Sunday, September 9, 2007

bengkel kewartawanan // miim

yay just get back from bengkel kewartawanan which was held on sept 7th and 8th 2007 at miim,wangsa maju. At first, i joined this bengkel because i want to skip my classes but last last mcm best pulak. okay, the best part is, my bestfriend whom i haven't meet for almost a year was there!!! i was so missing her laast last jumpe pulak. hee. the facilitator of my group was kak eryn yang sangat cantik dan baik! hee i already missing her :(. then first day tu uncle salleh bagi talk about ape yg important dlm satu news. then hilmy , a news reader from bernama pulak bagi talk. because my voice was so loud answering one of his ques, i had to go to the front. adoi, dah la kene interview dgn die, kene denda lagi bace buat report pasal sports. then b alik. the second day lah best. ada treasure hunt. penat gila, and klaka pulak. hee. we didn't won anything, but tak kisah pun. hee. experiences and ape yg kitorang dpt kat sane lah best. all the facilitators, crews and organisers gempak gila!! sume best except for some gedix girls. ahaks.

p/s: i miss them!!!

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kak nina yg cun..
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