Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a day in cairo:D

so amy's dad was here 2 days ago until yesterday
we took him to cairo to take a look at some interesting places.

1. citadel of saladin.

at first we planned to go to pyramid, but since it took a long time to reach there,
we went to citadel of saladin first. hee.
we got half price to get in although we didnt have the student card.
at first when we wanted to go in and showed that guy our ticket, he was like
"where's your student card?"
and ustaz went
"this is my student card"
"what about the rest of them. they have to show theirs too"
"ooh cant we just use this one"
and amy's dad was like .." oooh just return the ticket lah then"
but then that guy asked "are you muslim?"
and we were all "erh yeah?"
and he went "all of you? okay you can go in"

alhamdulillah may god bless him
hee actually we didnt have our student cards yet but luckily we got in with half price just because we are muslim. ,muslims help each other, right? :D
the ciladel was so big and masyaAllah, very beutiful. the mosque, the place and everything.
so we took a lot of pictures i dont want to upload them here go see them at myspace or friendster of facebook.hehe

and then we went to asfour crystal, again
it was big and beautiful as usual but we were feeling less excited because we had been there before and all the shocks were gone~

then went to city stars to eat and eat and eat
i bought a cone of ice cream and fries at hardees and had our lunch at one chinese restaurant there.
i wanted to buy mcd but aha boikot kan tak boleh beli:D

after we had our meal we were like, "eh jum lah pegi theme park tu hari tu kan tak dpt"
and aha like kids, we went there running and screaming etc.
the games are not as exciting as times squares's
we played star swinger and we were the only oldies there; others are kids
then we played bumper car.
and they go "nina kau ni ganas sangat lah! langgar tak tekan brake!"
"lah tekan brake tak thrill lah weh!"
"tapi sakit la sampai skarang sakit kpale oh!"
hhehee i really enjoyed playing bumper car, i just like riding a car where i can drive as fast as i want and without needing to slow down
just like the feeling i had when playing go-cart
the satisfaction was unexplainable. :D

after we did our maghrib and isya' prayer, we sent amy's dad to the airport.
before that we went to rumahh terengganu and tim was like
"eh weh weh ada jual santan weh!"

betape excitednye kami jumpe santan.haha beli banyak banyak:D



1 . Which school did you go to ?
SK Taman Melawati 2, SMK Seri Keramat.

2.What classes were you in ?
Darjah 1 tak ingat 2 iltizam 3 lazim 4 ehsan 5ehsan gak kut 6 wawasan. 1 2 3 akmal 4 5 beta cyber 1

3 . What was/were your fav lesson(s)
Mathematics english chemistry and biology:D

4 . If you could remember , what time was your recess ?
10.15. 10 minutes earlier because i was a prefect;D

5 . List down your favourite food / snacks
Makanan melayu yang da berbulan aku tak makan.


1 . Did you have a nickname way back in high school ?
-nanomon (ainaaa yang bagi) nea (mea bagi):D

2 . How did you wear your socks ?
bukak almari, amik stokin, pasang kat kaki.SIAP!

3 . Have you been suspended due to the way out you put on your uniform ?
oh not suspended lah but kene denda.white uniform with black shoes. prefect uniform with white socks, no nametag, no lencana tak pakai kot time tugas .pakai inai and sometimes kuku panjang.ahaa yang lain tak ingat

4 . Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance ?
erm cant remember any

5 . Who did you look up to when you were in high school ?
oh ntahla


1 . Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class .
alah tade yang malu pun sebab time kene dende pun sume orang lain kene dende jugak.aha

2 . How many times did you skip class ? What were you doing ?
how many times? uncountable! selalu sangat.haha tak gune punye student-.-'

3 . Give one scene where you escaped from being caught / punished .
oh bawak handphone ngn mp3 ngn cd ngn comic g skola. semua terlepas sebab aku pengawas;D pandai pandai cover la beb. oh and datang skola lambat pastu takut kene marah pegi lepak surau smpai perhimpunan abes.hehe banyak lagi tak ingat.

