Sunday, January 4, 2009

long journey of life

Wah first blog in 2009, using my brand new laptop. haha, at last.

um i've been extremely busy nowadays. I dont even have time to sleep eventhough i feel damn sleepy. i need to pack, send documents, buy stuff, meet people and i feel so exhausted,

so how was new year? well, it was okay. we celebrated new year at mummy's house at ampang and had barbeque. i even got my birthday presents, a nice bracelet from sherry and a very cool organizer that make me look sophisticated when using it, i think.haha from kaknyah and kakyang. thanks a bunch;D well a day before that, mea, my best friend gave me a very nice compartment, pink in colour. hee very nice also. so that's the end of 2008 and the beginning of a very challenging year for me, 2009.

i realize that i'm going to miss a lot of things. i just started feeling comfortable contacting a friend of mine but i realized that only a week before leaving. i dont think we are going to contact each other for a very long time and i feel sad though.

and the 3 top things that i feel very bad about leaving,

1) i don't get to take my own result
-since i was in form 1, i always wanted that time to come, the time when my spm result comes out. haha maybe i'm the only one to feel that way but the fact that , that day is going to be a very emotional day cannot be denied . i want to laugh, cry together with my friends but i dont think thats going to happen and i feel very bad about it

2)wont be a part of kakni's wedding
-since before spm, kakni has been asking me to help her doing her wedding preparation and i feel very very excited to help. now that i'm leaving , i'll miss the chance to help with the preparation, and also miss the chance to see kakni in her wedding dress;( and also miss the chance to meet my handsome pakcik that i meet only once a year, or less.

3) miss the chance to see arissa alya hani and my little kitten grow up.

sometimes i feel excited about leaving but sometimes i feel so sad. i'm going to miss a lot of things but at the same time, i'm going to learn and explore a lot of new things. maybe i'll be more mature and more independent. and this is what i do to become a very successfull person in the future,

I don't know whether or not i can make it there but i have no other choice. by the time i get there i know i have to study real hard
"ni medicine, kalau other course takpe tapi course ni mmg susah betul. lagi lagi kamu kene catch up 4 months. bukan senang"

i want to be the best among the best there, i want to do it, but i dont know whether or not i'm capable to do it. and if i don't it's going to be the end of everything, this is like a big task sent to be in just a blink of eye, and i need to do it by heart and i'm going to try my best!

so pray for me;D


Puteri Sepi said...

buat la ape yg patot ko buat nina...

yg aku taw, anak ke-7 aku nnt kau kena sambut!



psstt... jgn la mulut aku ni masin!

nnt bebetul ade ramai anak baru taw :(

aku ni udah le short term memory

nnt nme ank sendiri pown aku lupa :D

Anonymous said...

awk, gud luck kat sane!