Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why so excited?

it is funny when a bunch of artists came to our asrama mara,
yeah not to forget, which is in Alexandria, Egypt.

Its true i dont know half of them, perhaps seen them on tv for a couple of times,
One i do respect; Ramli Sarip. and others like Erra, Fizo and some i only recognize but never knew their names.

Some who dont even know who the heck they are pretended as if they know and admire them.
shouted as hell, so excited.
after clearing some of my curiosities, i was like 'why was i a little excited again?'. come to think about it, theres nothing big about that. lol thats it.

heard that they are going to make a movie entitled something like selamat tinggal alexandria.
Well seems like this place will become more famous later.

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