much to lose

hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down, sweet and low, and i'll carry you home
hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down and i'll carry you
all the way,
and you say your fine
but your still young
and out of line
when all i need's to turn around
to make it last to make it count
i ain't gonna make the same mistakes that put my mama in her grave
i don't wanna be alone

hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down, sweet and low, and i'll carry you home
hold me down, sweet and low, little girl
hold me down and i'll carry you home

Monday, September 15, 2008

a piece of heart

i always needed someone to hear what i wanted to say.
and thanks to teacher yazlina for comforting me,
and made me think more rationally.
about how i'm feeling,
about what i was about to do.
about someone i wanted to forget.
about someone i tried to hate.
uhm, teacher said i will regret if i forget him.
just go with the flow and act normal.
i really wish i can do that,
i really wish i can pretend nothing is happening,
i'm not that strong,
i'm a weak person trying so hard to become strong,
to just ignore my own feeling,
i failed..
and i hate it.
this heartache is killing me dude!
deep inside me wanting to just throw the memories away
but she said 'when you grow up, everything happens will become your memory'
and yes i believe that.
i believe that everything happens for a reason.
i believe that this is what i need to face to become a stronger person.
this is what i have to face to face a bigger and bigger challenges and obstacles.
this is just something stupid.
a feeling that a normal person feels.
be strong nina!
you're not alone .everyone is around you whenever you need them,
everything is meant to happen.
Allah almighty knows better
He knows the best,
I will try my best to keep on working hard in facing all my problems in life;D

thanks for being my shoulder to cry.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


yea berbuka puasa bersama rakan.
hee we ate a lot,
eh a lot ke,?
boleh tahan laa.
with milah,ena.tasha,teha,fateen,habib.tan and amer.
wooo as usual milah wanted to sit with tan,
habib ngn tehaa.
bercouple couple.
and then pegy umah milahhh,
tgk iqbal,the baby boy.
so cute;DDD
and then pegy smayangg trawikh at a surau in front of milah's house.
i never knew the surau even exists.
and then balik balik balik.
bosan tak?adoy

a confession

have you ever feel like crying all night long?
have you ever feel like stabbing yourself to death?
have you ever feel like screaming at the top of your lung

i have..

you don't want to look at the person,
you don't want to even see the person,
because you feel like dying,
i'm dying to know the answer for the question that i don't even know what.
i'm sick of waiting for something that i know i will never get.
i'm sick of everything.
no one knows how bad my heart bleeds.
no one knows how i'm suffering
this heartache is killing me,
i had enough.
i want things to stop.
i want things to end.
i dont want to even think about it.
i really had enough.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

sep 13th 08

A couple of days to go before rayaa.
and and how i'm looking foward to start planning how to get banyak duit raya this year.
simply because i have lotsss of plans waiting. that's my what-to-do-after-spm.
yeah first thing, burn all my books o.o
and textbook also i don't care pinjaman or not.
we''re planning to go to sunwayy lagoon and masuk that rumah hantu thingyy.
and watch movie every week
*aduh suddenly remember need to blanje nicholas mcd/pokai pokai
and work work work = money money money $$$$$

before i can ever think about all those stuff i planned, i need to go through something almost everyone hates ; SPM
and i'm in the middle of trial .;DDD
best takk.
i didn't get enough sleep. baru bm bi est sej ag wehh.
next week biologyy and physics and chemistry and and add math.
i'll die before the week ends i'm quite sure. -.-"

okay interesting fact; we got soalan bocor for est
the day before exam est tu i went to tusyen la suddenly i heard francesca tanye jija 'eh NGV eh kuar?' and i was like 'what?NGV?'
and i went home and i received text msg from hasmira also said NGV's going to come out.
so i searched for the info and alhamdulillah i was quite ready lah to answer
and then kuar exactly NGV and i was so excited smpai terlupe i was supposed to write a report. What i did was a normal essay. i mean that karangan type with no to title sign everything.
gaaah i was like so pissed off! 4 marks gone!
Damn damn damn
that's going to be a BIG lesson for me; never ever be too excited answering the paper and read the question and instruction very CAREFULLY!