Thursday, April 30, 2009

one to three and BANG!

i hate it i hate it
i feel down since the past couple of days.
and heck ngeng, i dont even know why
amy is gone, well not exactly 'gone'
gone as in 'gonee' from here, from egypt.
it feels different and sometimes we dont even want to remember about it because whenever we think about it we feel sad.

and everything is just falling apart.
my friend in malaysia. heck yes darling i am talking about you
mr hey-i-didn't-pass-that-quiz-because-you-didn't-tell-me-about-your-updates-and-just-let-your-new-bestfriends-there-answer-the-quiz-well-plus-you-are-lying
it's not about that bloody's about everything
i'm sorry if you think that i am being bloody emotional but i can't help it. for me it's a big fuss and i am sorry for that
perhaps i am not such a good friend,
and again, i am TRULY sorry!
it's me who is wrong, because yes damn true, i am always wrong right?

i have an instinct that i'm not going back home for holiday this year
not that i'm capable of living 2 damn years straight here without going back home!
well like what omar said
"hah tiket korang 1 sept? ntah lepas ke tak satu paper pun"
and i was so pissed off
well even if we cannot go back home this year, please tell us earlier.
i havee tonss of plans on my mind
then what the hell am i supposed to do?cancel all the plans?"
i am also dying to meet everyone:(

and lately i dont really have mood to do revision
but i just sometimes forced myself to still read the book,
although i know my mind will go flying somewhere else.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

amira azman

today, i got news that A VERY VERY VERY good friend of mine here is


it really really really really tears me up because
i dont have much friend here,
and she's one of the best.

well, i believe she doesnt want to leave
and deep in her heart
she wants to stay
well at least i hope thats true
even if its not, just lie to us or else we'll be damn sad oke amy:D

i'm going to miss youuuu amy and dont forget us or i pun you in the ground
trust me!
when i finally go back to malaysia, just do what we had planned, lepak kat sunwayy.haha
dah kurang sorang dah naik teksi
slalu 5 jadi 4 org

the past 4 months++ had been great
and it wouldnt be the same without youuu
i'm feeling so set yet i'll pray for you amy,
i'm wishing you all the best.
everything happens for a reason
and i believe this has a reason too.
so goodbye for only a while
because i'm sure we'll meet again someday

p/s: kakak lepas ni adik temankan kakak eh:D dont wory

Thursday, April 23, 2009

big stone

For the first time in the history of life of Nur Hanina,
facing an exam in university, in egypt.
it has been quite a long time since i had my last exam
spm? or RAE examination?
whatever it is.

The day finally arrives,

tick tock tick tock

Midterm examination; Hitology

2 chapters , 15 minutes

yes, ONE subject TWO chapters only already drove me crazy for the past week, or so.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

KAKAK tue!:D

ni kakak sayaa kat MESIR\

name die shifa bt mohd idris
orang kate muka kami sama
die lagi tue bermakna sayalah adik yang kachak dan hebat dan bergayaaa
kan kakak??haha

a long journey

ooh so how was the interview?

it was FUN


we went to cairo at 5 oclock in the evening

after closing the conversation box between haiqal and his friends,

i quickly went to salam and after meeting the other girls, we went to mahatto to get a 'pijot'.

fyi pijot is like that long car where 8 people can fit inside.hehe

but as soon as we got there,

all drivers were arguing and fighting just to get us in their pijot

even that one uncle broke a glass and shouting and screaming because he was so angry with the other driver who actually prevented us from entering his van. ish ish ish arab arab.

so we were on the pijot with other 4 girls and 3 guys. i spent my time listening to music and hearing the sound of sored's laugh while chatting, and finally we reached there.

dr abduh gave the driver LE100 expecting to receive LE46 for the balance. instead he gave us LE30/ then he asked:

wahad sab'ah ,tsamaniah sittah wahomsiin.baqiii?"

and he was like " laaa! sabbbiiin!!!!"

"la la la! wahad sab'ah~"

"LA! anta muslim?!"


"ana muslim! ..(and he said something about prophet Muhammad SAW and mustapha etc etc i didnt understand)

and finally the driver looked at us saying "yaa banaatt! sabiiin .sahhh?!"

and we were like, "ummm, laa?"

and he entered his car and slammed the door-.-'

*kami ditinggalkan terkapai kapai di tengahh jalannn tanpa arah tuju~*

then we wnt to markas aq whatsoever we had our rest and the next day came....

we were accompanied by ustat fuad, bro shahiid and dr abduhhh and we went to embassy and had our interview

well the interview was fun. there were 3 panels and each one was responsible to ask us questions in one language. they were supposed to ask me in 3 languages but since the first panel already asked me

"haa awak dah duduk mesir 3 tahun. dah reti dah cakap arab. kalaulah saya ni pesakit arb ni awak nak ckp mcm mane?"

