Monday, September 28, 2009

im saying this one more time

Bye Bye Bye

see you next year, Malaysia.

bye rumah. bye bilik. bye keluarga. bye cousins. bye rakan rakan, bye makanan o.o

i am going to misss everyy single thing T.T
and yeah, new resolution

less movie, less sleep, less food. more book, more exercise.
so wish me luck!! x)

and yeah this is my last post in malaysia this year.
going to de palma in the afternoon; eat, watch movie, relax and klia at night
flight : kuwait air; 0315 transit; kuwait-cairo.

i am ready for new challenges and new environment yeah! *erk eh ready ke?belum kut-.-*


Baja Hitam said...

best of luckk !

The Forsaken said...

tk trtinggal tuh miss makanan.
ko dh gi pown nk tnye dh ready ke blom?aiyoo~

nur hanina said...

thanks zhaf

Ala weh kalau x ready pun wat2 ready sudey