Friday, June 25, 2010


Diorang kata budak ksp ni asyik jalan jalan je

pergi siwa diorang
pergi cairo usung satu ksp pun diorang jugak
reunion dak perempuan tu pun ksp lagi
abes periksa jamuan section 2. ksp+ikip pulak
balik malaysia ada lagi reunion ksp kat pahang, cherating

tapi tapi tapi
tahun depan kalau susun ikut nama
dah tak sama dah
ada lagi ke reunion? -___-
dah lah aku susah nak kawan ngn orang
nanti diam je dalam group. tak boleh bising bising dah
pastu pastu pastu budak rumah semua section lain lain nanti
nak pergi kelas pun susah
pastu tak dapat hang out selalu dengan kawan kawan lama
pastu pastu dah tak best dah
nnt aku dah tak suka duduk egypt dah

please please just stick with this arrangement pleaseeee
jangan lah tukaaa ;((

Thursday, June 24, 2010


mantap lah
gila lah
gempak lah
hebat lahhh
tak percayaa lahhh

lagi 20++ hari nak balik. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
periksa pun nak dekat
tapi go to hell dengan exam
nak pikir balik je :PP

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's been uber hot since the last two days!
I dont know how to describe the hotness
its like im burning each day under the sun -____-"

This is my first summer in egypt since i was already home last year on june.
and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i dont know how am i gonna survive another month here.

panas panas panas!
+ fasting without a proper sahur + berbuka yang tak macam berbuka the day before
its like i dont have enough energy to get through the day
Feel dizzy all the time, with headache and everything.

I will survive :)

p/s: Sometimes I hate to have a good friend because i know sooner or later something not so good is gonna happen. It happened. and i feel suck. Thanks for making me feel suck, 'best friend'

Saturday, June 19, 2010


whats the odds

i wrote about how cool a guy would look like when he's wearing baju melayu
and just now one of my sectionmates wore baju melayu to class


haha he never wore one to class. no one ever did i think
maybe some but rarely. -__-"

kebetulan yang tersangat hebat :PP
macam dapat instinct je aku tulis kat belog ni pasal baju melayu :P

anyways he looks good in baju melayu *this is a point where im gonna LOL!*

and and and yes my post has arrived!
lots lots and lots of MAGGIS and TOMYAMS and and CHIPSMORE!!
taucu rempah kari BELACAN asam jawa and and stuff.
LOL tapi hot plate dah kena rampas -__-"
pinjam lah sesape punyaa.

Friday, June 18, 2010

mari jadi sopan :D

You see i know ive been posting stuff about how tense i am with books
but im not gonna write about books no more.
It makes me stress, it makes YOU stress
i know i know :P

so now im going to talk about sopan santun

'budi bahasa budaya kita'

Okay im not saying all malaysians are polite. and not all are impolite
But you see, living here makes me realize how politeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am
*okay okay mode perasan*

but hey that's the fact. even the professors and many many other people admit that

malizi ahsan nas katenye "malaysians sebaik baik manusia"
okay direct translation i dont know how to translate it with my own words -___-"

okay things i observe that i think make them think we are polite xDD

1) most of the time we are quiet in class. okay the professor admitted that most of their students are way too noisy during the class. its amazing how we can be so quiet. echeh

2) when we meet the professors we smile at them, and say thank you after every class, we even clap for the professors.

3) we meet people older than us , we show them our respect by shaking their hands.

4) and they even said dont be like the local students. DONT CHANGE. Be who you are, like right now :P

and they like our baju kurung!
its nice really :))))
where can you see people wearing their traditional cloth to work or to class or even some wear baju kurung to klcc? wtf?
it'd be great if the guys also wear their baju melayu to class.
A guy always look better in baju melayu :P

Thursday, June 17, 2010

saya sedang menangis guleng guleng

Jam menunjukkan pukul 3 pagi

Esok ada kelas pagi. sampaiii petang + malam schedule aku full
Tapi sebab assignment tak siap, terpaksa lah stay up dengan hati yang tak rela plus plus petang tadi tak sempat tidur T_T

Pergi mati lah kau assignment malas nak menyakitkan hati sendiri. ergh geram

When every sounds and smells reminds you of home

Aku rasa kadar kehomesick-an aku ni dah mencecah tahap kritikal
dengar bunyi kipas ingat kampung *nak balik kampunggg T_T*
bau bank ingat bank malaysia
bauu kedai teringat air cond -__-"

Semua benda lah mengingatkan aku dekat malaysia
haish ni semua gara gara semua bising balik dah dekat
Tapi aku tak sanggup nak ingat balik sebab kalau balik nak dekat, maknanya final pun nak dekat. huwaa

okay aku tak sabar nak balik
Bila balik aku nak jalan jalan makan puas puas
Aku nak pergi Genting Highlands. okay sangat desperate teringin nak pergi

Aku nak pergi tengok wayang puas puas.
Aku nak.... keluar makan puas puas
Duduk rumah puas puas
Tengok TV puas puas
Tengok Drama melayu puas puas.
Tak kisah lah drama bengong ke tak bengong ke janji Melayu dan bukan Arab.

