Monday, September 20, 2010

oh yeah.

So everyone is already informed that we are going to learn virus and immunity next semester

not cvs not cns
naah nadaa

sooo heck yeah im happy enough
because cvs is freaking hard
freakingly hard.
and i cant even imagine the burden i will face if i skip a week of cvs lectures

Im pretty sure ill go insane if that happens
luckily, its not going to happen at all.


okay they started posting stuff about the lecture and i downloaded it.
It is kind of interesting

KIND OF *im using capital letters here and im not going to explain why because you sure know why

okay, enough crap.

So im leaving next week.
shit. *oh don't curse. please nina. dont.

Best of luck geniuses

Oh heck, sure i can.


silah said...

huhu cara kau ckp membuat ak yakin subjek 2nd year tak susah mane ..

AuLiA said...

"i cant live without books"


good luck untuk stadi kamoooo...

AuLiA said...
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siti hanisah said...

silah, tak susah eh? anda pasti? haha

nina, yeye. tidaklah pecah kepala tiba2.kui3

Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...

woh! >o< aku baru dwnload O.O

nur hanina said...

haha bagusla sila aku berjayaa buat kau tngg. haha

andaa kena bacaaa smbungan gmba tu laa ayt bawah tu :P
thime kasihhh

kann sitiii. tng sket ati balik lmbat ni

suhaaa smngt gilaa bagusnyeee
kite donlod je tak tgk sgt pun haha

ainaa said...

npknya ramai lega bukan subj cns..:)

ainaa said...

npknya ramai lega bukan subj cns..:)

nur hanina said...

memangg lahh
mati kalau cns oh :P