Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kau ganas tapi feminin?

the heck with the title?

well, ive been receiving this so called 'compliment' for so many times.
and i was like ' err, okay?'


no no, i am not angry. do not, and do not get me wrong.
The thing is, i grew up around boys.
my siblings are all boys,
I played boys' games. used to play football, the bodoh bodoh one with the gate as tiang gol -___-
baling baling slipar, tumbuk tumbuk with cousins and everyone, tutup botol, i do not have barbies. yeah i did once, but my brother cut the hair and i never got a new one. i was blamed for the botak barbie.

Thanks a lot, brother.

I never had teddy bears. maybe some poohs. the free one from mcD
I used to get robot robot stuff, because my siblings got one. and i got one too
I used to hate skirts. Yes, i was forced to wear them when i was a kid and i cried, like the whole day. *memberontak sekuat kuatnya. lmao*


i wore my brother's t shirts and trousers. and i used to walk like a gangster
and people used to call me tomboy.
Until at one point, i was forced to learn how to walk straight.
i climbed the tree outside my school almost everyday while waiting for the bus,
I did not get out from the school by the main gate, but i climbed the gate behind the school for short cut.

I didnt play the sims or stuff, i played counter strike since i was in standard something i dont remember and was quite good with the game.
i used to try to play red alerts, command and conquer. okay i didnt really know how to play them but watching my siblings played them almost everyday, i became a little interested. a little. i highlighted that okay

whenever I went out with my cousin Afiq, he'd tell my friends

"kau tak kenal dia dulu. Gile gangster doh"

Thanks a lot Afiq. yes, thanks a lot. LOL

But you know, as time passed, i knew a lot of girls and became close with them.
And i learned a little bit how to be a girly girl. LOL
not that much but still,
so my walk became better, not like before.
and i wear girls clothes, handbags and stuff.

Some things do change, but some things don't

Maybe i am not as tomboy as before. I do not wear guys stuff anymore.
Not anymore. Urm sometimes maybe.
But I still love to beat people up. haha
Used to punch and kick everyone at school
especially tan ban and fuad yaw! maaf lah rakan ;p

i couldnt kick the girls because , um because they are girls?
hahaa mati lah menangis kalau sepak. Lol except for milah and aina, i can do that with them :)
but here and now, i cant kick or punch people as hard as i can no more :(
only punch the girls a few times itu pun diorang bising T_T

when i wear kebaya, wedges, heels, or anything feminine,
they went

" waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh nina ayu nyaa!"


"semenjak datang mesir dia da jadi smakin sopan kut"

"ehhh kau pakai wedges, gila lah?"

erk i used to wear them since high school kut!

the point is, however boyish i used to be or still am, ganas, garang or anything, i am still a girl,
a grown up one.
and will always be

thank you

Thursday, January 28, 2010

money money money money

"duit dah masuk!"

"waaaaaaaa!!! aaaa!!! "

along with so many other sounds from different people
yes, everyone was excited, except for me.
But please dont get me wrong. i love money, everyone does.
But along with the money, comes another task;
money planning

duit rakyat is finally here.

Well since i have no plan for this holiday,
I used the money for shopping
Havent had this feeling of satisfaction for quite a long time.
Hahaaa didnt even have the guts to go to the mall.

But since my shoes are like koyak rabak already,
kept borrowing friends'.
i felt segan already, so i bought some new shoes and clothes to replace the old ones ;).

This is my first time having my own money
and i dont know how to manage them -____-"
whats the point?

p/s: money is the root of all evil
so watch out, the enemy may be near :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Jadual menjadi semakin padat.

Waktu menjadi semakin suntuk

Hidup menjadi semakin tidak terurus

Otak menjadi semakin serabut.

Hati menjadi semakin kosong

Aku menjadi semakin runsing

When can i ever have a perfect break?

everyone is leaving for holiday.
i still dont know what to do during this fkng holiday

p/s: seriously i feel lost. i feel empty. I feel dull. I feel nothing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So the plan was cancelled,

remember when i said im going to terjun dalam gaung if the plan is cancelled for the second time,
not exactly im going to do it,
but thats exactly what i feel like doing.


end of this shitty stupid holiday planning
i've had enough T_T

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why so excited?

it is funny when a bunch of artists came to our asrama mara,
yeah not to forget, which is in Alexandria, Egypt.

Its true i dont know half of them, perhaps seen them on tv for a couple of times,
One i do respect; Ramli Sarip. and others like Erra, Fizo and some i only recognize but never knew their names.

Some who dont even know who the heck they are pretended as if they know and admire them.
shouted as hell, so excited.
after clearing some of my curiosities, i was like 'why was i a little excited again?'. come to think about it, theres nothing big about that. lol thats it.

heard that they are going to make a movie entitled something like selamat tinggal alexandria.
Well seems like this place will become more famous later.

one good day :)

hanina, dibah, ayu. the girls of sc makan :)

Here comes the blabbering. lol

Okay its been like months since the last rain. And i miss them, seriously shit.
So after class, ayu and dibah sort of ajak me to go for nasi mandi along with some other friends.

