Sunday, June 26, 2011

alert! : jangan hafal last minute

bila kena hafal last minute = =
terpaksaa buat macam ni T.T

my boy, so nice lah: mycoplasma; blood sputum nasopharyngeal lung biopsy
cantik nyee seluar luu : chlamydia; nasopharyngeal swab , sputum, lung tissue
Hai, nak curi pistol boleh?: H influenza ; nasopharyngeal swab, csf, pus, blood.

please ingat esok = =

all the best :D

i was looking through my albums and found out the pictures i tooooook a few years back
and i was like " i seriously took this kind of SS picture? so embarassing"
"i really was this lame ke? "
and a little " did i really look like this -__________-?"

ouh all i can say is now i realize how broken i was.
and i hope when i do the same thing like 5 to 10 years from now,
that words wont be coming out of my mouth no more = =
mari insaf :P

and yeah i have a paper tomorrow and im freaking out
well im not that confident this time
its like nothing sticks in my mind
they just come and go
and i feel like crying . waaaaaaaaaaaa

but idk i tried already so whatever happens next is up to Him :)
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood luck and all the best


Friday, June 24, 2011

together :)

sedar tak sedar we've been together for almost 2 years now.
and whether we like it or not we're gonna stuck together for the next 4 and a half years
perhaps we don't see each other that often now,
i know we all have a new section and everything but thats not gonna change anything, i hope
teringat zaman mula mula kenal dulu. macam macam benda jadi. :D
i love you guys. haha kalau korang tak ada im not sure how am i ever gonna make it here :P

two years ago. and we're still together <3

Monday, June 20, 2011

such a regret

well its not like me writing a very hateful post
but i can't help but to feel offended.

How come dude?
how come a simple goodluck. without even a single capital letter. without anything can annoy you that much?
how come?
and i really wished like, every name that came across my laptop and phone
its nothing personal
i didnt disturb you or anything. or maybe i did without even realizing?
well im sorry then
well i thought youre different. i respected you that much. always thought you were a great person, very nice indeed,
but i was wrong. i never really knew you. and i dont even want to
why do i have to know you in the very first place. its such a regret

its not about what you said.
its what how you made me feel about myself when you said those things.
ive been feeling inferior enough and i dont need you to make it worse.
you have officially succeeded. i finally hate you. congratulations

Sunday, June 19, 2011

examm , again?

i dislike opening here and opening there
not knowing what to read.

ishh, and i hate that when they ask weird questions,
and i went " errrrrrrrrrrrrr. bagi klu satu?"
when i have actually read about them

good luck good luck good luck

im dead meat
but imma try my best, imma put my best effort
hee :)

and this one is very nice indeed :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

one hope

I feel embarrassed
It feels like the past is haunting me.
and i really need to forget the whole damn things.
Move on. the present is what matters.
it's just that with those memories, i become so fragile.
not confident, ashamed.
But i can say that i am finally getting better, hopefully again.
Bit by bit is what i can do now. Do whatever thing i am capable of doing.
For a better tomorrow.

And Oh, i've been strong for a couple of months.
but the sight of that one person is killing me.
stabbing me slowly from the back.
why can't you just go away.
why don't you just stay away.
i don't need you to break me into little pieces.

Again, i am in the exam mode.
And hopefully this short, or not so short period aint gonna make me become an ignorant.
I just hope it will make me feel closer to Him.
And the result doesn't matter.
it's how much effort i put on, the reason behind all of the struggles, the lessons i will learn after.

All the best, alexandrians :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

banyak banyak

I have to say that im starting to like my new section.
the only all-girls class in the second year and its fun!
i mean, boleh bising bising. kecoh kecoh
im not saying kelas ada lelaki tak best.
but not as fun lah. tak payah nak jaga jaga hati sangat semua otak sama je. kan kan?

waiting for the lecture. sedih je semua kena bersila atas lantai = =

hari ini kami maroon :)

and yes aku dapat banyak gila cokelat minggu ni (!)
hasni bagi, lepas tu menang thunderbrain lagi. tambah sudu satu. still tak faham motif sudu tu.-.-"
esok dia yang dedications tu aku dapat cokelat kak eiffa dengan kak zana bagi. lepas tu ferrero pulak. balik ada orang belaja milka. tapi orang tu makan 1/5 cokelat tu tinggal kan aku dua row jelah kan. = =

macam best je bagi. dedications tu passing time lecture. mana lah sempat nak tengok semua = = tak dapat bagi sape sapee? by the time aku tanya " nak order!!" dia jawab "tak boleh dah!"

