Sunday, February 27, 2011

end this now please?

Officially am going crazy.
Months. 2 months without anything to do.
Well i thought i should be glad that exam's over,
well, if it still hasn't over, at least i study, or read something at least
but i left all my books in egypt.
that explains why im totally lost here.

im getting tired of sleeping. i spend most of my time sleeping. in the morning, evening, at night.
tired of watching movies and series.
getting sick of facebooking, blogging, and tumblr-ing.

This boredom is making me extremely moody, unproductive, angry, stress and everything.
Like, seriously = =

Saturday, February 26, 2011


my tumblr


:) Just because i love to reblog nice slash cool pictures :D ngee

btw im new :D that explains the few pages and the un-cool-ness of my tumblr. lol

Friday, February 25, 2011

don't blame me sistah.

You know what.
I am never good with places.
And geography too, since it has to do with places.

I was in form 3 or 2 im not sure and i didn't even know where the heck is Perlis and i went
" cikgu, perlis kat negara mana?"

Oh damn now that im reading the question i asked, it does sound soo stupid. ;(

and he went " Kamu ni orang malaysia ke nina?" * something like that i don't really remember.

Not good in memorizing the jalans.
Most of the time i ended up sesat. dont ever count on me when it comes to roads or places. = ="
i won't remember.

I still fail to remember the jalan from jusco to home. or carrefour to home. even it's like less than 15 minutes drive to my house.
and ive been to those places like gazillion times already yet i still don't remember = ="

and i almost failed geo when i was in form 2.
i got the lowest mark in the class for mid term
and the only reason i got the highest mark during final exam was because i didn't want to get the same result i got so i answered every single question in the text book
turned out, the all the questions that came out in the exam were the questions in the book. damn nice.

ok ok the point is,
the girls are planning on a trip to langkawii.
and its not entirely my fault when i asked them
"langkawi kat mana? pahang eh?"
because i really don't know. never did. hehe sorry.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


siapa tak rindu zaman sekolah.
zaman tak siap kerja sekolah boleh tiru salin orang lain.
zaman cikgu bersalin lah waktu paling bahagia sebab 3 bulan cikgu tak datang sekolah tak ada cikgu ganti
zaman cikgu tak masuk kelas boleh main kejar kejar satu sekolah.
zaman balik rumah boleh tidur tak payah study dulu.
zaman ponteng sekolah lepas tu kena marah dengan cikgu esok dia.
zaman kawan kawan semua memang macam adik beradik dah. semua sehati sejiwa.
zaman time cikgu tengah belajar pun boleh bergelak sakan belajar pun bergembira.
zaman kena salin soalan dalam buku latihan
zaman folio tak siap satu kelas bertungkus lumus buatkan untuk orang tak siap.
zaman kalau kau mengantuk kau tidur tanpa rasa bersalah
zaman cinta monyet. yang bila kau fikir balik memang bodoh untuk dilakukan.
zaman menjadi pengganas ,pengawas exco tak bertanggungjawab = =
zaman mengenal erti hidup

oh aku rindu kau orang. tapi aku tahu semua dah ada life masing masing.
semua orang busy semua orang ada kawan baru. aku pun sama. tak boleh nak salahkan sape sape
apa apa pun korang semua tetap dalam hati aku echeh :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hari ini aku rasa macam sial gila
dah lama aku tak rasa macam nak mencarut
dah lama gila jugak aku tak rasa sakit hati kecewa marah macam nak menangis sampai macam ni.
kenapa? macam macam benda. dengan borang yang haram jadah kene isi. dengan masalah dengan manusia yang dipanggil MANUSIA

dengan kawan baik yang kau ingat boleh laaa jadi a shoulder to cry on kononnnlah,
tapi dah perangai macam sial. lagi menjahanamkan mood kau.
Macam tu ke kawan? Pergi mati lah weh.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Aku faham kalau perempuan minat korea
Aku faham kalau diorang gilaaa gilaa kat mamat korea dalam cerita cerita diorang tengok
Sebab, you know, girls/

