Monday, February 2, 2009


well, going to be away for like,
5 days?
hee going for holiday to cairo and sinai
cant believe finally i have the chance to see pyramids and desert yeah
like what he said,
7 types of deserts; different colours; whatsoever daaah
and many many many many other places including bookfair yeah
finally i can buy novels and magazines in english
its so damn hard to find english magazines or novels here
so basically, i read nothing here except for our textbooks.
haha i am a 'katak di bawah tempurung' kind of girl now-.-"

so insyaAllah we're coming home on friday and yeah on saturday there will be a family day for all malaysian students here.
ooh damn tired.
not that i have any other choices kan need to join also since that akak already called me ,
asking what contest i'd like to participate

there will be regu, sudoku, uno, and some other stuff i dont remember. all indoor and i was only interested in uno but full already. that is so bloody unfair. so i choose sudoku i am not really good in sudoku, i just can do the easy one there's no way im winning-.-"

ouh yeah yesterday tim bought henna, or inai or whatsoever it is called. haha black in colour. i wanted the red one but she opened the black one first so i just used it. and yeah i kind of hate it! waaa i look like a gothic girl do not like it-.-"

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Afiqah Azlee said...

have fun! :D
and btw, i've linked you at my blog :)