Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a day in cairo:D

so amy's dad was here 2 days ago until yesterday
we took him to cairo to take a look at some interesting places.

1. citadel of saladin.

at first we planned to go to pyramid, but since it took a long time to reach there,
we went to citadel of saladin first. hee.
we got half price to get in although we didnt have the student card.
at first when we wanted to go in and showed that guy our ticket, he was like
"where's your student card?"
and ustaz went
"this is my student card"
"what about the rest of them. they have to show theirs too"
"ooh cant we just use this one"
and amy's dad was like .." oooh just return the ticket lah then"
but then that guy asked "are you muslim?"
and we were all "erh yeah?"
and he went "all of you? okay you can go in"

alhamdulillah may god bless him
hee actually we didnt have our student cards yet but luckily we got in with half price just because we are muslim. ,muslims help each other, right? :D
the ciladel was so big and masyaAllah, very beutiful. the mosque, the place and everything.
so we took a lot of pictures i dont want to upload them here go see them at myspace or friendster of facebook.hehe

and then we went to asfour crystal, again
it was big and beautiful as usual but we were feeling less excited because we had been there before and all the shocks were gone~

then went to city stars to eat and eat and eat
i bought a cone of ice cream and fries at hardees and had our lunch at one chinese restaurant there.
i wanted to buy mcd but aha boikot kan tak boleh beli:D

after we had our meal we were like, "eh jum lah pegi theme park tu hari tu kan tak dpt"
and aha like kids, we went there running and screaming etc.
the games are not as exciting as times squares's
we played star swinger and we were the only oldies there; others are kids
then we played bumper car.
and they go "nina kau ni ganas sangat lah! langgar tak tekan brake!"
"lah tekan brake tak thrill lah weh!"
"tapi sakit la sampai skarang sakit kpale oh!"
hhehee i really enjoyed playing bumper car, i just like riding a car where i can drive as fast as i want and without needing to slow down
just like the feeling i had when playing go-cart
the satisfaction was unexplainable. :D

after we did our maghrib and isya' prayer, we sent amy's dad to the airport.
before that we went to rumahh terengganu and tim was like
"eh weh weh ada jual santan weh!"

betape excitednye kami jumpe santan.haha beli banyak banyak:D


Qistienna said...

haha kau tahu, cyberjaya ni pun bongok, byk yang tade, bile g mid tu kan, jusco ke.. beli.. mak aihh. mcm duduk kat negara yang tade makanan halal. beli mcm2.

kau rindu malaysia x. hehe

nur hanina said...

ye er
haha cane plak tu?
bukan cm jusco biase ke?

ngeng mesti ah rinduu gile

Anonymous said...

dengar cita pon dah best
macammana la rasanya bila betul2 real kat sana kan
btw, jaga diri