Friday, February 4, 2011

First I thank Allah for sending me here.
I know He planned this for us.

Since we whole heartedly cancelled this planned before the guys called us telling that there are some empty places in the tramco.

and here i am. it's been few days struggling to survive,
With extremely cold temperature.
Yes what was i thinking. i wanted to go to somewhere yang ada snow
now that i got it i just want the normal temperature T.T tak tahann sejuk weh/

A few days through the riot, i faced it for only a few nights and i almost went crazy.
Especially when we have not yet been gathered in the same house.
What about others who are still in egypt :( i hope you guys are okay.

A few days and im going back to Malaysia. Can't wait. its too much, have used a lot of money and its been days since i last ate like crazy.

Going to have a 6 months holiday. what am i supposed to do during that long holiday?
aiyoh. gotta figure out.


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