Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this heart

darlings, whats up with those hatred posts
well its your blog not mine so its up to you:)

emotional confusion and all those stuff are happening,
you know, some say its normal as a teenager
but you know, im just getting tired of it
somehow i want those feelings to stop
and sometimes i forced myself not to become oversensitive

hee :)
i dont want to become a burden to anyone,
and i think ive become one,
sorry, bestfriend :)
thanks for being there even sometimes i feel like
you know, a spoilt brat who's supposed to stand on her own two feet
and i'm not supposed to ask for your help,
because its not you who is supposed to help:)
i should ask for others. but then again, i am sorry :(

i dont want to live in my own world
i dont want to become sad without a reason
and then not having anyone to talk about it,
not wanting to burden anyone.
and trying to forget it as soon as i can

sometimes i wish when i close my eyes tight, peace will come and greet me hello.

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