Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new mission

yes one of the biggest mission this year!!
not buying israel's stuff,
and yes surely most of them, are my favourites,
and some of them, i can't live without

there's no other carbonated drink here except for pepsi and coke and 7up yeah
and they are my favourites.
so i can't drink them here.waaaa
how am i supposed to live?

maggi?i hate other brands of 'maggi'.haha i want the maggi one only but i have to stop eating it because maggi is one of israel's product.
aiyoh just planned to ask my family to bring it here-.-"
maggis here aren't nice,fyi

and mcD aaah!my favourite fast food. i used to eat it everytime i went to the mall but shoot i cant eat them nomore.maaggi is not one of israel's product but america's and since america supports israel, i have to prevent myself from eating their products too-.-"
thank god there's no mcD here just in cairo and i bet the taste of their burgers are different from the one we had in malaysia

and KFC woohoo last week i just ate KFC and i felt so bad about it. actually i already felt bad entering the restaurant but i just couldnt stand myself because i miss kfc so much and thank god their kfc sucks.haha tastes so different no chilli sauce, no WHIPPED POTATO and different taste of coleslaw/how are that even possible? well this is the first time i feel so bad eating kfc since i watched how much people in palastin suffer especially children. and i feel so damn fucking terrible about it.and not supporting israel is the best thing i can do right now, at least. And please guys stop using their products. Let them know how serious are we about this matter;D

Sunday, January 25, 2009


makan makan sambil tunggu ayam.gaha
dekat airport.wee

outside my house.gaha

first day of class.

view one

view two

view three

view four

ooh what the.

waha bajet tak?;D


Saturday, January 24, 2009

small little bee

I am like a small little bee
Trying to find a way home
From the monsters and the beasts
On a very windy day

I buzz and i buzz and i buzz
Everyone listens
But never once they turn around

I am still a small little bee
Who wants to be missed and cherished
But i am far away from home
Buzzing in a thick dark jungle

-nur hanina-
-before physiology class

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word

well i dont actually know what i want to write.
i feel so down and alone,
i dont feel like i want to be here
its great,its fun but i miss malaysia
i miss everything about it
i miss my family, friends ,cousins
i miss waking up in my room knowing what to do,
or have no time to feel boring
i miss being in school and laugh with all my friends
i miss crying outside the class without anyone knowing it
i miss comforting tasha while she feels down
i miss having someone to talk to at night or smsing different people every single night
i cant msg no one here since it is so expensive
i cant call them and talk to them all night long
i cant meet them anytime i want to
i dont have anyone to tell all my secrets because no one here knows about my past.
they dont know anyone i know
i cant take this nomore,fyi

Monday, January 19, 2009


finally, my first day of kuliah,
wah kind of frustratingggg.
well i don't really get along with other students
i only talk to my housemates
kesimpulannya, starting from now on aku nak jadi budak pendiam
haha 2 hari kt kuliah aku da jadi pendiam
bak kate mereka "kau kat rumah bising smpai sini je terus senyap."
haha ntah la aku malas la nak join mereka mereka
sbb kat skola dulu aku an bising gilee and sometimes dulu aku nk jd cm orang yang diam mcm kwn aku yg lain
so masuk u ni la chance aku.
so aku mmg seriously mengasingkan diri
kalau jalan aku paling blakang skali kalau diorang berkumpul aku g tempat lain kalau tangkap gmba aku sorg je yg tade dlm gmba
weh irfan aku da jd cm kau.bes bes
so subjek yang aku blaja are anatomy biochemistry physiology histology ngn languages

klas aku pukul 9 smpai 3 kdg kdg 2
so agak exhausted sbb tade rest,
cheh perut aku mmg bebunyi ah time nk dekat balik tu
and rase cm ntah tak cukup mase
hahaa dah ar budak budak umah aku rajen blaja aku tension malam tu blaja lame gile sebelum g kuliah pun bukak buku
aku pun mesti la jeles so aku pun blaja la skali
haha bagus bagus la diorang ni buat aku jadi rajen

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my new life

It has been almost 4 days since I arrived here. Life? Kind of miserable and also complicated. I am still trying to adapt myself into this situation and its kind of hard. They got us a house. Kind of big and also comfortable . I am going to live here with other 6 housemates.
Second day was the hardest day here. Why not the first/? Or the third? Haha the first day there were still a lot of people around me and I didn’t have the chance to think or being too bloody emotional but the second day got me thinking. I miss my friends and family. I keep staring or hugging the presents they gave especially those two bloody bears syafiq and tan/milah gave and I even wore the bracelet amir and sherry gave and keep looking at the bookmarks syiqa and amer gave. Not to foget using the organizer kaknyah and kakyang gave, it was so bloody depressing, fyi.

