Sunday, September 13, 2009

how i met your mother

this is a post about one of my favourite tv series.

and it is, how i met your mother.

this is a story about a guy named TED MOSBY in year 2030 where he tells his children how he met their mother. and the flashback starts

up till now, 4 seasons have been aired and the fifth season is believed to be aired in a few weeks in US of course. I can't wait to watch the fifth season because the past four seasons rock!

haha there are 5 main characters in HIMYM ; Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney.

Among these 5 characters, i have to say i like Barney the most. I mean, in real life he's a gay, like.. a real gay? but in this series, he rocks his character as a player, who loves hot chicks and never believed in marriage but suddenly he falls in love with Robin and his conflicts with Robin start in the end of fourth season when both Robin and Barney do not want to admit their feelings.LOL
Fourth season also ends with Ted giving up on his architect career and instead teaches architect classes.

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Anonymous said...

season 5 is gonna be legend... wait for it... and i hope u're not lactose intolerent because the next word is gonna be... DAIRY! LEGENDARY!