Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Im a noob

I dont know how to use tumblr and ive been trying to figure out.
It sucks when you know nothing about it and you just clicked everything on the page yet you still haven't made any progress even when you have actually explored it for a few hours already

*two lines without '.' . nice.

Get going, nina. get going.


andre said...


nur hanina said...

hoi andre! haha

andre said...

kau sangat noob. :B hahaha

nur hanina said...

Biar lah. haha.

Fatin Nasuha bt Muhd Hatta said...

hahah tekan je mane2 kau suka.either reblog or tekan <3 :D haha tell me yr tumblr :D

nur hanina said...

haha <3 tu boleh tekan eh
tak jumpe pun reblog tu adoy
tak bolehh. noob lagi ni kena penuhkan dulu :P hehe