"ooh saya baru 3 bulan duduk sini dan tak fasih lagi dengan arab. insyaAllah dalam masa 4 tahun ni saya akan menguasai bahasa arab dan dapat bercakap bahasa arab dengan lebih baik"

it went something like that.

so the panels all were already informed that i couldnt speak arabic fluentlyyy and the panel who was supposed to ask me in arabic asked me in malayy:DD
yayy alhamdulillah or else i was dead meat because all the other candidates were asked in arabic and the questions were also hard~
i got luckyy and i loveee it:D

after we had our interview we went home, again we had an argument with the driver of pijot~
he was kind of ngeng
we gave LE50 and we were supposed to reveive LE10 as the balance but he didnt want to give it
and i could hear akram screamed at the top of his lung
"Haram alaikaa!!!!" a few times
garang jugak itu mamat-.-'
then i finally arrived home and i found out my internet wire's already ruined and i felt so tense
damn it!

tagged byy nadiaaa!:D

Nur Hanina binti Muhammad Nasir

Single or Taken:


Dec 24th 1991



Hair colour:
Blacky black .

Eye colour:Dark brown.

Height: ntah:D


Are you straight/bisexual/gay?

Who are your best friends?
A lot

You have boyfriend/girlfriend?
yes boyFRIENDS

What is your longest relationship?


Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?
anywhere with cute clothes:D

Any tatoo or piercings?
Nope and never will have one

.What is your most comfortable outfit?
anything comfortable?

What do you usually wear?


Do you do drugs?
Heck No.

What kind shampoo do you use?

What are you most scared of?
Allah the Almighty.

What are you listening to right now?
Music on tim's laptop

Who is the last person that you called?

Who is the last person that called you?
I dont remember

.Where do you want to get married?



too manyy

too manyyy

Cats hamster

Have You Ever Given anyone a bath?
Fahmi Zafran:D that cute baby kakyong's son


Bungee jumped?
not yet

Cried when someone died?

haha yes but seldom

Fallen for your best friends?

Rejected someone?

Used someone?

Done something you regret?
a lot

Current Clothest-

anything good

Last Person You Texted
tak ingat jugak

You cuddled with
babies and kids

You kissed

Person i'll tag next:
no one;D

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Gosh, i thought its going to be kind of easy,
the interview i mean,
just need to answer the questions on the spot
but then sored asked

"aku malas dow nak wat research?"
"research apenye?"
"pasal pegawai mara semue"
"hahhhh kene ke?"
"diorang kate kene pasal pengarah, co mara. pstu kene tau pasal medicine in egypt and malaysia"

it went something like that. and then i asked another guy from my class who went to interview last year

"eh betul ke kene tau sape pegawai mara sume?"
"haah pengetahuan umum ttg mara"
"lahh kate senangg.susah la tu-.-' "
"objektif mara. kot kot dapat panel yg tanye. pstu pasal science form 5. ingat lagi kan? kdg kdg die selitkan. die nak tgk keyakinan diri je sebenarnye"
"lahh mcm banyak je"
"tu tak pasti bgantung gak kt panel tu. politik pun kene tau"
"aduhh tu yang tak suke~ politik malaysia ke mesir? "
"malaysia pastu kene reti ckp arab sket sket sbb kite ni under yg middle east"
"ah mati aku"

oke that conversation was edited and cut since it was damnnn long sure you dont want to read the whole bloody conversation right?:D

well the point is, i thought its just an interview, a simple one. sure i never went to one before but i thought its going to be much easier~ proven that i am wrong. oh no! wth am i supposed to do. i dont even know about mara or politics and im not that fluent in arab. seems like i need to do researches and researches and researches. no other choice. -.-'

Please make them ask me simple questions, please make me feel confident in aswering all the bloody questions. amiin. now i'm feeling even more anxious

3 days to gooooo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

tiada kerja

pada hari jumaat yang lepas, kami semua tidur di luar memandangkan balcony dah siap:)

bes laaa baba mmg bes:D

so that night we watched a hindi movie .ouh damn i forgot the title of the movie. something like mujese dushti karongi. haha while eating fries and fruit * our diet plan-failed!*

tapi tgh bes bes feeling tetibe je abis. padahal baru stengah kut. haha hampeh je sape yg bagi movie tu nak saman jap-.-'

so saye pun meneruskan misi kedua; tido

diorang pasang cite los dan faun but i watched that movie already i dont like watching movie more than once, waste my time i already know the plot-.-'

i thought its going to be nice sleeping outside turned out i woke up several times just to get the right position to sleep-.-'

simply because it was effin cold

tu lah ngade ngade sangat nak tido luar sape suruh kan dah kene.

hehe so pagi tu aineen kejut smayang subuh aku bangun masuk bilik smbung tidoooo. wah bestnye tido. asyik tidoooo je kat sini ape nak jadi bebudak zaman skarang-.-'

btw interview mara rabu ni in cairo i'm feeling kind of anxious.

wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009





bang bang!