Wednesday, September 29, 2010

without a title

carefree life ends tonight
new life starts tomorrow.

Goodbye Malaysia

Thank you for everything
I'm gonna miss you.

Special thanks to : Family, Cousins, Friends (Mea, Aina, Milah, Afif, Amir Zul, Amir syafa, Farid, Danial Ruslan and others) for keeping me company this holiday.

Awesomely awesome.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

lagi satu minggu
orang lain bakal pergi ke kelas menyerap segala ilmu
manakala aku masih berada di sini,
dengan urusan malaysiawi.

setahun lagi sebelum aku bakal jejakkan kaki aku semula,
sementara masa masih ada,
aku mahu bertemu rakan rakan, saudara, keluarga dan taulan
mahu berjalan sementara boleh,
sementara masa tidak tersyarat dengan buku yang bergelimpangan
mahu mengamati malaysia sepuasnya
melepaskann segala rindu setahun lebih awal.
melaksanakan hutang yang masih belum terhutang.

sedih bila bayangkan hidup yang bakal aku lalui di sana nanti.
laluan sementara. sementara amat.

tak mahu fikirkan pun
walaupun barang sudah dimuatkan dalam beg merah menyala.
tak mahu fikir yang aku akan ucap selamat tinggal
buat kali ketiga

Monday, September 20, 2010

oh yeah.

So everyone is already informed that we are going to learn virus and immunity next semester

not cvs not cns
naah nadaa

sooo heck yeah im happy enough
because cvs is freaking hard
freakingly hard.
and i cant even imagine the burden i will face if i skip a week of cvs lectures

Im pretty sure ill go insane if that happens
luckily, its not going to happen at all.


okay they started posting stuff about the lecture and i downloaded it.
It is kind of interesting

KIND OF *im using capital letters here and im not going to explain why because you sure know why

okay, enough crap.

So im leaving next week.
shit. *oh don't curse. please nina. dont.

Best of luck geniuses

Oh heck, sure i can.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mathematics T.T

I used to love math

And math used to be my favourite subject
or still is? =.="

Add math was harder. So i started to get b's and c's in the exam
my add math kind of suck really

even in SPM. haha i didn't answer half of the paper. its like i know the answer to question a, but totally had no idea about the answer to question b and c

i dont know how the heck did i manage to get an a's in spm ? = ="
perhaps because the questions were wayy too hard that just a few managed to answer them so the graph also turun?(!)

I dont know what went wrong,

now if you ask me the simplest question

*a long long pause*


I saw my friend's paper something about probability

its one of the easy parts in math kan?
well i tried so hard to remember how to solve it but i just failed.

The image roughly appeared in my mind but its not enough to figure out how to solve the whole thing T.T

I miss mathematics.

Medicine use very little mathematics
only, erk statistics in the first module,

and even if we're gonna use math in the future, the math isnt going to be as exciting as it used to be

it won't be that challenging anymore(?)


i want to learn math again :(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bad news vs good news

16 days to go?
Are you f*ing kidding me? (!)



*crying my eyes out

there are things i wish i could still do
there are people i still want to meet
and you know, i have some plans for these 2 weeks thats left

-go watch movie with mea and brother.
-go to kak nisa's wedding on saturday (!)
-ares's gonna blanje me mcD yay
-belanja raja kambeng. LOL nak kambeng jugak? = ="
-play bunga api. yay i have a box of bunga api. mercun mercun tak main ek.
and the list goes on.

You know, im quite satisfied with this holiday because i went back to my hometown.
its been two years you know *wink wink* :)))

Got duit raya also, maybe not too much because erk, im a grown-up?
haha but its enough la
Though its not enough to cover the money i spent for shopping(!) im still satisfied.
Should be grateful kan
At least its enough to buy a new pair of shoe and a sweater? ^.^"
But its a matter of time before they stop giving me duit raya.
na-ah, nada, nil, zip, zero, nothing! T.T

And just now i went to mea's for a makan-makan.
I thought theres not gonna be anyone i know except for Kam Loon, which i warned from the start to come early (!)
but it turned out, it was like a reunion
haha ex-primaryschoolmate, ex-tuitionmates-fb-mates, jiran? haha , alexmate and the list goes on.