Tapi kalau lelaki gila korea aku tak faham
Kalau cakap diorang tengok saje saje mungkin la aku faham
Tapi yang gila gila gila dekat korea tuu, macam erkk?
Adakah kerana mereka comel? seksi? Idk

yang penting aku nak cari lelaki yang tak gila korea. itu penting
kalau suka tgk burn notice ke himym ke best jugak ada geng
kalau tak tengok langsung lagi bagus. :D ngee
tade lah semak kalau aku pun tengok kene sekali :P

ada pernah kawan aku sorang cakap
"aku nak cari bakal suami yang tak suka korea"

aku cakap "mesti lah dorang pernah tengok tak pun "

dia cakap lagi " aku yakin dalam dunia ni ada lagi laki yang tak pernah tengok korea"

whoahh koreaa, koreaaa

Friday, February 18, 2011

sigh -.-"

I miss Egypt.
Such a shocking confession eh?
No, not really.

You know, i've been meronggeng-ing around while right now, this moment, if this riot never has happened, i would be in egypt, struggling real hard for module 11.

yes, right.

I'd go to class in the morning, library and home.

Instead of doing all that, here i am.
watch movies, sleep a lot and and and waste my time on facebook. = ="
I feel empty. = ="
i feel like being here for a really long time isn't going to bring that much benefit
i rather stay egypt even sometimes i hate being there because i dont know where to go at night except for sitting on my chair without moving. and it sucked really.

okay the point is, i dont want to delay my study any longer.
please please let us go back
Im not looking forward to a packed schedule.
I dont know if i can handle that

but things are not okay yet okay fine i get it = ="

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I ain't hoping for free flight ticket back to egypt
ain't hoping to claim anything for the ticket i bought to come back

i know i know they already supported us to go home,
im not included lah since i flew a few days early to save my arse.
why should we expect more

eventhough i never planned on coming home for winter holiday because of course, i dont have that much money.
it just happened, and i had to use my savings.
okay okay i get it.
its okay. shit happens. not a big deal really

But when a bunch of my friends get to claim the money they used to come home (perhaps) from their zakat negeri,
im starting to think that this ain't fair.

if they get it, i want it toooooooooooooooooo!
this ain't fair. ain't fair at all

*tak sure pun diorang dapat ke tak. we'll just wait and see :D
Im a noob

I dont know how to use tumblr and ive been trying to figure out.
It sucks when you know nothing about it and you just clicked everything on the page yet you still haven't made any progress even when you have actually explored it for a few hours already

*two lines without '.' . nice.

Get going, nina. get going.

Monday, February 14, 2011

an end.

well it has been decided that class is going to start on March 12th 2011.
Less than a month, from today.
Okay so cancel all your exploring-malaysia plan and get ready for the new schedule.
I believe its going to be damn tight really, damn tight.

A big chance, im not coming home this summer holidayy because im gonna spend a big amount of money on flight ticket. damn nice!
But i still hope i have enough money for that.
Gotta start savingg!

SO START CRYING NOW! or screaming or whatever = ="
oh and start eating everything that you can't eat in egypt. that is a must.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

costa coffee. Big LOVE

This is the second last time we hung out at the city center
Taken the night after our practical exam.

At first i planned on sitting at home and do revision but i canceled the plan and enjoyed myself to the fullest instead! ngee :)

i miss those moments when we just sat and enjoyed our panini, chocolate cake and some mocha or chocolate, iced tea or whatever drinks we ordered.

Oh costa? how are you darling ive been missing you ;( I hope they didnt bomb you or destroy you or whatever because if they did im gonna kill them with my own two hands = ="

and yes we went to costa the night before the riot
Big thanks to pika well because she was the one who forced us to lepak there that night. haha
I was effing tired but i went anyway. Now im glad i made that decision!

and we saw a costa in budapest, of course its not halal so we didnt go there but it just made me miss costa even more :(

now imma go back to egypt, and go lepak at costa with them! you bet i will :P

Friday, February 11, 2011


My new experience . Praying beside the lift, street,railway station,beside escalator and old castle in prague,vienna,and budapest. Lihatlah kemanisan islam yang mahu umatnya mengingati Allah tidak kira kita di mana. Pedulikan apa orang kata kerana islam agama kita dan kita adalah kita ;) *klik

*credits to Amirul Hisyam.

yes yes. ive been there. when people stared at us. We ignored. They walked between us while we were doing jamaah prayer. It was -10 degrees outside and our feet were numb because of the coldness. We prayed beside the church. And someone even took a picture of us while we were praying inside the tunnel somewhere beside the church.
New experience. I loved it :)

Alhamdulillah I travelled with those who never forget about their responsibilities as a muslim, whatever, however condition we are in.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


oh yes im finally home

from egypt to vienna to prague to hungary to vienna again to german to bangkok and finally Malaysia.

