Saturday, February 28, 2009

rindu pulak

bangun pagi gosok gigi cuci muka pakai baju,pegi kelas blaja anatomy balik rumah suke hati *nyanyi ikut rentak iklan kodomo lion*

ari ni blaja pasal arm ngn forearm. pasal basilic vein, cephalic vein, dorsal aspect of artery whatsoever i bet you dnt want to know about that
dont put a burden in your head like i have to put in mine.
then amy shifa and i went to bbq eat chicken barbeque what else right?

pstu balik chat ngn aina ngn tash. i miss you very very strong la wey. haha dah la lepak nz tak ajak aku sumpa ngeng

aku rindu malaysia weh.
aku rindu nak skola,aku rindu nak gaduh ngn raje ngn aiman pstu wat havoc kat kantin
aku rindu nak lepak merempat bace buku kat tepi tangge ngn ban tasha tika kembar ena milah
aku rindu nak main sepak sepak main kejar kejar ngn tan
aku rindu nak pukul ban
aku rindu nak jalan jalan naik kete afif ngn raes
aku rindu nak kutuk kutuk makcik kantin yang jual makanan tak sedap
aku rindu nak ckp ckp ngn habib ngn syafiq
aku rindu nak dengar citer citer hebat firdaus
aku rindu nak gado ngn irfan and 2-2 slalunye tanak mengalah-.-"
aku rindu nak jerit jerit dlm kelas sbb kt sini aku takleh jerit sbb aku segan-.-"
aku rindu nak bile jalan jalan je tego je sesape lalu sbb sume orang aku kenal tapi kat sini harapan ar aku nak tego an besol ah aku kenal
aku rindu nak naik komuter pegi times square ngn kembar ngn tika las las sesat smpai ke last stop of the komuter-.-"
aku rindu nak balik skola awal pastu g padang main buaian ngn panjat pokok tangkap2 gmba
aku rindu nk main buaian time tengah hujan lebat lebat pstu jerit cm org gile ngn aina ngn iemad
aku rindu nak lawan ngn nicholas sape dtg tusyen paling awal kene blanje mcd
aku rindu nak g jj ramai ramai smate mate nak tolong afif khairi beli jam
aku rindu nak hang out ramai ramai
aku rindu nak lepas surau bajet nk study pstu sembang2 ngn smira ngn zue ngn tika ngn ena ngn milah
aku rindu main masak masak ngn raudhah ngn hannah ngn nisa
aku rindu nak msg msg ngn amer sebelum tido.
aku rindu nak kacau tan ngn milah dating pastu saje je buat tan sakit ati nnti die mrajuk ngn milah gedik gile.
aku rindu plak nak gaduh gaduh ngn haiqal
aku rindu nak gayut ngn mea and hang out ngn family die
aku rindu nak dengar
aku rindu nak tgk starworld, star movie, hbo, cinemax, axn, E!, channel [V], MTV, tv3, ntv7. pendek kate aku rindu nak tgk tv
aku rindu kene marah ngn cikgu takpun dengar penyutua membebel bebel time assembly
aku rindu nak wat rumah hantu though penat die agak upper higher above normal level.
aku rindu nak tido dalam bilik aku
aku rindu nak makan makanan melayu
aku rindu semua benda

p/s: ooh duduk sini pun best la jugak walaupun tak sebest duduk kat malaysia. haha.

and yes da pakai tudung pusing pusing- pakai gune webcam je:D sian biha duh

Friday, February 27, 2009


The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.Each player answers the questions about themselves.At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names,then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.


**Hm…Number one!!
What were you doing 5 years ago?In 2004??
-fuhh i was studying in a school named smk seri keramat.

**Number Two!!What were the 5 things on your list today?
-sleep. prison break, basuh baju, chatting, makannn:D

**Number Three!!What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
-in malaysia: twisties super ringg cheezels.
here: DORITOS haha sedap, motto

**Number Four!!What are 5 jobs you've had?
-a part time troublemaker, chef, listener, gangster:D and yes a full time student

**Number five!!5 persons that i love to tag?
-tina dah buat, left syiqa, fatihah, mas, nad

Thursday, February 26, 2009

oh no!

