Sunday, February 27, 2011

end this now please?

Officially am going crazy.
Months. 2 months without anything to do.
Well i thought i should be glad that exam's over,
well, if it still hasn't over, at least i study, or read something at least
but i left all my books in egypt.
that explains why im totally lost here.

im getting tired of sleeping. i spend most of my time sleeping. in the morning, evening, at night.
tired of watching movies and series.
getting sick of facebooking, blogging, and tumblr-ing.

This boredom is making me extremely moody, unproductive, angry, stress and everything.
Like, seriously = =


akumfp said...

first first

teddy said...

tidur menggemokkan diri.

andre said...

apsal nama aku teddy plak?? duhh!!

nur hanina said...

gile ah kau. still berjaya first.haha

erghhh kalauu tak tidur bakal mati kebosanan.

kau pehal ni andre banyak sangat nama! haha

Mofarza said...

nk link tumblr buleh?

nur hanina said...

hee ada dalam previous post :D