Finally get to meet kam loon lah. the one i always bully. thanks for the mentos la weh.
haha used to curi your mentos everytime
and amelia also, the cute girl that i havent met for a few years already! and heman too! :D

and there's dan. (Dan , name dan ada ni! terharu tak?)
selalu chat dekat facebook je, tapi tadi jumpe pulak :P

and there's this one girl who is studying in alexandria tooo!
amirah afeeqa
haa she takes denstistry but you see, im still excited.
at least there's someone in alex that knows the people i know (!)
a lot of them :P

one happy family at home :))

With Ng Kam Loon. :D

this is the amirah afeeqa. :)) yeah that one

Mus Dan Nina Kam Loon >.<"

and last but not least, a little advice from me.

peace y'all!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

raye datang lagi~

Aah nothing is better than spending days in your hometown(!)
wee which is - wait for it- wait for it- PERAK!
heeeee its been years
and i get to hang out with my cousins (!)
A big hooray for that.

:)))) the best thing about rayaa
collecting duit raya. hee ^.^" not a good intention eh?
but you know, who doesnt love money?

and i get to play with cute babies tooo(!)
one, two, three erk many of em' :D

Hope you enjoy your raya tooo guys! :))
bbq tonight.
going to eat till i drop. wah!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin
To all my classmates, ex-classmates,lecturemates,sectionmates,groupmates,ronggeng-mates and all my other mates :DD

Special wish:

My ex-roommates: Damn I miss you guys;
-Asilah Mahmood, Zulaikha Mat Jusoh and Siti Hafsah :)

-Ana yang comel, Siti siti :P, Iezyy comel, Ecah anakku (Yang lain juga, tak tulis sebab takde blog korang bukan bace pun!:P)

Lecturemates (Hell im not gonna list them all)

-Fikri the leader, Rara, Beeha, Miza, Serot, Sehot, Mimot, Ferot, Aqel, Akram, Teng

-Natashaa darling, Raja, Aina, Milah, Syiqa, Amir, Irfan dan lain-lain (:

-Amiera Yusoff, Mariam Jamilah, Aina Farhana, Nik Mohd Syafik Hazree

Have a nice raya guys. Love you guys lots lots lots lots.

p/s: i curse this fuckinggg period pain that im having on raya night.
How the hell am i gonna enjoy my raya =.='

p/s/s: 21 days and counting T.T

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh money $$$$

I spent a lot of money in Malaysia,
Well its not my fault that i overspent.
Stuff here are damn good really(!)
I brought home some money so i could buy stuff but i promised myself to only use half of it
Because i accidentally withdrawed more than i wanted to.

I still have one month to spend here but the half is already gone. T.T

What have i done?
What have i done?
*knocking my head over and over again

You know i should start being a little bit more like before.
I managed to save a lot :D
i didnt buy nothing except food food because during the first few months my levelmates cook everyday
and you see, we spent only one and nus genih permeal. cool!:)
Since we get to cook next year.
I should save more and more and more.
++++ i dislike shopping in egypt.
Because the stuff are just not, you know, eye-catching?

But wait, what the hell am i gonna do with the savings?
Ergh im not sure yet, buy a car perhaps? go shopping?
*no, no, car? for now thats not gonna happen. shopping? neh, im not sure. sounds fun but...we'll see. LOL
whateves, i just hate being broke. :))

Monday, September 6, 2010

Spent the night with them
after about a month
after about a year
Not sure how i feel.
Happy :) Sad :( Excited :D
Laugh Laugh Laugh Smile Smile Smile Cry Cry Cry
and Laugh some more
Some change some dont
But i love them anyway :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tired of buffering?

Cool, man!

and hell yeah ,

True story.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


To : You who used to be my bestfriend.

It is funny yet sad how my less-close-bestfriends ask slash concern slash care(?) more than you, who were my closer bestfriend do.

They want to meet.

They want to hang out

They even asked when was i coming home when am i gonna leave.

But you, yes you
Didnt even know when was i coming home
didnt even bother to know(?)

Doesnt even bother to ask anything

and never once i heard you say 'let's meet' or 'lets hang out'

doesnt even say nothing ask nothing mention nothing

doesnt even say hi on facebook, on ym . okay a few times that i don't count

You, busy? heck, no i don't think so

You online all the time, hang out all the time, even meet them few times. note that we were all friends together,

i am not angry. maybe i feel truly disappointed for it to be this way

and just so you know, i do love you sooooo much as a friend, a good friend, a best friend

No matter how many times you say we are still best friends,

i just know we are not anymore, stop convincing me.

i dont need comfort i dont need nothing

because ive finally accept the fact that our stories end here

to 'you' who could be anyone; it could be you. i could be him. it could be her.

im saying thank you for the memories