Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There i was waiting for a chance
hoping that u'll understand
the things i wanna say

As my love
is stronger than before
i wanna see u more and more
but you close the door

Why don't u try
to open up your heart
i won't take so much of your time.....

Maybe it's wrong to say please love me too
coz i know u never do
somebody else is waitin' there inside for you....
maybe its wrong to love you more each day
coz i know she's here to stay....
but i know to whom you should belong....

I believe what u said to me
we should set each other free
that's how u want it to be....

repeat II then chorus....

but my love is strong
i don't know if this is wrong
but i know to whom you should belong......

Sunday, September 9, 2007

bengkel kewartawanan // miim

yay just get back from bengkel kewartawanan which was held on sept 7th and 8th 2007 at miim,wangsa maju. At first, i joined this bengkel because i want to skip my classes but last last mcm best pulak. okay, the best part is, my bestfriend whom i haven't meet for almost a year was there!!! i was so missing her laast last jumpe pulak. hee. the facilitator of my group was kak eryn yang sangat cantik dan baik! hee i already missing her :(. then first day tu uncle salleh bagi talk about ape yg important dlm satu news. then hilmy , a news reader from bernama pulak bagi talk. because my voice was so loud answering one of his ques, i had to go to the front. adoi, dah la kene interview dgn die, kene denda lagi bace buat report pasal sports. then b alik. the second day lah best. ada treasure hunt. penat gila, and klaka pulak. hee. we didn't won anything, but tak kisah pun. hee. experiences and ape yg kitorang dpt kat sane lah best. all the facilitators, crews and organisers gempak gila!! sume best except for some gedix girls. ahaks.

p/s: i miss them!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

bahtera merdeka

Yesterday i went to pwtc. with my mom,dad ,aunt and a cousin. Konsert balada bahtera merdeka. hee at first i though kat istana budaya. That concert was great. Tabik spring lah kat ramli sarip. His voice's awesome! So does sm salim and aishah. Haha that's why today dah berjangkit asyik nyanyi lagu ombak, and i keep singing that "ombak lautan berombak....*then repeat that line again and again becaus line tu je yg hafal;p* that concert was about how they found melaka. and then pegi kat zaman tunku abdul rahman. and crisis happened that time. then pegi kat tun abdul razakk-until zaman paklah. They surely worked so hard on this. Bahagian dpn full gila so kitorang datang lmbat. but blakang kosong. we had to sit at the back. there was two big screens so senang nak tgk. better than duduk dpn but terhalang dgn kepala kepala mereka. overall, ok lah. good performance. worth it.

p/s: gila susah nak download lagu si ramli sarip. i searched for his songs for an hour ++! usually tak smpai 10 minutes dah dpt dah songs i want:(

times square

okay,that day during school holiday, my ex-classmates and i went to times square.

we did have so much fun!ahaha. smpai pening pening naik sume tu especially dna mixer. tapi best lah. tak puas. after almost a year tak jumpe, bile dah jumpa mmg gila la.ahaha.at first, we were all panning to go back at 6 ++. It turned out ratatouille ended at 6.30. And for sure lah kat monorel tu crowd gila because sume balik keje.. we waited for almost two hours baru dpt naik! luckily ada 2 guys behind us, aina and i. handsome guys i mean. menyampuk je ckp org.ahaha but kitorang buat bodo. and that was our mistake!! patut balas so dpt lah tuka tuka myspace ke. ahaha. it's ok lah. best jugak(:

p/s: ratatouille best. that mouse comel gila! and the plot was not bad.(:

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A confession

The stars are shining bright
Lighting this innocent world
Make it brighter than how it used to be
But my heart is still dark, empty
No one’s there to shine it
I am here all alone
Someone left me behind
Chasing for something more valuable,
Than me..

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I’m asleep
A hero when I’m awake
But I was so wrong
You forget all your stupid promises
It’s my fault for trusting you
It’s your fault too, for breaking my heart, into pieces

You never know how I feel
Once I hope you were in my place,
Feel all what I felt before
Feel how hurt I am, how sad I am
But I know it will never happen
I realize I should forget every single thing about you
Throw you away from my heart
So I will be hurt no more

I’ll let you live you life,
And I’ll live mine
No more memories,
Just histories
That will be forgotten

created by,

Nur Hanina.

no copy copy.hee

A journey

Nobody knows how i feel,
How i was thrown into a world,
full of hatred,
how i was thrown into an ocean
full of dissapointment

When i turn around,
all i can see is darkness,
i am so alone
sometimes i try to convince myself that there are still people who care,
but i am so weak,
i fail on believing myself
i fail on doing things i want to do
.without even trying.

and here i am,still
in a dark room,
with nothing but the sound of the wind,
but as time pass by,
i can see light shining little by little
then i started to realize
that there are still hopeand
i know that i have to try,
chase my dreams,
and make a better life,
then,my life will be more meaningful and valuable,
full of cherish,light,and joy..

was created by nur hanina jugak.

time tgh bosan,

di malam hari.

