Thursday, April 14, 2011

moving out.

So insyaAllah we're moving out the day after tomorrow.

I mean its kind of a shock. we found a house yesterday and they want to move as soon as possible. that is, this saturday lah.

Jijie has packed all of her stuff , well me? being the lazy brat ive always been, im making zero progress
nada nil naah.because. i . am. so. effing. lazy. yeah. true. story.

but you know im looking forward to having my own room. weeeee
because because i don't know. im used to having my own.
if i win the undi lah. haha but one of the rooms are big. Big enough to divide it into two.
So basically we're gonna have four rooms lah. Just the one room is only gonna be separated by an almari. A VERY BIG ONE. well i hope so.

anyway, just pray that i will start packing. hehe because packing is not even included in my 2 days holiday schedule. gahaha. adios


Izyan Hanis said...

pindah mana ninaaa..?
nina guna baba zaki ke?

silah said...

makin jauh dari kauu huhu

nur hanina said...

dekat ngn jalan besar u
hehe tak guna baba zaki ni jmpe sniri tapi tapi baba zaki baikkk dorg kate laa guna la dia iezy hehe

tu lah ;( tape tape aku g gak uma kau haha