Sunday, February 13, 2011

costa coffee. Big LOVE

This is the second last time we hung out at the city center
Taken the night after our practical exam.

At first i planned on sitting at home and do revision but i canceled the plan and enjoyed myself to the fullest instead! ngee :)

i miss those moments when we just sat and enjoyed our panini, chocolate cake and some mocha or chocolate, iced tea or whatever drinks we ordered.

Oh costa? how are you darling ive been missing you ;( I hope they didnt bomb you or destroy you or whatever because if they did im gonna kill them with my own two hands = ="

and yes we went to costa the night before the riot
Big thanks to pika well because she was the one who forced us to lepak there that night. haha
I was effing tired but i went anyway. Now im glad i made that decision!

and we saw a costa in budapest, of course its not halal so we didnt go there but it just made me miss costa even more :(

now imma go back to egypt, and go lepak at costa with them! you bet i will :P


siti hanisah said...

jeles nina jalan2!!!

siti hanisah said...
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nur hanina said...

tape siti duit kite dah habis ni ha T.T