Jamuan Pengawas

Actually, i don't wanna think or write about this. But i think i have to. 18th August 2007. With a theme, ' A day to remember'. Hell yeah, I'm not going to forget this moment. When things turned to disaster. Hahaa we worked so hard on this. Meeting by meeting. Till some of us get bored with all these stuff. But we have to. We have to organise a 'jamuan pengawas', which was held at Flamingo Hotel. We weren't ready. I mean, no one really guided us. They only said a word or two and tell us what to do.

When the day actually came, everything were not ready. We asked them, those who made performance to do REHEARSAL. COME EARLY but they didn't except for some form 1 and 2 student did a little rehearsal. Better than nothing. And then you know, bile diorang bagi barang sume last minute, and dimasukkan dalam laptop aina, laptop tu jadi bangang. And hell yeah, they blamed us. It's okay, sbb kitoarng pun salah jugak kan. Fair lah./ But sebab kecoh tu lah time diorang tak jadi wat performance, sume hancur. Kitorang mc pun tatau nak wat pe. Aina and i were crying so badly. Afif was like so fcuked up.And we couldn't afford to continue the ceremony. Thank God Hamiza was there. She controlled the ceremony after that. Dgn mic rosak, list name tade, sume nye jadi disaster. And i hate it. I though everything's going to be fine but i was so wrong. Mcm sume effort kitorang tade gune.

So, untuk melepaskan tension, kitorang main boling. Actually i can't say it right lah. Because i;m not sure whether kitorang main boling ke berkelah. Saje buat kecoh. Agaga and that way works. We forgot about what happened kejap, But then ingat balik.Well, anything happened ada reason die. So does this thingy lah. So we learned to accept this lah. I hope next year punye ceremony tak seteruk kitorang. So, form 3 this year, do your best! DOn't be like us.(Some of them hoping next year's going to be worse than this year's!;p)

Pulau Perhentian

Okay,last 17th February,2007, i went to Pulau Perhentian, which is located in Terengganu, for the first time in my life. Family day with my mom's officemates since some of them are going to work at a new place. That February 17th was supposed to be my school's sports day. And of course, i was dying to watch my sports house,which is topaz performed for kawad kaki. I was supposed to take part but , i have to go to this family day. Anyway, thank god i tak masuk because we lost. I don't know why since i wasn't there. But i think they all did their best. So tak boleh nak blame diorang lah.
Okay,back to the pulau perhentian thingy. My family and I,incuding my grandmother and an aunt of mine joint this trip. We went to jeti by bus on friday night. We arrived safely at 9.30, something like that lah, kat jeti tu,and we had our breakfast. Gila lahh after almost 9 hours dlm bas. From 11 pm to 8 .30am kitorang duduk dalam bas. Then, after we had our breakfast, kitorang pun pegi lah naik bot. Wow, since we arrived there later than what they expected, bot tu bawak ke P perhentian tu gilaa laju. Laju nak mati. Smpai one budak kecik tu merayu rayu kat pakcik bawak bot tu suruh pelan. She was crying like hell! Sumpa kesian. And then tgk si Haiqal tu melompat lompat atas bot. Agaga padan muke. I was okay cume kadang kadang melompat jugak. Ombak time tu mmg kuat + bot yg laju mmg kitorang gile suffer ar.

Hahaa then after sampai, kitorang amik bilik. Which is not that big but ok lah,then we ate. Then, kitorang naik bot g scuba diving. Yay that was my first time!! Best best. I can't believe seeing fishes live dlm laut. Mcm mmg giler terpegun. Ahahaa jakun kan? Then kitorang g air mate air ape ntah. And mandi kat sane. You know what, the view wass soo beautiful. I was like.. "Oh My God,i don't believe this..!". Sumpa lawa gila. And then biler balik bilik pegi siap mandi laut pulak.. Haha i don't remember the last time mandi laut. Dah lame tak mandi laut. And the sea was soo clear! Even after pergi kat tempat dlm tu, i can see my leg. hahaa. Love it! That night makan bbq and have a chat with a friend of mine for almost 2 hours. Sometimes join jugak budak budak kecik main ape ntah. Ahaha. Then before tido kitorang main tutup botol, which i lost!i got 0 mark!!That's so unfair. I wasn't concentrating okay!

February 18th 2007

Okay i woke up at 8 am and had a breakfast. Then at 8.30pergi mandi laut balik till 2.00 pm! Haha no wonder lah my face dah jadi tan! Tak pakai sunblock pulak tu. My nose dah jadi redding so did my cheek! Then we had our lunch and at 4.30 pm, terjun balik. Hahaa. Actually that day acara bebas, which means we can do whatever we want. Sadly, i don't know how to play volleyball. Fine,kalau main pun mcm orang gila so better tak main kan. So i just watched them. That night melepak dpn bilik enjoying the view.

February 19th 2007

Early in the morning, after having our breakfast, time for us to go back to kl, which was so frustrating. Because mmg tak puas lagi..I miss the momentss..I wish i can turn back time so that i can go back to those moments.