Wednesday, September 30, 2009


ariving at destination in 5 seconds





and here i am yeah, cairo
dewan abassiyah. never been here before.
we're going to have our orientation tomorrow i think
lepaking here and then go shopping in the evening

i have nothing interesting to write here actually
just want to inform that i have arrived safely, happily, sadly, merengly, bengongly, semangatly. o.o
going to aleex on 5th oct.


Monday, September 28, 2009

im saying this one more time

Bye Bye Bye

see you next year, Malaysia.

bye rumah. bye bilik. bye keluarga. bye cousins. bye rakan rakan, bye makanan o.o

i am going to misss everyy single thing T.T
and yeah, new resolution

less movie, less sleep, less food. more book, more exercise.
so wish me luck!! x)

and yeah this is my last post in malaysia this year.
going to de palma in the afternoon; eat, watch movie, relax and klia at night
flight : kuwait air; 0315 transit; kuwait-cairo.

i am ready for new challenges and new environment yeah! *erk eh ready ke?belum kut-.-*

Thursday, September 24, 2009


pergi reunion rumah syiqa

ramai tak ada

tapi ramai juga ada

rindu mereka

sayang mereka

tangkap gmbar dengan mereka.

hahaa mea join jugak. sorry lah kalau bosan -.-

makanan banyak tapi ntah la kenyang pullak

ainil huda cakap lajuu pun adaa :D

tiqa smira zue nisa raudhah milahh sayang:D raja ban afif pun ada

aku sayang mereka

ban selalu cakap ' sumpa duh kalau boleh patah balik aku nak jdi mcm dulu'

aku pun mcm tu ban,

best kan hidup mcm dulu?

tapi nak buat mcm mana, hidup berjalan.

bukan berhenti

nak taknak kena terima hakikat

tapi rais takde, aina takde, fuad takde, tasha takde, pekdon takde, amir takde, daus pun takde, fan takde,

nak jumpe korang

dah setahun. rindu. :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Received a card from an old friend of mine whom i tried to forget
well 2 of them actually
but one is now a cool friend of mine
and another one is supposed to be a history
didn't expect that person to sign the card pun

Di kesempatan ini saya mengucapkan
Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin
sepuluh tangan disusun mohon ampun atas silap dan salah
terkasar bahasa, depan depan, dalam facebook blogger myspace friendster ym atau blogger mumkin?

harap semua dapat menyambut hari raya dengan gembira dan bersederhanalah dalam segala benda
kepada yang bakal berambus dari Malaysia minggu depan
nikmatilah makanan malaysia , udara, bunyi, penglihatan di sini sebanyak mungkin
anda mungkin tidak dapat merasainya dalam tempoh beberapa bulan akan datang. haha
yang memandu, dengan motor atau kereta,


pandulah dengan cermat
ingatlah orang yang tersayang:D

Friday, September 18, 2009

and it's empty

i'm supposed to feel happy but i dont T.T
i'm supposed to feel excited but i feel empty -.-

at least not now
not at this moment
not today ='(

cheer me up, anyone?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Friends, i am so missing you guys like thousand million trillion lemon lemon times and daaah?

i don't know why but i haven't get the chance to actually talk and laugh and talk and laugh and scream so hard that my stomach and liver and pancreas and heart and every organs i have in my bodyy burst ,with you guys and i miss those moments.:(

and even sometimes when we hung out i just felt awkward
yah trillion times true that i'm the only one who feels like that but duh what do you expect,?
i was gone for months while you guys keep treasuring the meaning of friendship without me. *sigh*
feel like everybody has been busy and we have no time for ourselves *sigh again*
and i just realized my pictures with them are mostly gone * cry cry*
where did i save those pictures?
i believed we took dozens of pictures but where the hell are they?
i want those pictures back waa T_T

milah milah milah imy so much
rindu nak ckp ngn milahh
and don't ever think that aina and i trase or anything like that bile milah dgn tan = =
we understand and and and never ever everr trase :D
we still love you the way we always do *promise!*
sayang milah double triple double lagi triple lagi
life is not the same without you dah la milah tade facebook pstuuu da g blaja tak cutii baru jumpe skali ari tu tu pun kejap + tak dpt banyak ckpp :(
nk nanges bace post milah kt myspacee T.T

and you know, some of them i've lost contactRemove Formatting from selection
such as nisa and raudhah * darling how come?! you have blog too right?! activate it! *
now seriously i want us to go back to form 5 surely without spm
and enjoy ourselves to death

am looking forward to meeting mea too.
we have to meet before i go to egypt okay
i haven't give you the present yet.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

how i met your mother

this is a post about one of my favourite tv series.

and it is, how i met your mother.

this is a story about a guy named TED MOSBY in year 2030 where he tells his children how he met their mother. and the flashback starts

up till now, 4 seasons have been aired and the fifth season is believed to be aired in a few weeks in US of course. I can't wait to watch the fifth season because the past four seasons rock!

haha there are 5 main characters in HIMYM ; Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney.

