Thursday, February 26, 2009

oh no!

Perhaps im going back to Malaysia this year!
yay yay though im not sure yet because i dont know how long our final year holiday is going to be-.-"
i can't wait i can't wait :DDD

ouh yeah countdown weh everyone.
12 days to HELL
or heaven, whatsoever it is.
spm result is going to come out and i'm feeling so anxious.
i wonder how my result is going to be lol.
everyone keep saying " alah spm result is not important for you"
fyi i still need it cause im applying for my scholarship
basically im waiting for my spm and final result to get it/ i came here using my trial result so theres no scholarship yet.

im wondering what if i get less than what im hoping.
Im hoping to get straight a's but im not sure many many thoughts came across my mind,
what if i did it?
what if i didn't?
i'm not feeling that confident. -.-"
i guess i need to wake up early that day( March 12) , like at 5 am? because i think result is going to come out around that time in Malaysia.

well like i said in my previous post, i really wanted to be there to take my result.
i mean its the moment ive been waiting for since i was in from 2 i was so jealous watching my seniors holding their result slip.

well today i feel like im going to have to overcome my second fear; fear to blood.
not that i am afraid of blood but i feel dizzy whenever i see them
so during physiology class we learned about blood and we're going to take a blood sample, from our very own body of course next week. duh at class a guy volunteered to be injected; prof wanted to show an example on how to take blood sample in large volume. and when prof injected the needle into his vain, i was like screaming and closing my eyes. aah pengecut gile an-.-"


Afiqah Azlee said...

are u serious?
12 more days???

Puteri Sepi said...


I'm dying over here...

dah la masalah macam2 dtg kat aku...

result pown nak keluar dah!

sabar je la

serious wey...

aku rasa macam nak putus nyawa dah skrang ni..

frust tu dah xtaw nk ckp mcm mana lagi

pastu, result laks keluar

klau result x bgus, maunya aku telan clorox tu :((