4 . Did you vandalized any school property ?
oh sikit sikit ade lah.:D

5 . Did you ever make any teacher cry ?
I dont think so

6 . Who were your favourite teachers ?
All teachers are my favourite.

7 . Describe your DM ?

8 . Who was the funniest / weirdest / loudest teacher ?
ramai sangat malas nak list.haha

Social circle

1 . Were you popular back then ?
sudah semestinyee:D hahaa no lah i was just an ordinary student:D

. Were you in a big group of boys / girls or small onesmixed
a big big group:D

3 . Who were your best friends ?
best friends: mea aina milah tasha smira zue tiqa syiqa nisa raudhah ban tan syafiq afifs raes amer habib firdaus irfan raje faten fatehah dan lain lain.

4 . Did you and your friends have nicknames ?
-some of them

5 . What were your favourite of you and your friends ?
sembang sembang cite cite blaja same same( right!) hang out lepak lepak.haha semua benda

Co-curricular Activities

1 . What type of CCA were you in ?
banyak sangat

2 .What did you have to bring to your CCA ?
bawak diri sudey

3. What did your CCA required to do ?
do i sound like i care?

4 . Got injured ?
heck no.oh time sukan je:D

Closing Ceremony

1 . How did high school changed you ?
in many ways. life in high school was my best memory.

2 . Sing one verse of your school song
do we even have one?

3 . What was your favourite question ?
weh jum kuar nak?hehe

4 . Who / what will you remember from your high school ?
every single thing that happened.:D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

tagged by mas:D

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?

-as for here, my passport!

2. Apakah benda akhir yang kamu beli dengan duit sendiri?

-a blouse from town mall. :D

3.Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?

-beside the beach.haha

4. Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?

0 second

5. Adakah anda sedang di lamun cinta?


6. Di mana restoran akhir kamu makan malam?

bella vila

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?

-upper limb anatomy?haha

.8. Nama penuh anda?

-Nur Hanina binti Muhammad Nasir

9.. Kamu lebih senang dengan ayah atau emak?

-same je

10. Namakan seorang yang kamu ingin jumpa dalam hidup kamu?

-Prophet Muhammad SAW. and cmm:D

11. Sebutkan nama 8 sahabat yang rapat dengan kamu?

-Amiera Yusof

-Aina Farhana

-Mariam Jamilah

-Natasha Athirah

-Imran Yusoff

-Imran Taufiq

-Fatin Nurasyiqah

-Syawal Zulkifli

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian sendiri?

As for now, yes

13.. Tempat yang paling seronok yang kamu ingin pergi?

-Italy perhaps going a few years lagi.haha.

14. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.

-easy going, happy go lucky, friendly, clever and a good writer:D

15. 8 perkara yang saya gilai.

- laptop, internet, tv series, movies, friends, and idk

16. Pelukan atau ciuman?

-either one

17. 8 buah buku yang paling baru di baca?

-chicken soup for the teenage soul 2, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, histology, and a few lines from harry potter, arena, and tourist guide. haha those are the books i read here. i am boring i know.

18. 8 lagu yang kamu boleh dengar berulang kali?

-broken strings (james morrison and nelly furtado)

-say your last goodbye (god or julie)

-seize the day (avenged sevenfold)

-i don't wanna miss a thing (aerosmith)

-Only human (k)

-she will be loved (maroon 5)

-everything i do, i do it for you (bryan adams)

. mari main TAG 8 orang lain..