Finally aku ada masa untuk duduk goyang kaki,
Semenjak darurat aku busy. banyak benda kena buat
walaupun aku go through darurat berapa hari je. sebab, uhm sebab, aku berjaya melarikan diri.

Aku tak tahu aku mampu ke get through life kalau stay kat egypt.
Tapi memang kuasa Allah habis,
daripada 100% cancel trip, dah bersiap nak pergi asrama mara dah bila kitorng diarahkan berkumpul, packing cuti semua dah bukak balik.
Tapi dalam masa 10 minit je kitorang bersiap nak fly bila dapat tahu ada spot kosong.

Memang perfect timing kan? Barang aku habis semua tinggal T.T

dah berapa hari aku tidur dengan bunyi bom orang jerit dan tembak tembak.
Malam kena tutup lampu menyamar macam tak ada orang kat rumah.
sorang sorang berjaga nak make sure everything is okay

Perjalanan pergi cairo memang hampeh dengan banyak beratus ke beribu banduan tengah jalan terlepas. tahan tahan kereta
nampak askar search satu satu transport including ours
tengok diorang kena tangkap balik dengan askar

banyak jugak nampak kereta kereta kena bakar malam before tu kereta mahal pulak tu. = =

Nasib baik flight kitorang on.
Kami pun berambus.

Tapi hati tak tenang lagi fikir kawan kawan yang ada kat mesir lagi. risau gila pulak
Hari hari cari paper nak tgk update pasal egypt
nasib internet ada a few days after dapat jugak contact
lega hati bila semua cakap okay je :)

so 8 of us,

aku, jijie, pika, key, sadiq, fabe, amer dengan azrin.
Dengan banyak masalahnya. tiket flight tak beli lagi, tak cukup duit, kena pick pocket, bajet lari sebab nak beli tiket balik malaysia, nak cari makanan halal kat vienna tu berejam pulak sekali ;(

Dahla sejuk nak mati. -10 aku rasa. Kental gila aku pakai t shirt dengan sweater je. tangan dah luka luka T.T kaki tak rasa apa dah. tangan punmacam vc T.T
Tak suka salji. what was i thinking nak sangat rasa snow? adoy.

Lama sangat rasanya masa berlalu. dah habis dah finally. selamat tiba kat malaysia
gila bersyukur
harap yang lain kat egypt tu selamat pulang :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You jump, i jump :D

Oh im loving it <3
thanks for the awe-wait for it-some trip guysss.
it was marvehhhhlouuussss

Saturday, February 5, 2011

penat saving duit bertahun habis duit beli tiket flight je T.T
ergh benci riot!

Friday, February 4, 2011

First I thank Allah for sending me here.
I know He planned this for us.

Since we whole heartedly cancelled this planned before the guys called us telling that there are some empty places in the tramco.

and here i am. it's been few days struggling to survive,
With extremely cold temperature.
Yes what was i thinking. i wanted to go to somewhere yang ada snow
now that i got it i just want the normal temperature T.T tak tahann sejuk weh/

A few days through the riot, i faced it for only a few nights and i almost went crazy.
Especially when we have not yet been gathered in the same house.
What about others who are still in egypt :( i hope you guys are okay.

A few days and im going back to Malaysia. Can't wait. its too much, have used a lot of money and its been days since i last ate like crazy.

Going to have a 6 months holiday. what am i supposed to do during that long holiday?
aiyoh. gotta figure out.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the longest

the most adventurous and the longest journey i have ever had.
so many problems so many obstacles so many countries.

Never ever once i imagined im gonna face things like this.

And i hope it will never happen again

Alhamdulillah we got out
and take care friends