Friday, April 29, 2011

ze karamella

It's been a long time since I last talked about ze karamella! aka, the smart circle.
or the cute circle. as you like *gaya prof cakap

so since its been a long time jugak since we last had our sc, we decided to have one .
At first we wanted to go to the bahr but since, idk, it was ester's day. idk how to spell it, the plan was cancelled and the sc was held at kak zana and kak aifaa's house. the coolest and the awesomest kakak sc evahhh.! lol/

and it was also Nas's birthday. Happy 20th Nas! :) dah tua dah kau. hehe

meet the awesomest sc on the entire planet, ouh no, its wayyy beyond awesome(!)

kek pisang :D hee

ze birthday girl

the awesomest one *sophie and ain missing

ouh btw kami kembar hari tu. tudung putih,kardigan hitam, seluar jeans (!) kau tiru aku! :P

Thursday, April 28, 2011

lintas lagi

baru balik kelas.

"mumkin u-turn"
"ana aizah hush yamin"

aduh pakcik ni, taknak u turn pulak aku mana reti lintas jalan macma mana ni macam mana ni
kereta bukan main banyak lagi mampus lah aku.

okok takpa kau kena kuatkan diri.
"meshimeshi. hena bes"

aku pun keluar.
aku tengok kereta. tengok jam. pukul 1. memang time banyak kereta pun ni.
semua stok nak pergi lunch kut.

Aku pun usha lah keliling. mana tahu ada orang arab nak lintas boleh aku tumpang sekaki.
lepas tu aku nampak makcik tua.
macam cakap dengan aku
aku tak faham tapi dari gaya macam tanya aku nak lintas ke?
aku pun angguk lahhhh.

lepas tu aku pergi dekat dia, lepas tu dia pegang tangan aku.

'pergh makcik ni nak suruh aku lintaskan dia ke? aku pun tak pernahh berjaya lintas sorang. selalu sampai bebelas minit aku tunggu orang yang nak tolong aku lintas T.T"

aku pun takpelah buat muka cool sebab makcik tu macam risauu dah lama nak lintas tak dapat.
lepas tu dia tarik tangan aku
aku dalam hati " makcik! banyak kereta niiiiiiii jangan lah lintas lagi! T.T"
tapi takkan nak cakap. aku buat muka cool lepas tu tunjuk tangan twit tu stop semua kereta yang tengah lalu. walaupun ada teksi hampir langgar, makcik tu jerit " istanna istanna"

cantek ah makcik. sampai tengah jalan aku terfikir
'eh kejap. dia ni nak suruh aku tolong dia lintas ke? dia tolong lintaskan aku? haaaa aku pun tak sure'

lepas tu lorong second dia tarik aku lagi. time ni kereta dah kurang sikit dah. nasib baik.
lepas tu dia cakap syukran
sah sah lah aku tolong dia lintas

wah bangganya aku. bukann je aku lintas sendiri hari ni. siap menyumbang kepada pelintasan orang.
aku dah maju aku dah maju yay :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

come back.

Well i miss babbling in the blog
cause i've been busy lately.
I know that i should be busy studying but it seems that its not because of that,

So basically i did nothing during these 5 days holiday,
I ate and ate and ate. i slept too much, revised a little, cooked and cooked, buat makan makan, went to people's house and eat some more (!)

If you want me to be happy, just GIMME SOME FOOD AND I'LL SMILEE LIKE A FOOD! oups fool. my bad, :P

and i would like to say alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for everything that He gave, everything that He's giving and everything that He's gonna give.
Because you know, its just that sometimes we think too much about things that we dont have (!)
and not being thankful for way too many things that we already have.

and i'm happy that i was given the responsibility to do something that i actually loike so i can do it with penuh keikhlasan. at least im contributing something to the community lah not just menyusahkan everyone. kan kan kan kan?

excited macam aku pulak nak kahwin :P
you know, its just that them getting married make me feel so matured and grown up
its like im now entering the adult phase im not a little kid who depends on people for things. :)
hee semua semua kahwin lah jugak. kahwin lah kahwin laa ye sebab kalau nak tunggu aku memang harapan lahh :P
suka pergi kenduri kawan :) padahal baru sekali = = tape lepas ni banyak kali lagi akan datang.
im pretty sure about that.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


First I would like to thank you guys for coming :)

And i was happy that my first try with the mee bandung recipe i found on the net worked(!)
but i had to cook twice or thrice and altered it so many times because of the small periuks T.T

Thank you housemates for ze mashed potatoo and ze cakes . 4 of them, to be exact.