Wednesday, March 25, 2009


since everyone has become fat oh i shouldnt say fat, i should describe us as chubby!,
we decided to try a new type of exercise,


haha imagine how we made it?
by using a clothes rope!
ahaa with help of some cellotapes,
and tadaaaa.
we made it!haha
going to do skipping everyydayyy!
i want to lose weight i dont care
bloody chubby ooh now hate it hate it-.-"

Monday, March 23, 2009

it's raining

it has been ages since the last rain.
walking down the road, 2 in the evening,
after having a big meal at kfc
my stomach was full:D

i opened the door of the restaurant,
"eh it's raining!ah i miss the smell of rain. feels like i'm already home"
the rain was not too heavy,
and we walked along the road,
i just dont know why
that was the first time i felt so good, so calm
because the surrounding was exactly like it's 6pm in the evening when it was raining in Malaysia,
I felt butterflies in my stomach,
aah the feeling i used to have during time like this,
and i just dont know why

i remember very clearly what i did during time like this one year ago
it was fun,
i really like the feeling
how time flows so fast.

The smell of victory

If I were able to decide,
I’ll stand at the front of the room,
And raise my hand high,
I’ll climb the highest mountain,
And scream at the top of my lung,
So I can hear my own voice echo,
I’ll write a song of triumph
With my name on every line of it,
So the world knows the story of victory

Everyone will say out loud
The desires and the passions;
Don’t stop climbing the hill of success
Cause we know the choice is in our own hands.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

ah rindu!

I am craving for doughnuts
I am craving for BIG APPLE!

The food i'm dying to eat!:(

Thursday, March 19, 2009

tagged by tina lagi:)

adakah anda calon spm 2008?:


berapakah a yang ada di dalam slip spm anda?:


jika bilangan a tersebut boleh ditukar, apakah yang anda mahukan?:

-i want an A1 for Bio:(

-i want to be one of Malaysia's best students!aha

-i want to get mara scholarship.harap harap dapat:) wish me luck.

uploadkan gambar salah seorang rakan anda yg mendapat straight A1

adakah anda jeles dengannya?
-tak sebab result kami serupa:)
anda ingin berkahwin dengannya jika berpeluang?
-i'm not a lesbian fyi
nyatakan 5 perkara yang anda masih belum capai didlm kehidupan
-um belum dapat scholarship:(
- belum dapat kawen ngn orang saye suke.gaha -.-"
-nak dapat mumtaz dalam exam.exam belum lagi.
-nak dapat kereta sendiri, rumah sendiri, duit sendiri
-dapat jadi orang baik yang tak banyak buat dose-.-"
nyatakan 5 perkara yang anda tidak ingin berlaku dlm kehidupan anda tetapi ianya telah berlaku
-dapat A2 dalam biologyy:(
-knowing some people whom i dont want to know ever existed!
-tiru ayat tina jap; cinta suci yang tak dibalas.haha
-leaving all my beloved friends, family and cousins in Malaysia:(
-oh ntah la
nyatakan mereka yang anda ingin tagg :

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a piece of heart

they said,

life is unfair

has life ever being fair?
as i sit her, in my room, hearing the sound of the train passing by.
things come across my mind

why am i here?
do i want to be here?
can i really survive?

those are the questions left, unanswered.
while walking back from class,
i look around and i observe
i stll can't believe i am actually standing in the middle of strangers.

can you believe it?

i can hear the inner me asking,

and i closed my eyes,
let myself drown into my own world.
the world full of laugh, smile, and joy.
but i am forced to be awake,
i am forced to face the reality.

it is not life that is being unfair,
the problem lies within myself,
because as i think deeper and deeper,
life actually saves me from being the victim of predators
it saves me from living in sin.
from continously living in a place i thought everything was okay
while it actually wasn't

I am fated to be here
He sent me here,
To make me think and learn
To bring out the best in me

Monday, March 16, 2009

tagged by tina.:)

adakah anda suka blogging ? kenapa ?
saya suka blogging sebab saya jeles orang lain boleh main tulis tulis saye pun nak tulis tulis jugakk:))

Blog siapa yang selalu anda skodeng? Nyatakan 5.
blog semuaa orangg sebenarnye tapi kalau 5,

Upload 5 gambar followers yang anda suka.Dan describe it.

