Monday, April 11, 2011

can i have this please? :(

This! This! I want this one like so badly!
You know forget about the dslr. now this one is the number one thing that i want!
Gimme one please! okay to be honest i dont know whether i should buy one.
it costs much cheaper than the dslr and way cooler of course!
you know i don't mind having a one and a few numbers after that missing in my bank account for this stuff.
i seriously don't.

Ive always wanted to play this thing. But you know, i never really had the chance to.
Because i don't know. I never put much thought into it -.-
but you know yesterday i said to myself " dude? why can't you have this? you can!"
im always jealous with those who can really play this thing. damn.

and you know these past few days, my friends, you know who you are keep showing about how they can play songs. since they just bought it. no. he bought it. but they've been using his :P

Everytime they succeeded in playing a certain song, i feel like screaming "mana aci!!!" tapi tahan je. haha but you know, they're learning and i want to learn too :(

i dont know how to read the notes but come on, benda boleh settle right?
im just afraid that if i spend too much time with that thing, imma throw my other more important responsibility down the longkang and simbah it with air. pushhhh habis hilang semua.

lol im just afraid thats gonna happen.
thats why i decided even if im buying that thing, imma buy it during holiday.
But still, i don't know for sure whether i should wait, or, should i not buy it? :((

ke kau marah aku tiru kau beli ? :(

p/s: you know, you have to understand that i wanna save so badly since my money has turun menjunam because of stuff lately. i wanna save because i have a certain things that i want. that im saving for. i dont want to spend a lot sum of money for something that i think should not be spent for because im sure there's some other ways? :( please understand.


The Forsaken said...

beli je haha.

akumfp said...

beli laluh, kat radioshack ada jual ni

karakoza said...

It's up to you really. If you have enough money to buy it, then go ahead. If you don't, save up first. This thing can wait.

Personally I want to buy the keyboard too.

Nurul Nadhrah Zainal said...

You should totally get one, Nina! But I should warn you that the first few weeks when you're just beginning to learn how to play; IT IS SUPER ADDICTIVE. So kau akan always, always, wanna practice, and improve, and search for music sheets, and you'd want to learn a dozen new songs, etc.

Time aku kat sana pun aku dah byk kali nak beli, but always xjadi and 1 of the reasons is because I know for SURE that its going to be a distraction. Medic + distraction don't really mix well.

But other than that; I support your decision to buy it 100%! A DSLR can wait! And sorry for the uberrr long comment. Ciao Nina! ;-)

nur hanina said...

haha baik. kau sumbang sumbang jugak la cmtu :P

money is not a major problem. the major one is time. T.T let's buy lah :P

i know, right. i know for sure that im going to be addicted and stuff. afraid that my time will be wasted with the keyboard,not with revising about whatever stuff learned in class. if only we are on holiday, i'd buy it tonight jugak! haha thanks a lot Nadh. Will do inysaAllah :D