Saturday, April 2, 2011


You know, its not easy to find someone who can stick to you no matter what.
its hard to find a friend to whom you can tell all your problems to,
who never gets bored listening to the same old stuff the same old problem.
to whom you can say whatever you want to say without worrying that she/he might think pelik about you whatsoever.

It's not easy to start being friends with someone.
it doesnt feel that good being with people that you have to please. that you feel awkward being with
that you can't utter words when youre with them

Its good to have friends that you can say anything to
that you always have something you can tell.
that you can hug and cry on their shoulders.

as im getting older, its getting harder to find good reliable friends.
since everyone is spending too much time on themselves and less time together
like people used to do during the old days :(
because everyone has his/her own commitments, tasks and responsible.
its hard to find a good friend in 2 years. because two years are just ain't enough to bond the friendship to the highest level
And it is even suck-er when you finally have that good friendship but then you have to end it for a greater good.
even when you cry so hard, you can't stop thinking about the good old days,
the times you spent together, the stuff you bought, the feelings and all the smiles and laughs shared

sometimes i hope i can find a new best friend here, someone close to me someone i can share everything with, sometimes i hope my best friends are here with me but they are all so far away and sometimes i hope i don't have to end a good friendship but shit happens and im gonna have to accept it :(

people come and people leave. but please, try your best to stay :)


ainaa said...

nina..... :(

Izyan Hanis said...

ninaaa... :(
betul. it's hard to find TRUE and GOOD friends nowdays..

yang akan stick with u no matter what..

but what the matter most, to have a true friend, you have to be one 1st

itu yg kte pegang.

kekadang rasa sedih bile kte care kat kawan kite ni. die xcare pun kt kite..

but then. akan ada somebody yg sekepala and understand kite one day.


cheer up.
ade probs, boleh tulis kt blog
and we (bloggers) will be there for you sayang. :)

nur hanina said...

kenape :(( ainaa?

wah betul tu iezy kita kena jadi kawan yang baik dulu kalau nak kawan yang baik
tapi entahlah haha

yerp yerp perhaps one day kita akan jumpa so sekarang ni kita tunggu je thank you iezyy :D

MofarRahman said...

kawan baik yang laaast skali sy jumpa, dekat skulah menengah. lepas tu tak jumpa2 dah sampai skam. ahaks.

secondary school. stakat ni, zaman terbest dalam idup. sebab jumpa ramai kwn, yang betol2 kawan.

nur hanina said...

betul! same same
sebab dekat sekolah menengah orang macma main main lagi tade la asyik nak belajar je smpai nak bergelak ketawa dengan kawan pun tak ada masa T.T
bestnye sekulah menengah

ainaa said...

nins..kwn baik kita masa skolah menengah..
pastu dh x de yang betul2 sekepala ngan kita dah.. huhu
rindu zaman dulu..

nur hanina said...

betul. bff kita semua kawan sekolah menengah.
maybe sebab time tu dah besar and time tu kan zaman spend time gegile ngn kawan huhu
sekarang ni duduk serumah ngn kawan lagi selalu jumpe tapi lagi susah buat best friend:(

karakoza said...

"cheer up.
ade probs, boleh tulis kt blog
and we (bloggers) will be there for you sayang. :)"

gotta agree with izyan. minus the sayang lol.

spill it here and we'll hear your probs