* tidak semestinya orang yang anda nyatakan di atas.*

ini tina. walaupun kami tak pernah jumpa saya tau die baik dan best:)

ini pulak fatinn. kenal die kat myspacee

ini tashaa die baik dan caring.i miss you so much la tasha!

die mas. dulu die duduk doha baru balik taun lepas.;D

ini saye dan aina dan sab. tapi sab yang follow saye. die baikkk.

Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda? Yang boleh menemani dan menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? Dan siapa kah orang itu?

oh mesti lah nak tapi tak jumpe lagi malangnye.hehe

Taken or single? Mana lebih bagus?

single and unavailable:D. ntahla single la kut. kecik kecik lagi tak boleh bercinte.gaha

Pernah tak cinta anda tidak dibalas?

ooh mesti la pernah. hee

Ciri-ciri idaman gf/bf anda?Nyatakan 5.






Pada umur berapakah anda akan merancang untuk berkahwin?

ooh skarang tengah blaja.lagi 6 taun abis. nak kawen time housemanship lah kalau mcm tu.hehe

Nak berapa anak?

ntahla tak kesah pun.

5 orang bertuah yang anda ingin tag :

malas nak tag sesape.btw thanks tina!:D

Friday, March 13, 2009

syukran jazilan:)

i actually asked my mom not to inform my result to anyone;
just keep it as a secret.
but since many many people already know it,
i dont think i need to keep it as a secret anymore-.-"

my roommates and i have been waiting for the result to come out for like, forever
i slept early after watching kabhi kushi kabhi gham
hehe and then i woke up at 3 ; 'ah its still early'
then i slept back and woke up again at 4 waiting anxiously for my result

i asked aineen

'dah tau?'


then amy's mom called her,
so she knew hers.

they made me feel even more nervous-.-"

i texted aina, she said result hasnt come out yet
so i waited and i waited

and i texted aina

' result da kuar belum?'

she replied

'da kau stret la babi'

thanks for the 'polite' word aina.
haha my mom msged she sent me my result one by one.
'BM 1A'
then a few minutes later,
'BI 1A'
and so on.

9 1A and 1 2A

i got 2a for biology
i feel so glad and thankful towards Allah swt.
without HIS help, i won't achieve it.
Allah yang tentukann semuanyaa ,


and i hope i will be able to achieve MUMTAZ in my final examination
um though kat sini tak meriah sangat amik result,

because only 20++ people came here using trial result,
and i felt disappointed because i couldn't be there with my friends there to be with them sharing all our feelings

this is my fate and i have to accept it.

here is where i belong

rakan rakan spm kat egypt; jangan jeles weh aku da dpt tgk slip result.;D hehe

Thursday, March 12, 2009


nak tau result aku?

jeng jeng jeng!

mane boleh bagitau

boleh ckp alhamdulillah jelaaa sumpa syukur gile weh:)

dah la kwn kwn aku yang tau dulu result aku baru aku tau
penantian tu satu penyeksaan sanggup bangun awal pagi

anyways, congrats friends; korang mmg hebat kachak lagi bergaye lah.hee

Saturday, March 7, 2009

perubatan's sports day

ooh today i want to talk about perubatan's sports day which was held yesterday;
March 6th 2009.

my housemates and i spent a lot of time arguing about whether or not we should go so at last we decided, all of us are going.

haish we woke up very early in the morning, at 5++ am.
fyi, that was the very first time i woke up early in the morning by force
hee slalunyee kami bangun pukul 7 lebih or sometimes 8.

