Monday, April 18, 2011

yay one more step.

im very proud of myself indeed,
that i actually formatted my own laptop.
Without asking for the guys help.
Yes, a girl sometimes is capable of doing thing herself.
Although i didnt really formatted it since i used the hiren's disc i have. :D

im kind of exaggerating eh? ya lah because everytime our laptop is broken we have to think hard " to whom i should send this?"

cant exaggerate much because if i do, the next time my laptop is broken and i cant fix it they won't help me :P

p/s: keep playing video and sounds automatically even when i closed every single thing it kept playing = = making noise and everything. ym text blank. and stuff. i hate virus.


karakoza said...

Install antivirus la. To be more safer, install 2 of them; 1 is the expensive need-to-be-bought one, and another the free one. I know it's tedious to buy something that you can leech off the net, but it's worth it. Especially when you're an internet addict like me :P

Izyan Hanis said...


:) super duper trooper WOAAAAA~!! la ninaa


nur hanina said...

ouh i have one.
hehe but you know, shit happens.
and my dad warned not to have 2 antivirus because you know, he said one of them will like 'argue' with the other one. something like that. = =

kita guna short cut la iezyyyy bukan format bebetul hahaha tak reti pun yg bebetul tak igt :P