Perhaps im going back to Malaysia this year!
yay yay though im not sure yet because i dont know how long our final year holiday is going to be-.-"
i can't wait i can't wait :DDD

ouh yeah countdown weh everyone.
12 days to HELL
or heaven, whatsoever it is.
spm result is going to come out and i'm feeling so anxious.
i wonder how my result is going to be lol.
everyone keep saying " alah spm result is not important for you"
fyi i still need it cause im applying for my scholarship
basically im waiting for my spm and final result to get it/ i came here using my trial result so theres no scholarship yet.

im wondering what if i get less than what im hoping.
Im hoping to get straight a's but im not sure many many thoughts came across my mind,
what if i did it?
what if i didn't?
i'm not feeling that confident. -.-"
i guess i need to wake up early that day( March 12) , like at 5 am? because i think result is going to come out around that time in Malaysia.

well like i said in my previous post, i really wanted to be there to take my result.
i mean its the moment ive been waiting for since i was in from 2 i was so jealous watching my seniors holding their result slip.

well today i feel like im going to have to overcome my second fear; fear to blood.
not that i am afraid of blood but i feel dizzy whenever i see them
so during physiology class we learned about blood and we're going to take a blood sample, from our very own body of course next week. duh at class a guy volunteered to be injected; prof wanted to show an example on how to take blood sample in large volume. and when prof injected the needle into his vain, i was like screaming and closing my eyes. aah pengecut gile an-.-"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


one little two little three little indians*ooh i am so missing that song

well today just want to talk about my university and how have i been doing lately.hehee well nak bangge sikit because, i am no longer afraid of corpse!weee

heheheahaha at first i was like screaming when i saw the feet of the corpse because all the body was coveredbut then when prof asked us to actually examine it, i was like, "ooh cool"and i touched it and i identified the name of the nerves, arteries, muscles etc.hehe although my eyes hurt because they just put formalin on it after removing the organs of the body.

so this is our picture on that day

hee well to be honest, i think universities in Malaysia are nicer, but well the profs here are good in teaching, based on the i said, sometimes we study anatomy in the room with corpse in it, though actually we are not using it in the lecture, in a room with no table. well that was okay but biology is the tough one. no chair! we didn't sit for like? 2 hours? and our legs hurt a lot trust me. waaaa and the laboratories are quite sadis the smell of chemicals are really strong.haha but overall the teaching is okay. i like most of the profs they will repeat what the topic over and over again if we asked them to. hee sometimes even when we said it was enough, they still repeat again.

and then, after class, my housemates and i always eat crisp in front of the gamaah. dah quite bosan actually makan bende tu but got nothing else to crisp is like a burger with mozarella in it with firah or lahmah aka chicken or meat.hehe.sometimes we eat at barbeque or pizza or anything. for people here in zagazig, barbeque is quite an exclusive restaurant, but dahh not that we are being choosy or what but i cant accept the food in many other places, barbeque is the only place where i can accept most of the foods such as spaghetti bolognaise! hee the waiters of the restaurant already recognize our faces. malu jee

just 2 days ago we celebrated amy's birthday there! hee we bought a cake at bassam and brought it there.

everyone ordered chicken barbeque except for kak amira she ordered spaghetti ala creame
so this is how the chicken barbeque looks like. looks delicious right?it tasted good too:D

and then there's one uncle who was sitting behind us offered us to take pictures with his sleeping baby. haha pelik pelik je. he easily gave the baby to us so we were like so excited to take picture with him. hee we were all so loud and noisy i think the whole restaurant heard our voices.hehe
then the waiter took our picture even they joined us in the picture.

biha and i bought a small cute purse with a mug and chocolate for her birthday present while tim and syifa and kak amira gave her an elmo bear and haizum and aineen gave her a selendang which is nice:) bes duh amy dpt banyak hadiah-.-"

so i am starting to get along with people here. well i need to do it whether i like it or not cause im going to be here for like, 6 years?

Friday, February 13, 2009


i tried to be perfect but nothing seems worth it. (pieces,sum41)

have i ever tried to be perfect?
perfection isn't something i'm looking forward to seeing,
simply because, nobody's perfect
i am not trying to be perfect, nor being someone i am not.

I know this is a point when my life becomes different,
just in a blink of eye, everything changed,
and i am not prepared to face it
at one point, i am struggling with myownself,
who i really am?and who was i being.