Nasi mandi, again? everyone seems to be talking about it. haish
and yeh, after the short meeting with egyptian culture's members, we went to mandarah by tremco. and it rained, kind of heavily :))) and not to forget fyi, the highway's beside the beach. *Can imagine how it feels like, heh?*

You have no, no, no idea how much i missed rain (not that korean rain, the other one. -__-") lmao

it felt like home :)

see? nice eh?

so long story short,

the nasi mandi kedai was closed, so we went to fathalla mandara (my first time there. found choki choki wtfish? im dying for them for like months and its here and i didnt know?? wtf wtf?)

went there again, still closed, waited for almost an hour and tah-dah, the moment of here-comes-the-rice finally arrived. weehee.

see? the guys eat a lot. yeah highlight that, a lot. going to have to write a book entitled " why guys eat a lot" gaga. not funny but i still want to laugh. gagaga.
*oh darn, im wondering, why do i keep laughing like that. i mean with that 'gagaga' laugh. -__-"

so went home after that, got off the tremco, and realized that the place was actually very very heart-calming.

so what's the rush?

we sat there, enjoyed the beauty of Allah's creation and you know, kind of trying to enjoy the moment. and yes , i found a new spot, i found a new spot.

heee it was quite enjoyable. nice one guys, nice one :)

then came a guy selling ice cream and i felt like treating my friends :) yes because i thought one ice cream's going to cost me only about genih but it turned out the ice cream was LE5.50 each. wtfishhhhhh. 10 times more than my original budget. wtf. cekik darah hah kau?! aiyoh luckily the ice cream was great or else im going to find him and burn the bicycle and the ice cream both. throwing them into the ocean sounds great too. rofl.

p/s: why mee? aku tak mahu present la sayangs oi! mana aci bincang time aku takda. korag kejam T_T idwanna do it idwanna do it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grow up!

Stop playing around with the lift.
stopping at all floors, getting on our nerves.
We rush everyday, and your piece of crap takes my incredibly precious time away
Its neither a car nor a motorbike for you to shit around.
And for heaven's sakes, GROW UP!
Future doctors oi, im extremely disappointed in you T_T
now go to your room and think about what you have done.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the bodohness,

blame this for driving me crazy each night

temanku susah dan senang/? haiiih.

Dont i have better thing to do rather than writing this piece of shit?
Wait for it,
No i don't,

So what happened what happened what happened?
LOL nothing interesting. -.-"
Basically, im having a straight morning class this week,
except for last Sunday


You know how hard it is to wake up in the morning?
I bet you do
Since it is freaking hard for me to sleep nowadays
Freakingly hard. believe me, please. -__-"
Thats like my current-biggest-problem
Almost forgotten how it feels like to sleep so easily T_T
I was home early today, so i took the chance to watch AJL
been quite a long time since i last watched this bloody anugerah anugerah stuff.
I have to say that some of the songs are quite good
tried to download the songs since yesterday but this internet connection is effingg slow and is seriously driving me half crazy. -__-
haihh i really want to do fun things, but lol idk what to do,
having the same schedule each day makes me sick
double sick
triple sick
extremely sick,
i also want to enjoy life like others.
feel the beauty of fun.
i better get going,
tons of things to do yet i am still in front of this laptop,
typing, and still typing

p/s: i miss my sahabat seperonggengans,
bila mahu pergi meronggeng ronggang lagi?

Monday, January 11, 2010

plan kedua, GO!

Jam menunjukkan pukul 10.29 pagi.
Eh awal pulak bangun -___-
kelas pukul 8 pagi, aku termangu mangu menuju ke kelas

Nasib baik hari ini belajar tentang subjek yang agak menarik; cell cycle. LOL

aku kehilangan arah ni

Seperti yang korang semua dapat tafsirkan melalui post aku yang lalu,
plan aku untuk ke Turki winter break ini terpaksa dibatalkan
ya, sungguh mengecewakan
aku menangis seharian T_T tsk tsk
hancur harapan, punah impian. *kenapa ayat aku sungguh dramatis?*

Takkan la aku dengan syera je kan nak pergi sana mati lah -___-" kau ingat tempat tu kecik?
kawan aku lagi sorang pula ada masalah dengan visa.
kalau tahu awal boleh jugak cari orang lain,tapi orang lain semua dah ada plan
pegi sinai la, pusing mesir la, etc etc etc.
Jadi aku hanya menerima hakikat sambil memesan kepada rakan rakan yang jadi pergi,

"weh pergi sana jangan lupa beli souvenir utk mengubat kekecewaan aku T_T"
ayat sadis pulak. haha

Takpelah ada hikmah dia kan. LOL

tapi tapi tapi

sored pulak membawa berita gembira

"weh aku ada beritaa baik punya. naik cruise pusing luxor aswan LE.... *jumlah terpaksa dirahsiakan* mmg cool lah weh cruise dia. "

