Monday, September 3, 2007

bahtera merdeka

Yesterday i went to pwtc. with my mom,dad ,aunt and a cousin. Konsert balada bahtera merdeka. hee at first i though kat istana budaya. That concert was great. Tabik spring lah kat ramli sarip. His voice's awesome! So does sm salim and aishah. Haha that's why today dah berjangkit asyik nyanyi lagu ombak, and i keep singing that "ombak lautan berombak....*then repeat that line again and again becaus line tu je yg hafal;p* that concert was about how they found melaka. and then pegi kat zaman tunku abdul rahman. and crisis happened that time. then pegi kat tun abdul razakk-until zaman paklah. They surely worked so hard on this. Bahagian dpn full gila so kitorang datang lmbat. but blakang kosong. we had to sit at the back. there was two big screens so senang nak tgk. better than duduk dpn but terhalang dgn kepala kepala mereka. overall, ok lah. good performance. worth it.

p/s: gila susah nak download lagu si ramli sarip. i searched for his songs for an hour ++! usually tak smpai 10 minutes dah dpt dah songs i want:(

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