The word 'always' always came across my mind.
'I always have someone to talk to'
'I always hang out and have fun with my friends'
'I always be the noisiest one'
But suddenly, that 'always' changed into the words 'used to'

'I used to have someone to talk to'
'I used to hang out and have fun with my friends'
'I used to be the noisiest one'

I tried to change the word 'used to' back to always.
But not that i am able to do it,
i tried though,
I just failed
It is not that i dont want to be like others
join people around me doing things they do,
it is because even when i tried,
I don't feel that i am needed,
i dont belong there
and again, i am left alone

Saturday, February 7, 2009

tengah malam

ooh aku terasa nak berbahasa malaysia pulak ini hari.
hidup aku bosan nak mati gile sial bak kate pepatah sediakan payung sebelum hujan.
aku mau blaja tatau mau bace ape.
nak tgk movie tade mood.
ooh baru tgk superhero the movie tadi cite die agak mcm bangang la abis 25 pound aku.
gahahh ari ni aku sangat sakit hati dekat semua oranggg.
yeah aku mmg emo so what ?

patutnye pagi tadi ade sukan tapi dengan penuh bersemangat aku call akak senior ckp aku sakit kaki tak boleh turun tangge. Memang la aku sakit kaki tapi hiperbolalahhh kalau smpai tak boleh turun tangge padahal semalam makan bbq pstu g jalan jalan kt mahattah oke je. Tade mood plak nak pergi dahle kene pakai baju kurung leceh betul name pun sukan ngeng je.
so aku pun menggedikkan diri smbung tido smpai pukul 7 kut.

di sini aku mengumumkann disebabkan nabihah slalu cakap pasal seorang manusia yang diberi name sh* bukan name sebenar, aku pun dah asyik pikir pasal die. hahaa takut terminat plak bahaye tu. Jejake tersebut agak kachak la tade la kachak gile tapi boleh tahan ah. hahaa mase memule jumpe dlm klas tu cm ooh oke je bile tgk balik rase mcm takdelah hensem sgt pun tapi lepas g dahab ni rase die cool plak tapi smpai kt rumah balik aku lupe muke die cane. so takleh nk wat conclusion terakhir. hensem la agaknye smpai diorang nk cilok gmba itu mamt taruk dalam pendrive. i dont want to be a stalker aku tanak tgk gmba tu!

lately aku sangat rase nak balik malaysia sebab aku rindu nak makan tomyam dengan kerabu mangge kat blue corner. dan aku slalu tak tau nak buat ape kat sini. duh kalaula boleh balik kejap pun jadi lah weh. aku lost gile nak mati gile sial.

p/s: Bannn tamau kawan kau patahkan gelangg aku kau tak sayang aku!!!


Well holiday has started so we went to trip to sinai

the plan was going to sinai andd cairo but the trip to cairo was cancelled.

so kind of frustrated but overall the experiences i had there were unforgettable.


so on monday we prepared early like, at 6 oclock haha smangat bas gerak only at 4 in the morning

then we went to telaga Nabi Musa and everything

hee then that night we climbed Jabal Musa

and believe me, i was half dead !

i couldn't breathe and i cramped my leg up there; sumpa malu gilaa oke.

i thought i couldnt make it before the sun rises but i did!

yea yeaaa i watched to sun rose. it was breathtakingglyy beautiful!

climbed the mountain, which is 7000 m for like 5 hours

i was going to give up but you know, not that i can stop there and do nothing

some of the girls already gave up and went up there by camel.

hee but it all worth it. i made it up there and back down the mountain.

although my leg hurts till now.gaha

then that night went to Dahab and went for shopping bought quite a lot of stuff.

in the morning i took a horse and went along the red sea

trust me, the sea was stunningly beautiful it was so clear!

heee then we went to some places such as makam Nabi Harun, Nabi Saleh, went to lembu samiri and a lot of places.

then went back home. and back to my normal life. a boring life with no one around. ooh sorry, around people i can't stand. thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2009


well, going to be away for like,
5 days?
hee going for holiday to cairo and sinai
cant believe finally i have the chance to see pyramids and desert yeah
like what he said,
7 types of deserts; different colours; whatsoever daaah
and many many many many other places including bookfair yeah
finally i can buy novels and magazines in english
its so damn hard to find english magazines or novels here
so basically, i read nothing here except for our textbooks.
haha i am a 'katak di bawah tempurung' kind of girl now-.-"

so insyaAllah we're coming home on friday and yeah on saturday there will be a family day for all malaysian students here.
ooh damn tired.
not that i have any other choices kan need to join also since that akak already called me ,
asking what contest i'd like to participate

there will be regu, sudoku, uno, and some other stuff i dont remember. all indoor and i was only interested in uno but full already. that is so bloody unfair. so i choose sudoku i am not really good in sudoku, i just can do the easy one there's no way im winning-.-"

ouh yeah yesterday tim bought henna, or inai or whatsoever it is called. haha black in colour. i wanted the red one but she opened the black one first so i just used it. and yeah i kind of hate it! waaa i look like a gothic girl do not like it-.-"