Friday, April 29, 2011

ze karamella

It's been a long time since I last talked about ze karamella! aka, the smart circle.
or the cute circle. as you like *gaya prof cakap

so since its been a long time jugak since we last had our sc, we decided to have one .
At first we wanted to go to the bahr but since, idk, it was ester's day. idk how to spell it, the plan was cancelled and the sc was held at kak zana and kak aifaa's house. the coolest and the awesomest kakak sc evahhh.! lol/

and it was also Nas's birthday. Happy 20th Nas! :) dah tua dah kau. hehe

meet the awesomest sc on the entire planet, ouh no, its wayyy beyond awesome(!)

kek pisang :D hee

ze birthday girl

the awesomest one *sophie and ain missing

ouh btw kami kembar hari tu. tudung putih,kardigan hitam, seluar jeans (!) kau tiru aku! :P

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silah said...

kau satu sc ngan nas ke? haha dia sectionmate ak kot