Well my other housemates kind of having fun with their conversation and everything and instead of joining them, I just slept alone in the room. And fyi again, it is so effin cold here especially at night! Yes, when my house is at the top. The 7th floor not to forget, haha we need to climb the stairs and I feel so bloody exhausted everytime I reach here. I will feel exhausted started on the 5th floor but I have to force myself to keep climbing the stairs!

I cant really eat the food here. Since on plane, everything they gave, I only ate a little and put it aside. Yesterday was the very first time I found something I could eat. Bolognaise spaghetti! At last! I ate them all kind of yummy but I prefer milano’s one. Haha still cannot beat that one but okay la to fill my empty stomach,

People here are friendy hehe especially on the trenco. Haha that girl even said “you beautiful” hee thanks a lot. Its really hard to communicate with them when I don’t know how to speak their languange. And I forget already things I learnt when I was in form one to three.hehe I need to recall back everything I learnt.
p/s: ustaz! Saye meyesal tak amik arab form 4 ngn 5!-.-“

yesterday we went shopping and It was fun there was many shops and a lot of things to buy. I only bought a jacket yesterday. I need to buy a drawer, a closet and a table and chairs. Going to cost a lot of money adoy have to start controlling my shopping desire!
Well that’s it I havent transfer my pictures going to upload them soon. Btw I really miss malaysia. I still cant believe I’m already here. Miss you guys already don’t even think about forgetting me or else I’m going to put you in the ground;D toodles~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

long journey of life

Wah first blog in 2009, using my brand new laptop. haha, at last.

um i've been extremely busy nowadays. I dont even have time to sleep eventhough i feel damn sleepy. i need to pack, send documents, buy stuff, meet people and i feel so exhausted,

so how was new year? well, it was okay. we celebrated new year at mummy's house at ampang and had barbeque. i even got my birthday presents, a nice bracelet from sherry and a very cool organizer that make me look sophisticated when using it, i think.haha from kaknyah and kakyang. thanks a bunch;D well a day before that, mea, my best friend gave me a very nice compartment, pink in colour. hee very nice also. so that's the end of 2008 and the beginning of a very challenging year for me, 2009.

i realize that i'm going to miss a lot of things. i just started feeling comfortable contacting a friend of mine but i realized that only a week before leaving. i dont think we are going to contact each other for a very long time and i feel sad though.

and the 3 top things that i feel very bad about leaving,

1) i don't get to take my own result
-since i was in form 1, i always wanted that time to come, the time when my spm result comes out. haha maybe i'm the only one to feel that way but the fact that , that day is going to be a very emotional day cannot be denied . i want to laugh, cry together with my friends but i dont think thats going to happen and i feel very bad about it

2)wont be a part of kakni's wedding
-since before spm, kakni has been asking me to help her doing her wedding preparation and i feel very very excited to help. now that i'm leaving , i'll miss the chance to help with the preparation, and also miss the chance to see kakni in her wedding dress;( and also miss the chance to meet my handsome pakcik that i meet only once a year, or less.

3) miss the chance to see arissa alya hani and my little kitten grow up.

sometimes i feel excited about leaving but sometimes i feel so sad. i'm going to miss a lot of things but at the same time, i'm going to learn and explore a lot of new things. maybe i'll be more mature and more independent. and this is what i do to become a very successfull person in the future,

I don't know whether or not i can make it there but i have no other choice. by the time i get there i know i have to study real hard
"ni medicine, kalau other course takpe tapi course ni mmg susah betul. lagi lagi kamu kene catch up 4 months. bukan senang"

i want to be the best among the best there, i want to do it, but i dont know whether or not i'm capable to do it. and if i don't it's going to be the end of everything, this is like a big task sent to be in just a blink of eye, and i need to do it by heart and i'm going to try my best!

so pray for me;D