Friday, October 30, 2009

it is over :))

alhamdulillah exam is finally over:)))

we studied like, the whole week just for one simple test,
which was held for just half an hour, with 27 questions only for all 4 subjects.
and am enjoying the moment when i dont even have to open the books.
haha and watch movie, fb-ing all night
i just want to take a one day off/
oupsie, 2 days off i mean! ^_________________________^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this heart

darlings, whats up with those hatred posts
well its your blog not mine so its up to you:)

emotional confusion and all those stuff are happening,
you know, some say its normal as a teenager
but you know, im just getting tired of it
somehow i want those feelings to stop
and sometimes i forced myself not to become oversensitive

hee :)
i dont want to become a burden to anyone,
and i think ive become one,
sorry, bestfriend :)
thanks for being there even sometimes i feel like
you know, a spoilt brat who's supposed to stand on her own two feet
and i'm not supposed to ask for your help,
because its not you who is supposed to help:)
i should ask for others. but then again, i am sorry :(

i dont want to live in my own world
i dont want to become sad without a reason
and then not having anyone to talk about it,
not wanting to burden anyone.
and trying to forget it as soon as i can

sometimes i wish when i close my eyes tight, peace will come and greet me hello.

my stomach


asyik lapar je

pastu tak tau nak makan ape..
nak masak seniri takleh barang nk masak tade + masak pun senyap senyap
kene beli kat luar
tapi semua makanan tak selera nak makan T_______T

lps tu diorang masak plak utk 22 orang
periuk kecik
dapat makan sikit je ari ari
tak pna dpt makan puas:(

wahh rindunye nak mkan bes and puassssss
nak makan nak makan!

Friday, October 23, 2009


minggu depan ada exam wehhhhh



OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boleh ke aku jawab -___________________________________-

study skill,
medical terminology

aku taktauu nak study ape untuk e-learning je sbb time e-learning aku slalu bukak facebook je

jangan salahkan aku. salahkan internet yang lembab itu okee -.-"

insyaAllah boleh. go go nina!!!! ^..............................^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

campur dan tolak

life has been hard

you know trying to adapt to many kind of things.

i thought i could stand a few months before starting to miss malaysian food,

but i was wrong,

it's worse since we CANNOT cook here, yeah cool right? NOT -.-

and one of the biggest challenge everyday is to think ' what am i gonna eat today' o.o

and then, things i was afraid to happen, happened.

but i cant control it i know

im not blaming anyone,

its the situation that makes things worse

and i have to accept every single thing by heart :(

being sad is normal, being happy is also normal here.

sometimes something bothers me, and i cry the whole day

but the difference between the old me and the new me,

i started my new day forgetting all the things that bother me before

and be as happy as i could :D

not like before, carrying all the burdens i had to the next day, and the very next day

the next thing that's been bothering me is

when you dont talk to that someone who used to be your kawan-sampai-mati anymore

its weird, because you used to laugh and share everything and you were free to talk about anything to him

now it feels like he doesnt care, and doesnt exist anymore. :(((((((((

i miss the old times babe. but you know, i seldom think about this stuff but when it comes across my mind,

the feeling is just, deep.unexplainable. -_______________________-"

im not going to be all emotional so im going to talk about some cool stuff that happened lately.^.^

my schedule has become tighter. from morning until night. and yeah finally the renovation of our level's toilet has completed. yay! *______o

and ooh did i tell you that i already visited pyramid and makam imam syafi'e, citadel of saladin for the second time and many kind of mosques? haha its fun :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and you know hung up at night, eat, went shopping. eh once only i dont have the guts to spend lots of money on something i dont really need. especially when we call those money we got as 'duit rakyat' -.-"


and another cool thing, haha since btn, i always knew that i know this one guy. his face seems very familiar. and i knew i know him from somewhere. so i met him here of course, and he also lives in kl. what's the odds? and i asked someone to ask about his primary school. and he's not in the same school with me. i was like, uhm okayyy. but then when i talked to mimi i started to remember something, i mean, he lives in kl, his school is veryyy near with mine, and i strongly believed i met him before. suddenly an image of him with green sampin and a songkok came across my mind. yeah, he was in the same sekolah agama with me. haha i asked someone to confirm it and yeah i was right :)))

i DO hve an ex-schoolmate here. tho im not sure whether or not he knows and i know i dont think ive talked to him before, i feel happy:D because you know i never had someone i know before, here in alex. and i studied in a normal secondary school. i dont have anyone from my school here. just knowing that theres someone from my old school is enough to make me smile ^.......^

Saturday, October 17, 2009

it has started.

