Friday, April 15, 2011

new house :D

So yeah i really wanted to go to that majlis keraian raja sehari because i soo like seeing the newlyweds together . :P

but you know, something came up and we had to go pay for our new house
which is, wait for it - awesome. big time.

You know the owner of the house is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice she even scolded me a little for wearing jeans. She said she likes our traditional cloth , well, everyone does. and she said i was influenced by the egyptians and all and its hard to convince her that i do wear baju kurung most of the time (!)

keeps saying how disappointed she is with egyptians nowadays for not being true muslimin and muslimat. she even said we are way better :) ngee

LOL. and you know, the house is kinda big, and comfy. and she even cuci every single sofa in the house, and everything. she even buys the mattress even when there's one, but its the thin one and she wants to replace it with a new thick comfy one. even we said NOOO YOU DONT HAVE TO so many times, she insists that its her responsibility.

and you have to know that the rent cheap. very cheap indeed. :)

and you know usually during akad we have to pay the taa'min and the simsa and all but this one,
she doesnt even want the takmin. or anything. Just the rent.
and you know during the akad, we need the sign of a witness
then she said Allah is our witnesss. we dont need anyone's sign on the paper.

we voted for the room just now. i was hoping so badly for room 2 and voila, i got it!
yay yay i have my own room finally :)

well i hope everythings gonna be okay and nothing bad is gonna come up insyaAllah :)

Thank you Allah for the nikmat :)


Izyan Hanis said...

wow. rumah kat mane ninaaa

sewa bape? mcam MURAHH gilaa je :))

nur hanina said...

dekat syarik abu ir
dekat gak ngn u hehe tapi jauh la ngn umah iezy :(
900 genih je :)

Nur Atikah said...

ninaa bestnye.really..!! Allah gifts you all a better one. :DD nanti jemputla atie pi umah.hehehe XD

The Forsaken said...

gamba umah xde?

Anonymous said...

bape bilik?

Anonymous said...

duk bape org?

ainaa said...

mabruk .. :)

nur hanina said...

hehe boleh atie meh la datang silaa :P

gmba on the wayy

4 orang 4 bilik :D

ngee best laa aina :D