Zagazig's theme was purple since i dont have any purple tshirt i wore baju kurung which made me feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day-.-"
we reached mansoura at like, 8++ am kut tak ingat
then semua perempuan semuaa kene pegi belakang buat senamrobik.'
agak kachak dan best sbb tak campur ngn laki, so movements diorang buat semuaanya HOT HOT!
klaka oke
then diorang suruh menari poco poco
hahaa tak tau pun mnde tu teringat plakk taun lepas time pj penyutua ske membebel dlm kelas so bile die kate nak ajar menari poco poco kitorang macam "nak nak!!" padahal saje je nak tgk die menari semangat gile

kitorang tak reti pun tapi ikut amy menari sebab die reti and we were all so semangat haha and that was bloody funny trust me.dengan baju kurungnyee.adoy

i participated in sukaneka,
saje je nak mengenang kembali zaman lampau, zaman kami bergelar kanak kanak ribena.
so kind of excited dapat main sukaneka.
i took part in 2 games, which is fire!fire!fire! and also first injection.
the rules of the game of fire!fire!fire is; jeng jeng jeng!
kami perlu mengikat belon yang diberi di kaki dan perlu meletupkan belon belon orang lain dengan memijak belon mereka. haha
memandangkan saya memakai baju kurung, belon yang saya ikat di kaki tidak kelihatan lalu menyukarkan pihak lawan memijak belon saya.
so bile da start, dengan excited nye aku pijak pijak belon orang and i could hear some voices said;

"wey belon da pecah kene keluar la!"

"woi belon aku ada lagi la , teng teng teng" dengan banggenye aku menunjukkan belon yang tak kelihatan sangat tu and diorang semua semestinya tidak puas ati.

kawan aku cakap die terdengar ada orang cakap

"weh kau pecahkan belon kat budak pakai baju kurung tu!"
and ada lagi satu pulak
" weh mane aci duh die pakai baju kurung macam mane nak pecahkan?"
dan rakannya yang agak hebat itu membalas
"kau bukak je kain die!"

banyakk CANTEK korang.
sape suruh tak pakai baju kurung.
jadi janganlah jealous

hee tapi da abis tu tetibe je dengar akak yang handle tu buat pengumuman

"ha pasal yang pakai kain tu, itu kelebihan die, kite kenelah terima kelebihan die bla bla bla"

haha group aku kalah jugak sebab aku je yang survive but overall it was damn fun.;D

and then after sukaneka abis, i met kak intan, who is my neighbour in Malaysia, first time jumpe die weh. hehe

then my geng and i berbaring baring di tengah padang menikmati kehangatan cahaya matahari
first time rasa panas gile ouh selepas 3 bulan macam kat malaysia pulak rase:D

that evening we watched pentomin howsoever it is spelled.
and yes zagazig won!

haha our performance was so sad, and we all cried so badly.hehe
yang lain pun best juga what there were many messages in their performace that we could take as lessons.:D
overall zagazig menang sikit
group laki menang satu je. memang hebat gila lah mereka.
perempuan menang 3 kut
hehee oke la tu bukan nak menang sangat pun.and we reached zagazig at 2 am and we went home and sleep!

penat penat penat.

p/s: dah malas nak tulis post pasal result spm. 5 days to go so, good luck everyone!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i hate it i hate it i hate it
aah frustrated gile nak mati gile sial-.-"
this is what we call fate.adoy

another 8 days.
time is moving
tick tock tick tock..
takutnye result

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tagged by dyaheart:D

1. Do you think you're hot?
:: i'm just as hot as you are:D

2. Upload a favourite picture of you

3. Why do you like that picture?
- because i look okay.-.-"

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
:: oh alexandria pizza about a few weeks ago

5. The last song you listen to?
:: oh almost easy by avenged sevenfold

6. What are you doing now besides this?
:: breathing, listening to music

7. What name would you prefer than this?
:: i dont know.

those who will be tagged : syiqa, tina, mas, fatynlicious, raudhah

8. Who is no. 1?
:: she used to be my classmate:D

9. no. 3 is having a relationship with?
:: his boyf, haha

10. Say something about no. 5?
::she is cool. haha i miss her though. so clumsy at times

11. How about no. 4?
:: i knew her through myspace. easy going

12. Who is no. 2?
:: qistienaa! hee knew her through aina. die besss:D