Saturday, June 4, 2011


i'm glad i was sent here.
a place where solat is performed in whatever condition you are in,
with whatever you're wearing as long as its suitable.
there's no such thing as "i cant pray because there's no musolla here of there's no telekung"
where people read al-quran in the train, while walking,

where there are way to many jemaah during solat terawikh or solat jumaat that the road is full with people because the big mosque is just not big enough for them.
where we are being constantly reminded about what to do and what not to do.
what is wrong and what is right.
keep on being reminded that this life here, is just a journey, for something bigger, and forever.

honestly, i dont know what sort of person will i become if i was not sent here.
if i didnt come here, and just stay in my so called 'beloved country'
im not saying that i am a good person now , heck no. im far away from being good
but at least i realize that there are so many things that i do, that i thought is right, is actually not.
not even close.

i hate to say that my country now is extremely corrupted and i am utterly ashamed and disappointed. ;(

p/s: kungfu panda 2 awesome lah weh. nasib ada. serious gelak macam apa je lagi lagi bila dengar budak budak kecik yang tengok tu gelak semangat comel comel je semua :)

"the only reason you are still alive is because i find your stupidity mildly amusing"
"well thank you but i find your evilness extremely annoying" :P


Natasha Athirah said...

dear love,

im glad that you feel happy to be there syg..always here waiting for you,

ahaaa, dh macam surat pulak.. :D

nur hanina said...

thank you darling
and i will be back! :D