bila orang tanya "nak cokelat ke bunga" aku dengan serta merta jawab "cokelat!"
tapi sebenarnye jealous jugak tengok orang dapat bunga kan. hehe.
ehem ehem. perempuan je eh boleh bagi kat perempuan. :)

hehe sebab aku pernah cakap "bestnyee kalau dapat bungaa ;"("
jadi bila tak dapat kena lah perli kan.
paling sedih bila aku kena banding dengan nora elena pasal bunga ni.

"nora elena asik dpt bunga je tak mcm awak tade org nak bg bunga"

sedih tahuu.

yummyy :)

Pergi fathalla keluar duit je tapi alang alang tu mengada nak berjalan jalan.
dah lama aku nak cari cincin. hehe tangan rasa kosong je tak ada.
cincin aku yang ada dah hilang campak pergi mana tak tahuu.
bila jumpa yang cun + murah memang seronok habis
borong pulak. semua kedai aku masuk.
yang penting, murah gila babssssssss(!)

dari kosong terus penuh hehe :)

balik macam biasa aku pasang laptop
tapi aku tengok laptop aku ni pelik semacam pulak.
lama aku tunggu screen blank je. ahh nak menangis aku tiba tiba.
terfikir nak bedah tapi screwdriver tak jumpa penah aku cari dah tension dah
sepanjang petang aku tidur peluk laptop . hehe bajet sedih sangat lah.
tapi aku dah pasrah dah. dalam hati happy jugak laptop rosak tak ada lah melagha sangat exam nak dekat ni..
tapi assignment macam mana? practical?

tapi berkat kasih sayang aku peluk laptop masa tidur
esok dia aku pasang.
jeng jeng jeng. terus sihat.
i love you baby. muah muah :D

disebabkan toilet aku tengah banjir. aku tak dapat lah nak keluar hari ini
kena duduk rumah tunggu plumber.
balik balik piqah cakap
"nina ada orang bagi"

weeeeeeeeeee aku dapat bungaaa !!
seronok :)
tu lah jangan nak ejek orang sangat. kan orang dah dapat :) wee. suka suka
terima kasih banyak banyak
sayang orang yang bagi ni :D

and btw. aku teringin dah lama nak makan nasi goreng belacan ni
tapi tak ada cili merah . tak ada kicap cair.
sekarang dah ada. jeng jeng jengg.
dapat lah aku makan dengan berseleraa. :) wee i loike :D

banyak pulak aku membebel. exam minggu depan. ready? besol lah! doakan saya ye semua :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ngeng :O

ok can i take back what i wrote?
its that when youre having trouble with someone,
you tend to let go of everything without letting things cool down a little :O
and then you sleep and you wake up and realized
"what the hell was i thinking what the hell did i write in my blog(!)"

yeah so im taking back what i said.
ngeng je kan? boleh pulak macam tu
i am not that baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
i dont care what she slash he slash anyone saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays
*no one really says anything pun*
i know how to feel gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
if i am my friend i'd loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me
and i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to eat.

heheheheee. :D

p/s: will you stop being so oversensitive nina D: pity other people :O

Friday, June 10, 2011

i know im not perfect
i know i have so many defects,
even when i want to try to stop being someone who sucks in so many ways,
i just can't
icant blame the past, because its my own fault not anyone's

and i know i can't be angry or sad when i found out about it
that came from a friend, if a good friend thinks like that, how about others . must be worse :O
but i still have to accept that its my own fault kan,
even if i am my friend, i'd hate a part of me :)

im sorry im such a bad friend, a bad person,
i just don't know how to feel food about myself.
can someone please teach me how?
but its okay , i know it and i cant blame anyone for that so i have to smile no matter how suck it feels :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

ohhhh no

so yeah exam is around the corner,
again and again.