Lantak korang lah cakap cuti nanti kena pegang buku
Belajar lah jugak sikit sikit

Kau nak belajar? Kau belajar lah sorang sorang
bergembira puas puas
meronggeng puas puas

Nanti bila balik sini
Serabut. Nak enjoy pun rasa bersalah bila buku bertimbun depan mata.
Sakit kepala sakit mata sakit hati
Macam aku tengah sakit kepala sekarang dengan assignment
Nak campak campak je kertas ni dalam tong sampah
Sabar, sabar

p/s: dah berminggu internet tak ada. bosan bosan bosan

Friday, June 11, 2010

sakit kepala

Another one month to go
another one month to go
another one month to go

yay yay yay *boleh balik malaysia.. burger char kuew teaw laksaa wait for me baybeh!!

sigh sigh sigh * exam pun nak dekat dahh

Ive become super duper abnormal
With exam around the corner, i dont think i still can enjoy my life, books should be around me 24/7
but i still do nonsense anyway, even if i know it is wrong
*wait, is it wrong to watch movieesss?? since when?????? -__-"

its a torture.

can i have a normal life = =

Monday, June 7, 2010

not so good news

Okay i came to class hoping that everythings gonna be fine

then i received two not-so-good-news

next sem's class starts on sept 25th.
and i was like "wtffffffffish?!"

my flight ticket is on sept 30th.


HOW AM I GONNA GO TO OPEN HOUSES?! i want to eat till my stomach is so full that i'm not gonna be able to walk or sit or even laugh. hehe

And yes next year, they're gonna sort us by names.
We're going to have different groupmates and sectionmates and lecturemates
and that is so not cool.
I mean, we're now comfortable with each other
we're friends and it's easier to discuss things with each other.
And i dont know if this thing is gonna work
And honestly i hate this thank you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holiday. cairo-zagazig-alexandria

it has been ages since i had my last long-holiday
life has been to busy with classes and stuff

but after our module 5 exam, we were given a 6 days holiday.
and today is the last one.

so since my internet connection went insane since a few months ago,
ive been stealing connection from level 7
but since a few days ago, their internet connection also went insane,
so i dont know how am i gonna survive -__-"

okay so the second day we went to cairo to buy some stuff
you see, my plan was to bring along my housemates and shop.
but i dont really know the places in cairo
so i asked my friend, teng to be our musyrif whatsoever.
so they were only 8 of them but the kakak and abang uitm wanted to follow along.
that made us 13 and some friends wanted to join us too that made us 16
and theres this other group 14 all of them. their musyrif was fikri.
i dont know how but we ended up going together. that made us 31 plus 9 boys who followed along
That made us 40!

aduh you know we had to stop almost 10 teksi industan everytime
and 5 taxis. note that its not easy to get a cab there
we waited for hours!

anyhow, we went to asfour and also hussein. bought some stuff
otw there we realized that day was actually 1 june.
The same day last year was the first time we met, in ksp
so we consider the trip ;our reunion' since almost all ksp students follow along :P

hehe it was darn tiring, i couldnt even feel my leg that night. we walked from morning till night.
and i was extremely exhausted

i bought some stuff for family and friends but not as many stuff as the others
because its the same thing.
i bought them already last year and this year going to the same place i didnt even know what to buy.
i ended up buying so little things, not even enough for my family and friends :(

the next day some of us wanted to go to the museum but considering most of us was extremely tired, we went home. by train. that was my first time taking a train. woo best jugak :P

Thank God i coundnt take it anymore = =

and the next day i went to zagazig and hung out with my friends,
you see i need to get away and i did.
hung out the whole day had fun all day long :P

lepak-ed with shifa and timah, cooked and ate a lot
then went to aina's and had a long conversation

theres too many updates in such a short time.
i need time to digest them all. LOL

back home and watched movie all day long.
All ive been doing is watch malcolm in the middle, feel sleepy and go to sleep. wake up continue watching, eat, sleep again. the same thing over and over again

How heaven that is.
Only for a day. more than one ill be dead = =
In a few hours i need to get back to my daily routine.
classes books tutorials assignments.

I cant wait to be home.
Be patient nur hanina. only one++ month to go. :DD