Friday, June 10, 2011

i know im not perfect
i know i have so many defects,
even when i want to try to stop being someone who sucks in so many ways,
i just can't
icant blame the past, because its my own fault not anyone's

and i know i can't be angry or sad when i found out about it
that came from a friend, if a good friend thinks like that, how about others . must be worse :O
but i still have to accept that its my own fault kan,
even if i am my friend, i'd hate a part of me :)

im sorry im such a bad friend, a bad person,
i just don't know how to feel food about myself.
can someone please teach me how?
but its okay , i know it and i cant blame anyone for that so i have to smile no matter how suck it feels :)


dalilakadir said...

kata orang;
u, urself are special..but when there are someone else in u there is nothing special..
kata aku ;
chill lah nina..jgn rasa down..hihi

silah said...

i luv you ninaa :)