Class has started
you know, kind of tiring + semangat
haha but you know i love learning all the stuff.
okay i know the real medical parts havent started yet
but i cant wait
not like before when the next day got class
i'd be like " alahh.... lecehhnye"
now it went for that lecehnye to "eh ada class?okee je"
gahaa i hope this semangat stays for the rest of these 6 years:D
i dont want to be lazy no more i dont want to be damn lagha no more
i want to be better:D

exhausted? yeah kind of but okayy lah :D
not much desire to shop.
not much desire to watch movies or series
not THAT much desire to fb-ing
STILL fb-ing but not that much:D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

lelaki dan aiskrim

balik gamaah

singgah kedai gambar , beli nutella

terserempak dengan seorang lelaki arab yang sedang duduk di atas kerusi roda,
sedang cuba makan aiskrim.
aku berhenti sebentar.
dia bersusah payah makan, berusaha dengan gigih
tiba tiba ais krim tersebut terjatuh
aku yang sedang berdiri di hadapannya tersentak
apa perlu aku buat?
dia ingin mengambil aiskrim tersebut semula tetapi tidak terdaya,
kerana keadaanya yang cacat
aku pun mengambil aiskrim tersebut dengan perasaan bersalah dari atas tanah
dan aku tidak tahu apa perlu aku buat sekarang
mahu bagi, takkanlah aiskrim yang jatuh mahu diberi semula
namun mukanya penuh mengharap, dia tak mampu bergerak, berharap aku membantunya
aku beri semula aiskrim tersebut kepadanya
dan dia makann semula

mukanya menyentuh hati
sumpah aku rasa kasihan
sumpah aku rasa nak beli aiskrim baru
tapi aku tak reti
aku tak tahu nak buat apa
Ya Allah, kau berikanlah dia kebahagiaan hidup
kaubantulah aku supaya suatu hari nanti aku dapat bantu insan sepertinya

p/s: bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kau ada

Thursday, October 8, 2009


orientation orientation and orientation

day till night

i am getting exhausted

i want to rest

i want to sleep and wake up in the afternoon

i am asked to do things they want us to do which, i dislike.

i want to eat good food. makan skrg tak sedap :(

cepatlah abis orientasi ni. -.-

boleh g usha makanan sedap sedap :D

p/s: and btw just now was the very first time i walked without faci, i mean we were free to go wherever we liked. didn't have to follow anyone. BEST
i felt good

Saturday, October 3, 2009

coretan di malam hari

SUMPAH aku bosan
SUMPAH aku nak cepat cepat pergi alex.
makanan aku tak boleh pilih + nak basuh baju tak boleh sabun takde pulak + nak download how i met your mother lah kawan kawan + aku selaluuu sangat lapar lapar perut aku menyanyi menyanyi -.-'
tak suka tak suka tak suka dengar
nanti berat naik lagi
mane pergi azam kau yang menggunung tu nina?
ye ye je kate taknak makan
taknak makan ape kejadahhh??
lapar je memanjang o.o

AH nasiib baik bilik aku ada wi-fi
duduk terlentang tepi tingkap bukak tingkap bukak laptop bukak internet yang lembab sial ni.
nasib baik line curi kalau kena bayar dah lama aku campak modem *.-

DALAM dewan orientasi mata melilau mencari cari kelibat semua orang
tak habis habis
nak kata suka tak jugak, nak kate nak tengok pun tak jugak
aku pun tak paham dengan diri sendiri
boleh sesiapa bagi tahu aku apa yang terkumpul dalam kepala otak aku sekarang ini?
aku confuse pulak -.-'

PERGI berjalan-jalan keliling pekan
berjalan jalan mencari rotan
melilau lilau tanpa arah tujuan
aaaah BOSAN!

SEKIAN sahaja coretan di malam shahdu ni
dah pukul 4 pagi lahh weh
ehh bukan, baru pukul 10.30 MALAM
apasal semua senyap? tidur dah? malam masih muda lah makcik pakcik adik adik.

-MULUTku semakin menjadi jadi. Doakan aku insaf. Sekian