Friday, April 19, 2013


wow memang sudah lama gila aku tak mengupdate blog ini
Fikir fikir mahu sahaja aku delete blog ini namun aku biarkan.
asal tidak mengganggu hidup orang lain, mungkin satu hari lagi aku bakal kembali petah menaip? siapa tahu?

Tahun klinikal agak mencabar bagi aku.
Kelas pagi sampai petang. tempat jauh jauh kadang kadang.
Selang 3 minggu, ada ujian. selang 3 minggu lagi, ujian lain pula.
Tapi tahun klinikal ini lah aku belajar berjumpa dengan pesakit pesakit.
Mungkin tak hebat seperti doktor doktor GP , tetapi aku mula merasai how it is like one day to finally be like them.
wah masuk inggeris pula. ok lah tukar bahasa. ampun ya pak.

Okay this semester, which is the second, for our clinical year i already had 2 rounds. two week for orthopedics, and another two for elective. I'd like to talk more about the elective course because, i dont know. maybe i finally know what i want to be in a few more years insyaAllah :)

Last semester, we had an ophtalmology round. well i used to think that ophtalmology is boring. i dont know why. but when i finally learnt about it, i think it very interesting indeed, and it's not as easy as thought it was. and the professors, most of them are awesome. big time.
Most of the the doctors made me go WOW after the class ended.
They serve, they don't treat the disease, they treat the patients. they interact with them.

And here i realize how important our eyes are. When i was in other rounds, its very rare to see the patients cry. Maybe behind us they do, i dont know. but here, everytime we wanted to check the diseased eye, the one that can't see, they cry. they cry because they can't see. They can't see how beautiful the world is, they can't see the people they love.
and how about those who can't see since birth?
And how much they'd pay to have their vision back,
we get them for free, Allah gave us our eyes for free. Dont you dare for even a minute forget that.
Alhamdulillah :)

So when we had to choose a course in elective,
i didn't hesitate to put ophtalmology as my first choice
and it has been fun :) it has been fun following the doctors, see what they are doing, KNOW what they are doing, seeing and understanding are two completely different things.
and i imagine myself in his/her place one day.insyaAllah