Among these 5 characters, i have to say i like Barney the most. I mean, in real life he's a gay, like.. a real gay? but in this series, he rocks his character as a player, who loves hot chicks and never believed in marriage but suddenly he falls in love with Robin and his conflicts with Robin start in the end of fourth season when both Robin and Barney do not want to admit their feelings.LOL
Fourth season also ends with Ted giving up on his architect career and instead teaches architect classes.

Friday, September 11, 2009


18 dayss to go.

wah wahhh going back there

lol i don't wanna leave

Friday, September 4, 2009

a place called egypt

everyone is leaving
old friend
myspace friend
ym friend
best friend
and even me
one thing that we have in common,
all of us are going to the same place,
a place called egypt

when i was young, and i heard that someone's going there i went
' cheh mesir?'lol
like what people always say ' what goes around comes around'
i was chosen to go there.

the very first time i arrived in egypt, i was so damn frustrated
my first impression was not good
haha well no one ever told me about that country
but it was better than what i imagined
i expected the uni to be in the middle of the dessert, and the temperature will be damn high
but it was cold and dusty and so, dull?
the very first thing i heard was drivers honking non stop
i was trying to sleep so i was like
"shut the hell up you bloody sons of bitches"
yes, i was emotional, young and immature.
well good reasons,
that was the very first time i had no friends around,
that was the very first time i live far away from home,
that was the very first time i was alone, with not a single person i know
i've never lived in hostel, boarding school etc
everything i did with my friends, so when i was alone, i went a little bit insane. hhaha

the next few months were dull and frustrating and not interesting at all.
there was one time a senior asked me

" what do you find interesting here"
and i replied ,

" er nothing?"

" ooh then, what do you dislike?"

" ooh A LOT. dirty places, the people, the noise and everything. "

but as time passes by, i learned a lot
about the people, the culture, lifestyle, and even the county
and i started to fall in love with it
it's just unbelievable
no matter how dusty, how noisy, how dirty, how loud how dull or how annoying the people are
i accepted every single thing by heart
for me egypt is a special country
it was the country where prophets were borned,
and many many islamic histories happened there
i even went to some places
where the prophet Musa actually climbed a mountain to see Allah,
where 40 prophets gather around for a meeting
it's just amazing and unbelievable you know
standing near the spot they stood
and things you wanted, if you keep praying and asking by heart, will be granted insyaAllah
i tried a few times bfore and it worked
amazing, right?

and just when i was starting to get along with everyone, i was asked to go back to Malaysia for mara's scholarship
it was again, frustrating
i had to leave all my friends behind,
but hey, it doesn;t matter because i'm coming back
with a lot of new friends.
different state but still the same country
i'm going to miss zagazig
cause heyy, where on earth can you ever find a big house, 2 rooms, 2 living rooms and a large, large sutuh outside for only 450 geneh per month= about rm300???

haha anyway, once again, here i come, EGYPT!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


well semalam kitorang ada meeting dengan mara
i expected the meeting to over before 1
last last stuck daripada pukul 8 pagi smpai 4 petang
at first i thougt im going to fly on 29th sept 11 pm but they changed the schedule and i dont know why
flight kuwait air transit kat kuwait.
same je mcm mase pegi zagazig tu. timing fly pun same. transit je lame sikit
so kene ade kat airport 28 sept pukul 11 mlm
kurang sehari nk lepak kt malaysia
anyway they gave us A LOT of money
semalam lah first time aku pegang duit banyak banyak
overall punye total rm16,000
baiknye mara bagi duit shopping
barang barang mostly aku dah ada
gune je beg baju yang aku bawak pegi zagzig dulu
hee so da save banyak duit kt situ
da tatau da nk beli ape. tambah a few more kasut sarung
and a sweater.

then habis tu pegi lah mid valley ngn beberape orang manusie
yeye je nk beli banyak barang last last beli beg je
barang lain cm tak minat plak..
berbuke kat mcd dpt big mac free
thanks mijan:D
and continued searching for stuff i wanted to buy
tak jumpe jugak lol
yang lain balik sg buloh aku je yang kene naik lrt pegi wangse maju

p/s : ape lagi ek yang kene beli?