Friday, February 11, 2011


My new experience . Praying beside the lift, street,railway station,beside escalator and old castle in prague,vienna,and budapest. Lihatlah kemanisan islam yang mahu umatnya mengingati Allah tidak kira kita di mana. Pedulikan apa orang kata kerana islam agama kita dan kita adalah kita ;) *klik

*credits to Amirul Hisyam.

yes yes. ive been there. when people stared at us. We ignored. They walked between us while we were doing jamaah prayer. It was -10 degrees outside and our feet were numb because of the coldness. We prayed beside the church. And someone even took a picture of us while we were praying inside the tunnel somewhere beside the church.
New experience. I loved it :)

Alhamdulillah I travelled with those who never forget about their responsibilities as a muslim, whatever, however condition we are in.


ibah said...

comel la nina :)

nur hanina said...

ngeee gelinye dengar.
jibah ada blog!!!