Wednesday, September 1, 2010


To : You who used to be my bestfriend.

It is funny yet sad how my less-close-bestfriends ask slash concern slash care(?) more than you, who were my closer bestfriend do.

They want to meet.

They want to hang out

They even asked when was i coming home when am i gonna leave.

But you, yes you
Didnt even know when was i coming home
didnt even bother to know(?)

Doesnt even bother to ask anything

and never once i heard you say 'let's meet' or 'lets hang out'

doesnt even say nothing ask nothing mention nothing

doesnt even say hi on facebook, on ym . okay a few times that i don't count

You, busy? heck, no i don't think so

You online all the time, hang out all the time, even meet them few times. note that we were all friends together,

i am not angry. maybe i feel truly disappointed for it to be this way

and just so you know, i do love you sooooo much as a friend, a good friend, a best friend

No matter how many times you say we are still best friends,

i just know we are not anymore, stop convincing me.

i dont need comfort i dont need nothing

because ive finally accept the fact that our stories end here

to 'you' who could be anyone; it could be you. i could be him. it could be her.

im saying thank you for the memories



110% aku terasa :(

nur hanina said...

jgn nak terasa sangat ban
bukan pasal kau :)

AuLiA said...

kalau "you" tu yang bace, memang terkena la dia. sabar yob!

nur hanina said...

haha kalau dia trase la :P


Tak kesah aku still terasa :(

nur hanina said...

kalau terasa sorry lah. haha

Aina Mohammad said...

saya tidak terasa :DD

nur hanina said...

kalau kau trasa sah tak betul dah kau aina

Asilah Mahmod said...

yupp.. kadang2 ak pun terase mcm berada kat situasi kau nina ;(