Thank you everyone :) ngee lain kali datang lagi meshi? :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tak mahuu dahh.

Kalau boleh aku tak mahu jumpa kau/ tengok kau/ interact dengan kau sampai bila bila

Not because aku rasa lain ke whatever shit no no. im neutral im cool im okay now tak rasa apa pun perhaps sebab aku dah tired plus tak tahan dengan orang yang overthink padahal tak sampai tahap tu pun dan aku rasa macam, diperbuat sampai rasa tak berguna. i've had enough.

its just that aku segannnnn gilaaa nak mati gilaaa siot benda macam ni jadi :(
apehal laahh boleh sampai tahap ni.
daripada diam diam terus ada konflik, sikit.
but still, aku segannnnn weh tolonglahhhh,

aku rasa diorang fikir aku ni patheticc gila,
kesian gila

padahal, tak rasa apa pun T.T

aku rasa macam malu lah. malu malu maluuuuuuuu gila nak mati dengan benda bodoh tu.

Monday, April 18, 2011

ze new house.

dapur. pardon the mess. tak kemas lagi >.<

living room
ze bathroom


toilet number 2


mine :)

yay one more step.

im very proud of myself indeed,
that i actually formatted my own laptop.
Without asking for the guys help.
Yes, a girl sometimes is capable of doing thing herself.
Although i didnt really formatted it since i used the hiren's disc i have. :D

im kind of exaggerating eh? ya lah because everytime our laptop is broken we have to think hard " to whom i should send this?"

cant exaggerate much because if i do, the next time my laptop is broken and i cant fix it they won't help me :P

p/s: keep playing video and sounds automatically even when i closed every single thing it kept playing = = making noise and everything. ym text blank. and stuff. i hate virus.

Friday, April 15, 2011

new house :D

So yeah i really wanted to go to that majlis keraian raja sehari because i soo like seeing the newlyweds together . :P

but you know, something came up and we had to go pay for our new house
which is, wait for it - awesome. big time.

You know the owner of the house is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice she even scolded me a little for wearing jeans. She said she likes our traditional cloth , well, everyone does. and she said i was influenced by the egyptians and all and its hard to convince her that i do wear baju kurung most of the time (!)

keeps saying how disappointed she is with egyptians nowadays for not being true muslimin and muslimat. she even said we are way better :) ngee

LOL. and you know, the house is kinda big, and comfy. and she even cuci every single sofa in the house, and everything. she even buys the mattress even when there's one, but its the thin one and she wants to replace it with a new thick comfy one. even we said NOOO YOU DONT HAVE TO so many times, she insists that its her responsibility.

and you have to know that the rent cheap. very cheap indeed. :)

and you know usually during akad we have to pay the taa'min and the simsa and all but this one,
she doesnt even want the takmin. or anything. Just the rent.
and you know during the akad, we need the sign of a witness
then she said Allah is our witnesss. we dont need anyone's sign on the paper.

we voted for the room just now. i was hoping so badly for room 2 and voila, i got it!
yay yay i have my own room finally :)

well i hope everythings gonna be okay and nothing bad is gonna come up insyaAllah :)

Thank you Allah for the nikmat :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

moving out.

So insyaAllah we're moving out the day after tomorrow.

I mean its kind of a shock. we found a house yesterday and they want to move as soon as possible. that is, this saturday lah.

