Monday, February 14, 2011

an end.

well it has been decided that class is going to start on March 12th 2011.
Less than a month, from today.
Okay so cancel all your exploring-malaysia plan and get ready for the new schedule.
I believe its going to be damn tight really, damn tight.

A big chance, im not coming home this summer holidayy because im gonna spend a big amount of money on flight ticket. damn nice!
But i still hope i have enough money for that.
Gotta start savingg!

SO START CRYING NOW! or screaming or whatever = ="
oh and start eating everything that you can't eat in egypt. that is a must.


silah said...

tak dpt nak pergi kelantAN,,

tp kalau kau baca emel, tarikh 12/3 tu just nak bagi kite bersedia, meaning tak kompem lagi kan?
sebab kerjaan tak putuskan ape ape lagi..


nur hanina said...

aah aah aku tulis entry ni before email susulan tu
aiyoh pening pening je oh haha