Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a piece of heart

they said,

life is unfair

has life ever being fair?
as i sit her, in my room, hearing the sound of the train passing by.
things come across my mind

why am i here?
do i want to be here?
can i really survive?

those are the questions left, unanswered.
while walking back from class,
i look around and i observe
i stll can't believe i am actually standing in the middle of strangers.

can you believe it?

i can hear the inner me asking,

and i closed my eyes,
let myself drown into my own world.
the world full of laugh, smile, and joy.
but i am forced to be awake,
i am forced to face the reality.

it is not life that is being unfair,
the problem lies within myself,
because as i think deeper and deeper,
life actually saves me from being the victim of predators
it saves me from living in sin.
from continously living in a place i thought everything was okay
while it actually wasn't

I am fated to be here
He sent me here,
To make me think and learn
To bring out the best in me


Natasha Athirah said...

jelous tau..
u are awesome in poem..
i wish i could be like you..

nur hanina said...

that's not poem la sayng
hee tu tulis saje saje.

Qistienna said...

OII kau ni mmg pandai lah
pasni leh wat novel kalahkan novel twilight plak hihi :)

nur hanina said...

haha merepek la kau
ntah pape je aku tulis tu

fatynlicious said...

bila berjauhan memang macam2 menda yang bermain di fikiran
bagus la nina pandai motivate urself
take care aw kat sana :)