respiratory ni agak susah. tapi tapi takpelah, taknak put high expectation pong
imma try my best and the rest is up to Him. kan kan :)

ngee. so i dont know why but i spent a lot of money this month. baru sepoloh hari tapi bajet sebulan aka LE500 aku nak dekat habis. lepas ni kena savinglah. tak pong suruh orang belanja :O

okok fine. the first one lah not gonna ask other people to belanje me when i still have money in my bank account :O tak baik tak baik tapi kalau nak belanja jugak boleh lah :D

my practical and assignmnt presentation is on the 18th and the 19th :O
and the mcq is on the 22th. kut lah im not sure myself.
but yes i hate exam fever, yes i hate study leave. i wanna watch a lot of moviesss lah ;(
and im pretty sure there's no holiday after the exam ;(
its kind of sad, isnt it,?

and yesterday i went to kapur.
i wanna watch xmen :( but its already late and theres no xmen at kapur only at plaza hijau ;(
huwaaaa. ok shut up
so instead i went to kapur to teman piqa buy her water cooler
its gonna be effing hot during summer i know i know
tapi saya dah balik malaysia ;) wee

si cantik manis bergaya LOL

ended up with a plate of smoked turkey panini :)

kental tak aku usung water cooler macam beg sampai tingkat lima :O

syok sendiri. haha

tilam angin jijie beli. sumpa sedap tido atas ni :O tak tipuu

ahhh the favourite one :) iced peach tea! <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

assalamualaikum :)

haha seronok cakap assalamualaikum dekat qifok dengan hani
dapat cokelat free :)

kat qifok dapat cadbury ngee
yang dekat hani saje saje je sebab liyana tengah cakap kat depan pasal benda ni
sekali dapat kinder bueno :)
ngee tapi aku bagi salam ikhlas laaa :)

buat la lagi lama lama baru best.
hehe dapat cokelat free :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


i'm glad i was sent here.
a place where solat is performed in whatever condition you are in,
with whatever you're wearing as long as its suitable.
there's no such thing as "i cant pray because there's no musolla here of there's no telekung"
where people read al-quran in the train, while walking,

where there are way to many jemaah during solat terawikh or solat jumaat that the road is full with people because the big mosque is just not big enough for them.
where we are being constantly reminded about what to do and what not to do.
what is wrong and what is right.
keep on being reminded that this life here, is just a journey, for something bigger, and forever.

honestly, i dont know what sort of person will i become if i was not sent here.
if i didnt come here, and just stay in my so called 'beloved country'
im not saying that i am a good person now , heck no. im far away from being good
but at least i realize that there are so many things that i do, that i thought is right, is actually not.
not even close.

i hate to say that my country now is extremely corrupted and i am utterly ashamed and disappointed. ;(

p/s: kungfu panda 2 awesome lah weh. nasib ada. serious gelak macam apa je lagi lagi bila dengar budak budak kecik yang tengok tu gelak semangat comel comel je semua :)

"the only reason you are still alive is because i find your stupidity mildly amusing"
"well thank you but i find your evilness extremely annoying" :P

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nak makangg

nak makan bolognaise spaghetti
nak makan mcD.
nak minum peach iced tea costa
nak makan kinder bueno
nak makan ferrero.

wahh semua teringin bila boleh pergi makan ni ;(

btw module respiratory sangat menguji keimanan aku.
semua nak patho je. semua nak pharma je semua nak microb je
cuba bagi physio banyak sikit baru best :)
kalau sehari tu combination of dua dua, habis lah aku
satu hari belajar tak berbelas muka surat pulak kan?

lepas tu pharma dia bukan main lagi ayat taknak karangan pulak.
cik adik awak buat buku macam mana ni tak faham saya.
tak apa lah takkan semua benda nak senang, kan kan kan :)

lepas tu banyak pakai physics mathematics pulak
bila prof tanya semua blur lepas tu
"this is easy you know, its basic physic!"
physic physic ni tak main la der dah lama aku campak mana aku tak tahu.

math pulak
"count count this is mathematics"

banyak pulak kira kira. otak dah karat dah part kira kira ni

nasib baik bawah ni aku ingat lagi :) weee
suka do matematik dulu. macam taknak lepas je sekarang macam ape je kira pun kena pakai tangan ke calculator ke

lepas tu ada orang bising "tak cool lah kau blog asyik sedih je."
hahahaa mana ada do, penat aku bagi explaination panjang lebar :D
aku kan cool macam barney. ok dah nak makan lapar boboi :)