Jijie has packed all of her stuff , well me? being the lazy brat ive always been, im making zero progress
nada nil naah.because. i . am. so. effing. lazy. yeah. true. story.

but you know im looking forward to having my own room. weeeee
because because i don't know. im used to having my own.
if i win the undi lah. haha but one of the rooms are big. Big enough to divide it into two.
So basically we're gonna have four rooms lah. Just the one room is only gonna be separated by an almari. A VERY BIG ONE. well i hope so.

anyway, just pray that i will start packing. hehe because packing is not even included in my 2 days holiday schedule. gahaha. adios

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new new. mari mari :D

i just have to show this

since i couldnt figure out exactly what was wrong last sem, imma improve myself in every aspects insyaAllah. its because i suck in so many things that i couldnt figure out which one exactly that caused my failure. perhaps all of em :O

so one of the things that i knew i have to do is buy a new chair and meja because the old one made me so unproductive, so sleepy and all.
Now that i have a new comfy table and chair I can sit in so many different position . :P and its soooo excitingg!! ngee

Hee im feeling good today. I know Allah made that thing happened for a reason, fosho dude! finally I feel that the semangat has finally come because i feel so malas this semester and the malas has finally gone a bit and i hope thing thang continues and please, not only for today.
I dont want the same thing to happen twice. please, nooo. traumaaa :O

You know i kind of feel ashamed of myself. of how i responded yesterday. deeply embarrassed with ze housemate, afiqah, and ze bff, gemok :( because you know they 're facing a bigger challenge yet they were so calm and all while my challenge is wayyyy too little compared to theirs yet i complained too much. to them pulak tu :( wah i wish i could turn back yesterday and undo what i did :( i was being such a jerk kan? :(
but all the challenges Allah put us in is to show that He loves us :) Alhamdulillah
I'm sorry and im so proud of you guys. :D i know so well that you can do it im putting my 100% trust on you :D

And forgive me O Allah for being such an ungrateful person. Insaf :( Tobat :(


wee :)

ok i have to like cover up what i did yesterday

semalam aku sedih pasal result
tapi semalam.
aku tau kenapa aku tau kenapa! sebab perhaps aku fikir sangat apa orang fikir kut.
kalau aku sorang je hidup mesti aku tak kisah.
hehe lepas tu lepas tu perhaps aku rasa mcm apesal aku teruk sangat cns padahal aku cam jawab sumpah rasa best je jawab exam LOL tu lah jangan confident sangat lain kali

tapi lepas bangun tiba tiba je
"apehal aku sedih? ok lah tu doh kau lulus!"
weeee aku lulus.
tiba tiba macam. bersyukur gila pulak.
tak sedih pun. sikit sangat la tapi sedih tu :)

kalau atas je karang tak ingat Allah, leka.
ini baru wake up call. baru aku terasa macam semangat nak belajar.
sebab sem ni aku malas. gahahaha.

ok dah. end. jangan emo emo
p/s: housemate, bff, jiran belakang jangan sedih sedih :) we'll try our best this semester jum study sama sama! ngee


turun menjunam :(
sangat kecewa. sedih gila pulak.
sem lepas sem paling aku suka, aku rasa aku faham and all. daripada sem before tu
tapi tapi. result aku turun banyak sangat :(

lepas ni tak payah pergi library lah
dulu tak pergi library boleh je bila pergi jadi teruk pulak :(
lepas ni tak payah lah nak belajar je tak buat ape
petang enjoy malam study mcm dulu jelah :(

ni ujian. before this selalu wonder bila masa aku akan turun. sampai jugak
perhaps ada hikmah dia
perhaps Allah nak bagi lepas ni.

p/s: sebab tu aku tak suka korang cakap aku ni budak excellent sebab bila aku tak dapat, mesti orang pertikaikan. benci . benci. benci. sekarang dah tak ada E dah, bagus, jangan expect ape ape lagi dah :(

Monday, April 11, 2011

can i have this please? :(

This! This! I want this one like so badly!
You know forget about the dslr. now this one is the number one thing that i want!
Gimme one please! okay to be honest i dont know whether i should buy one.
it costs much cheaper than the dslr and way cooler of course!
you know i don't mind having a one and a few numbers after that missing in my bank account for this stuff.
i seriously don't.