"laaa yeke? uhm tapi macam mahal. tapi cam best je. aishh, nak ikut jela dari duduk sini je. kena saving balik la macam ni = = "

hahaaa aku harap plan kali ini menjadi -___-"
kalau tidak aku akan kecewa buat kali kedua
aku terjun gaung terus T_T

whatever happens, i dont want to spend the whole 2 weeks in this asrama mara doing nothing, online 24/7 and stuff. Please, get a life lah okay? = =

p/s: sudah berbaik dengan bff aku, setelah bergaduh selama seminggu -_-" macam budak budak. lmao

Friday, January 8, 2010

impian hancur

Betapa hancurnya hati aku sekarang ni

macam kena hempap hempap dengan batu besar gedabak.

argh aku tak dapat nak explain

betapa aku look forward untuk cuti before this

sekarang aku harap holiday itu pergi mampos.

aku tak mahu duduk sini cuti ni! ergh

terima jela hakikat nina

kau da kalah

sia sia je usaha kau selama ni


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Green Plaza

ah aku bosan bila internet lambat

aku bosan bila tak tau nak buat apa

aku bosan bila tak tahu nak makan apa.

semalam pergi green plaza : avatar

nek : apa yang bes 3d? tak bes pun?

nina : best laa nenek. aku boleh main tangkap tangkap lagi. lawaaaaa doooo *jakun*


nek: Kau tau tak weh aku pakai terbalik do. orang arab tu tego aku tadi . tapi time tu lagi 5 minit nak abes. lawa gila doo. patut la aku pelik tgk korang excited aku tengok tak lawa pun. argh rugi 25 genih aku nak tgk lagi sekali!.

Mira: laa ye ke? patutla nampak nek tido tadi! orang lain semua khusyuk

nina : ROFL. *betul, aku mmg nak gelak sampai terguleng guleng*

p/s: lain kali kalau nak jual spec 3d sila buat manual bukan semua orang reti pakai . gaha

p/s/s: lebih kurang mcm tu la perbulan dia tak ingat sgt weh otak aku bukan otak komputer -_-

lokasi : pizza hut green plaza

Nina : Asl dia tak bagi aku gelas? waaa nak gelas jugakk.

Nasuha : Dia sengaja tak nak bagi la. dia nak kenakan kau tu.

Nina : taklah dia terlupa kut. tak sedar

Masa nak balik./

Mamat arab bagi gelas tadi : #$%^&*((*&#$%^&*()*(&^$%^asdfghj;kjh

Nina : ooh hehee okay okay thank you!!

Nasuha : Kau dengar tak dia cakap apa tadi?

Mira : Dia cakap my wife my wife kan?

Nasuha : Dia cakap goodbye my wife la tadi! betul la aku cakap! dia sengaja taknak bagi gelas kat kau sebab nak suro kau mintak

Nina : what the tutttttttttt. aku ingat dia cakap "thank you please come again !! sbb tu aku jawab okay thank you!!" -___-
Anis : Nina, aku nak jadi madu kau boleh

Nina : boleh boleh. hensem jugak dia tadi.

LOL aku ckp je lebih tapi tak minat la weh pak arab. saya mahu lelaki melayu xD

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just cant believe how pathetic i am.

yes i am, indeed :(

i am not okay
i am not okay
i am not okay

im telling you this 3 times because i seriously am not okay

it is unexplainably sad when someone you thought you could count on,
or be a listener at least?
was not there during the time you need that person most.
i was unexplainably sad, really.

i lost so many people already. i cant bear losing more
seems like its happening again.
T_T tsk tsk.

i am sorry for being such a pain in the ass people :(

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hee since internet ini sangat lah laju memandangkan semua rakan serumah bergerak ke open house kakak senior

Dan aku ditinggalkan keseorangan
tsk tsk tsk tsk T__T
Lebih tepat, aku tinggalkan diri sendiri xD

saya malas nak pegi la aiyoyo maaflah kakak saya tak tahu rumah kakak yg mana satu -__-"

Hee hari ini tahun baru
eh lawa pulak number ni. ;D

Tak buat apa apa duduk di rumah sepanjang hari menonton the arrival sambil makan maggi hot stuff
*waa tinggal 4 paket maggi hot stuff nak pos T_T*

Um menonton dokumentari tersebut aku terbangun sebentar dari mimpi yang indah.
wake up wake up!
I dont want to be a part of their plan,
which in the end will ruin ourselves.
Our mind have been badly influenced by their propaganda.
We dont even realize it because we have been living in their agenda for so long
we are forced to believe everything they say,
everything we see, shown by the media
and the truth in kept under the carpet.

from television, from newspaper, from these 2 sources you gain informations,
because the truth you know is what you get over these two shits
not knowing whether its right or its wrong,
most of them are lies, i believe,
turn off you tv
Go to God, go to yourself
those are the only places you can find the truth
*im using some of the facts i gained from the vid.

-___- the world is becoming darker.
With wars, corruption, and everything.
im not really an expert in talking about things like this
But do watch them, please. to at least think about it
then if you want to believe what you believed,
its up to you
but if you think youre living in lies,
then wake up and do something, at least do something about yourself.

uhm itu je kut yang aku boleh cakap
thanks aqel and ferot for the vids. (: