Thursday, June 9, 2011

ohhhh no

so yeah exam is around the corner,
again and again.

respiratory ni agak susah. tapi tapi takpelah, taknak put high expectation pong
imma try my best and the rest is up to Him. kan kan :)

ngee. so i dont know why but i spent a lot of money this month. baru sepoloh hari tapi bajet sebulan aka LE500 aku nak dekat habis. lepas ni kena savinglah. tak pong suruh orang belanja :O

okok fine. the first one lah not gonna ask other people to belanje me when i still have money in my bank account :O tak baik tak baik tapi kalau nak belanja jugak boleh lah :D

my practical and assignmnt presentation is on the 18th and the 19th :O
and the mcq is on the 22th. kut lah im not sure myself.
but yes i hate exam fever, yes i hate study leave. i wanna watch a lot of moviesss lah ;(
and im pretty sure there's no holiday after the exam ;(
its kind of sad, isnt it,?

and yesterday i went to kapur.
i wanna watch xmen :( but its already late and theres no xmen at kapur only at plaza hijau ;(
huwaaaa. ok shut up
so instead i went to kapur to teman piqa buy her water cooler
its gonna be effing hot during summer i know i know
tapi saya dah balik malaysia ;) wee

si cantik manis bergaya LOL

ended up with a plate of smoked turkey panini :)

kental tak aku usung water cooler macam beg sampai tingkat lima :O

syok sendiri. haha

tilam angin jijie beli. sumpa sedap tido atas ni :O tak tipuu

ahhh the favourite one :) iced peach tea! <3


akumfp said...

pelik pelik je brg korang beli, tilam angin, wayer cooler, haha

nur hanina said...

asal pelik
sedap do tido atas tu
water cooler sejuk pulak haha

Anonymous said...

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