Ive always wanted to play this thing. But you know, i never really had the chance to.
Because i don't know. I never put much thought into it -.-
but you know yesterday i said to myself " dude? why can't you have this? you can!"
im always jealous with those who can really play this thing. damn.

and you know these past few days, my friends, you know who you are keep showing about how they can play songs. since they just bought it. no. he bought it. but they've been using his :P

Everytime they succeeded in playing a certain song, i feel like screaming "mana aci!!!" tapi tahan je. haha but you know, they're learning and i want to learn too :(

i dont know how to read the notes but come on, benda boleh settle right?
im just afraid that if i spend too much time with that thing, imma throw my other more important responsibility down the longkang and simbah it with air. pushhhh habis hilang semua.

lol im just afraid thats gonna happen.
thats why i decided even if im buying that thing, imma buy it during holiday.
But still, i don't know for sure whether i should wait, or, should i not buy it? :((

ke kau marah aku tiru kau beli ? :(

p/s: you know, you have to understand that i wanna save so badly since my money has turun menjunam because of stuff lately. i wanna save because i have a certain things that i want. that im saving for. i dont want to spend a lot sum of money for something that i think should not be spent for because im sure there's some other ways? :( please understand.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


ada orang bagitahu ______ yang nina gaduh dengan ______

and i went. " hahhh???"

cik adik, cik abang, cik kakak ini bukan zaman sekolah saya nak gaduh gaduh tarik rambut kutuk kutuk tak puas hati. that was so high school lah = =

terasa macam teroffended. im not that childish nor im not that bitchy untuk gaduh sebab benda benda bodoh yang tak berapa nak bodoh. :(

ok dapat berita sedih tadi :( tapi cool sudah.

Monday, April 4, 2011

maamouraa with sectionmates :)

ok remember i told you before that i hated my section because it was so racist? oh did i tell you or did i just put it in my phone? = =

ok whatever it is im taking back my statement because my section rocks!
itulahhhh cakap tak serupa bikin.
but whatever yeah perhaps i still do not know like, half of the names but heck, i know their faces now at least.
and we hung out at maamurah last week and they all brought like super duper deliciousss food and i loved it!

hehe jijie and i were the first to arrived when we actually thought we were late (!). and we were like, "duh kata 8? dah lapan suku?"

and one by one started to arrive. and here are the pictures :)
main beskal wee
turned out playing killer was really fun!

impian naik atv tercapai . lol

suka ini gambar sebab nampak orang tangkap gambar haha

cocktail sedap. minggu ni nak buat :D

kek roti menda ntah sedap kak nusaibah buat :D

wee gambar group :D
London vs Vienna

aina ngan saya punya swatch. kami berdua gila swatch. kami berdua dapat swatch as birhtday present :D ngee lepas ni dslr eh aina?

suka gambar skema! tapi saya takde :(

the first after us
gambar ss while waiting for the girls = = jangan condemn kami bosan

ini pantai dia. stunning right?

and yeah we also wear the same colour to class once a week. last week pink and next week? well lets just wait for the vote.:D hee

Sunday, April 3, 2011

apa mahu buat? :(

eternal dilemma :

knowing it can't stay this way since its wrong. very very wrong. yet am not capable of letting go :(

Saturday, April 2, 2011


You know, its not easy to find someone who can stick to you no matter what.
its hard to find a friend to whom you can tell all your problems to,
who never gets bored listening to the same old stuff the same old problem.
to whom you can say whatever you want to say without worrying that she/he might think pelik about you whatsoever.

It's not easy to start being friends with someone.
it doesnt feel that good being with people that you have to please. that you feel awkward being with
that you can't utter words when youre with them

Its good to have friends that you can say anything to
that you always have something you can tell.
that you can hug and cry on their shoulders.

as im getting older, its getting harder to find good reliable friends.
since everyone is spending too much time on themselves and less time together
like people used to do during the old days :(
because everyone has his/her own commitments, tasks and responsible.
its hard to find a good friend in 2 years. because two years are just ain't enough to bond the friendship to the highest level
And it is even suck-er when you finally have that good friendship but then you have to end it for a greater good.
even when you cry so hard, you can't stop thinking about the good old days,
the times you spent together, the stuff you bought, the feelings and all the smiles and laughs shared

sometimes i hope i can find a new best friend here, someone close to me someone i can share everything with, sometimes i hope my best friends are here with me but they are all so far away and sometimes i hope i don't have to end a good friendship but shit happens and im gonna have to accept it :(

people come and people leave. but please, try your best to stay :)